Author: David Bennett

Enter the eBook

Just starting out?  Have you discovered how useful ebooks can be yet?  They are available even after the last copy of a book is on loan and you can read them from anywhere with an internet connection, including on your

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More than one way to read a book by Slack

Are you studying for a degree in Management, Business Studies or a closely related subject?  Have you been told to read key readings from “Business operations and systems management” by Slack only to find all copies of the book are

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EBSCO ebooks on mobile

How to read an EBSCO ebook on a mobile device without downloading it Everyone likes to be different, it seems, and EBSCO are no different.  While downloading ebooks is typically something unusual, and rationed by, most ebook suppliers, EBSCO ebooks

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Work anywhere at your own virtual University

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) You can enjoy the online campus learning experience and to make use of the safe storage and facilities of the University computer network from anywhere by downloading a small software program and running it to set up a Virtual

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Getting to electronic resources: the tyranny of choice

Choice is usually seen as a good thing but when you just want to get into an electronic resource, having to choose which link button to click on to get to an article more often than not simply gets in

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Farewell to the microfiche/microfilm reader

Our microfilm/microfiche collections have now finally had their day.  The machine that read these formats has finally stopped printing and is being retired.  If you are one of the few people who still use these formats, or indeed remember what they are,

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Stay safe and have a wonderful time at University

There are a lot of things to think about when you get to University but wherever you are you should always keep safety and security in mind.  Just following a few simple precautions will help keep you and your stuff safe

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Queen Alexandra Open Day (14 October 2017)

Thinking of a healthcare career?  The doors of Queen Alexandra Hospital open for its annual open day on Saturday 14 October 2017 from 10.30am – 3.00pm.  Take a behind the scenes tour and meet staff from different departments.  Find out

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Reeling in long links

The origins of link shorteners In the early days of the web, if you had a really long, complicated web address you had no choice but to write it down very carefully or bookmark it using your browser.  Nowadays, long

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Accessing electronic resources the easy way

Most people want to do some research or look at an ebook when they are away from the campus at times.  If you will be learning at a distance, you will really need to get stuck into our electronic resources, although we can post

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