Author: David Bennett

Green for danger: the silent killer in the room

Homes have concealed many hidden killers over the years, from fire retardant and insulating asbestos wall coverings used so widely in Victorian and Edwardian times, to wallpapers with deadly arsenical dyes.  Astonishingly, while asbestos has became one of the most

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Digitally enhanced

  “The library has a multitude of very helpful resources and if you cannot find what you need, the library staff are incredibly helpful at providing you what you need!” We have redesigned our website from the bottom up to

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  While you might be forgiven for thinking it a commercial venture dreamed up by greetings card shops, chocolatiers and florists, the origins of the Valentine myth and its link to romance are much older and shrouded in

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Calling all academics using social media: the NCCPE needs you!

Are you a member of academic staff enthusiastically engaging with social media to promote your research?  The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement are looking to develop support for academics who want to engage the public using social media and they

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Round the clock convenience

“In the early hours of the morning, when the cafe and Co-Op are shut, it would be nice to have access to a bag of crisps. I have no doubt that it would generate a lot of revenue!” You work

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WriteUP: your favourite stories yet to be told

Do you like stories?  Perhaps you write them in your spare time, or perhaps you have wanted to but never tried.  Now’s your chance!  The WriteUP Short Story Competition is an exciting new venture brought to you by English Literature

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Extra support when you need it most

“Referencing workshops have proven to be very helpful to me, and the staff are fantastic and always ready to help.” We realise that everyone needs help all at the same time, that’s why when you need them the most we

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Convenience now comes as standard

“The library borrowing system works well and is convenient; I particularly like the automatic renewal of books!” No-one wants to worry about whether they have renewed their books, so we made all our books renew themselves automatically until someone requests

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Celebrating LGBT History Month

February is LGBT History Month.  Discover one of the hidden sides of History: the Film Society is showing an LGBT film series, there is a drop-in to talk about LGBTQ equality in the UK being organised by Chaplaincy as part

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Celebrating PD James’ work

Publishers Faber & Faber have engaged the services of Bookswarm to develop a new website to showcase the work of crime-writing legend PD James, who opened the latest extension of the University Library. The new site was launched on 3rd August 2017, the

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