Author: David Bennett

Love it? Lock it!

Don’t lose your bike to cycle thieves.  Chat to the police and council cycle security advisers about how you can make sure your bicycle more secure between 1-3 pm every Thursday from 8 February until 22 March, with the exception

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Designing in beauty

  “I absolutely love taking a few minutes away from my studies to look and think about the portrayals and skills involved in producing them. It really aids my work!” You told us how having an attractive study environment made

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Individual silent study redesigned around you

“I really liked the library and the services available. It is comfortable and easy to use.” You told us that “A lack of enforced quiet areas also makes it difficult to concentrate.”  We better arranged the study zones so when

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Celebrating student led change

“Love the library: it is a good place to do virtually everything academic.” Change is the only constant and the Library never stands still.  The last three years have seen the library transformed as we have introduced more of what

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The origin of London’s place names

“Turn left at Elephant and Castle and go straight on to Gilder’s Green…” London is replete with curious place names but have you ever wondered how they came about and what they originally meant?  Many have mundane meanings, while others

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Time to Talk Day (1st February 2018)

Thursday 1st February is Time to Talk Day: an annual day that brings the nation together to get talking and break the silence around mental health problems, launched by Time to Change.  Both the University and Student Union have signed the pledge

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New photography exhibition: images of Cambodia

Take a break and while away a few moments enjoying the new photography exhibition by Anju Limbu, now on the first floor landing outside Area 1B.

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Swipe right for a year of English language evolution

Language evolves and dictionaries with it – we can only wonder what changes in the meaning of common, everyday words we might find were we to crack open the carefully preserved dictionaries hiding in the Rare Books room. If you

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EBSCO ebook platform enhancements

EBSCO have made some improvements to their ebook platform that mean you can now: download DRM-free ebook chapters directly from the table of contents chapter list download EBSCO directly to Google Drive

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New student IT training courses

The DCQE Academic Skills Unit (ASK) and the Information Services IT Training Team are currently piloting free IT training for students over in St Andrews Court.  The first courses on offer will cover Google Drive and Microsoft Excel.  If you

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