Author: David Bennett

Beyond Google Translate

Building on Google Translate, Lingoes offers intuitive dictionary and text translation, look-up dictionaries, full-text translation, on-screen word capture, selected text translation, and pronunciation guides for words in more than 80 languages. Explore the app further at

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How does your postbox grow?

A retro red post box like ours in Wales has had to be decomissioned after health and safety concerns were raised by postal workers following a tree beside the post box growing to the point where it enveloped and partially

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Advanced warning of Library closure (Saturday 18 August 2018)

Just to give you a little (very) advance warning, the Library will be closed on Saturday 18 August 2018.  This means the Library will close as usual at midnight on Friday 17 August and re-open at 8am on Monday 19

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Reading list rollover (information for academic staff)

The end of year reading list rollover is almost upon us.  All reading lists will roll over to show as current lists for the coming academic year on Thursday 2 August 2018.  If you are an academic managing one or

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New online subscription to Times Higher Education (THE)

The University has taken an institutional subscription to the Times Higher Education (THE). This allows all current University of Portsmouth staff and students to access THE online from any device after registering with their University of Portsmouth email address.  Our

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Sketching the past: commemorating 20th century architecture

Portsmouth’s now-demolished Tricorn Centre, once voted Britain’s ugliest building, has been honoured in an online tribute to Britain’s lost 20th century architecture. From The Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth to Birmingham Central Library, a project has been launched that illustrates ten

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Open source accessibility software now available from library desks

The Library now supplies the open source “MyStudyBar” software on USB stick for you to take away and use for free.  Please ask for a copy from library staff at staffed ground floor library desks.  These are available to anyone

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Happy National Simplicity Day!

Happy National Simplicity Day (for yesterday)! Simplicity is at the heart of beauty, function and reason.  It has been argued by many thinkers from Epicurus to Henry David Thoreau, who reflected on the joys of simple living in his book

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The plight of drunken gulls

Many of you will know the feeling of a hangover: the nausia, headache, disorientation and a mouth that feels strangely rough and furry.  What you might not realise is that getting drunk, and in many cases very drunk, is not

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It’s Staff Sports Day!

If you’ve been wondering why staff from across campus have been whooping it up on the grass of Ravelin Park, it is all in aid of a very good cause: the annual Staff Sports Day.  We are very grateful to

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