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Loanable laptops return to the Library

You can now borrow any of our 400 laptops from the lockers behind the IT Help Desk to use in the Library building for up to 12 hours. Full details on how to borrow a laptop and the associated terms

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Decolonising higher education

Disclaimer While the University takes decolonisation seriously and is taking active steps to make its library collections and curricula more inclusive and representative of a wider range of authors who are women and/or representative of different ethnic and cultural perspectives,

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4 referencing top tips Cite Them Right might not tell you

When it comes to referencing these days, it is usually pretty straightforward. Click the  icon on the Library website and then on Cite Them Right, log in (if you are not using the VPN – but seriously, if you can

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Get certified and get ahead with free law database training

Do you want to learn how to search law databases like a legal professional, using unique tricks and tips to get to essential legal evidence faster and more confidently?  Would you like help getting certified, to prove to future employers that

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New eresource: Politics Trove

In addition to the Sage Catalyst e-textbook package, we now have online access to 36 key Politics & IR textbooks from Oxford University Press in a package called Politics Trove.  This is a fantastic new resource for anyone interested in

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Study well: a whistle stop tour from tomato timers to workplace ergonomics

It is important to structure your study time to get the most from the hours you invest.  One of the most effective methods is known as the Pomodoro Method (from the Italian for ‘tomato’).  The inventor discovered that using his

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The subtle influence of privilege

It is very difficult to know when you have a privileged place in society; it is much easier to notice privilege for those who live without it.  All a privileged person is aware of is how hard life is, how

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Celebrating Black success

Traditionally society has held up role models for success that have been almost exclusively white.  As part of Black History Month, I want to try to redress this balance and hold up some role models that have impressed me over

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Cloud storage vs USB sticks

I have seen too many students over the years in tears because they have lost their dissertation or other work just before a deadline to let it happen again.  As you begin your first assignments of the year in earnest,

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Looking out for your mate: a guide for the concerned

Starting a new year at university, the onset of winter and potentially gloomier weather, and the prospect of greater social restrictions are just a few things that can make people feel low at this time of year.  Helping a friend

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