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APA referencing (6th edition)

APA 7th edition has been published, but those students required to use APA must use the 6th edition.  Referencing@Portsmouth (both the website and the printed booklet) use 6th edition.  Do not use the 7th edition.  If you use referencing software

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Decolonising the library collection

We are continually working to decolonise the library collection and make our resources more diverse so that you can learn from a wider variety of perspectives and cultures.  This blog post from SOAS explains why it is so necessary to

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Starting out… finding books and journal articles

Understanding what you are looking for is sometimes the first hurdle when getting to grips with academic information.  Here is an introduction to where to find different sorts of information. Finding books The easiest way to find everything is by

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Stress Less with Steph

Learning to notice when you are becoming tense and finding ways to relax and think clearly under pressure will make your study more effective and enjoyable.  In just ten minutes a week, you too can learn how to recognise and

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Finding everything and settling in

The most frequently asked questions at the Library Help Desk include “Where are the toilets?” and “I need to find these books, usually followed by the ceremonious unfolding of a dizzying list of books apparently recommended for reading in the

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Stay safe and secure – enjoy your time at university

Coming to University is an exciting (and for many terrifying) time.  There are so many new things to see, do and think about and new people to meet but wherever you are you should always keep your safety and security

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Friday fun

What happens when a faculty librarians fingers are left idle for a moment?  They find things like this gem on Reddit – a map of Europe showing the first word of each countries national anthem.  Take a peek! If neither the map

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Join the public library for fun and savings!

Membership of Portsmouth City libraries (the local public library service) is free and you don’t even need to live in Portsmouth to use them.  The public library has branches across Portsmouth and Southsea, from North End to Central Southsea. Their

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Talking truth to power

Disinformation is a well-worn path to power and those in power abuse it to maintain themselves amidst controversy.  Where then does the ordinary citizen and scholar turn to find the truth amidst a whirlwind of lies, often repeated innocently by

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Taking up the Slack (Essentials of Operations Management, 2nd ed.)

Update – 14 October Just when we thought everyone had access to this textbook, the supplier has messed up the login process. It is best if you set up the VPN to work off-campus (outside of halls).  Wherever you are

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