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Changes to visiting the Library

Making sure everyone is able to maintain social distancing while they study has meant that we have had to restrict the number of students who can use the Library at any one time.  In order to guarantee you a space

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Brand new introductory bitesize video playlist

Getting started using Library resources?  We have a new series of bitesize videos introducing just about everything you might want help with in a brand new playlist on YouTube. Take a look!

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Smile for the webcam

“Big Brother is watching you” beam into student bedrooms everywhere from the pages of Moodle as laptops are turned into Orwellian devices to watch students, beaming the reassuring words from the Ministry of Truth (or Minitru, to give it its

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Celebrating Black success

Traditionally society has held up role models for success that have been almost exclusively white.  As part of Black History Month, I want to try to redress this balance and hold up some role models that have impressed me over

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Exploring being Black and LGBTQ+

Intersectionality matters: it’s hard being a heterosexual, white man.  It’s harder being black and harder still if you happen also to have been born a woman and/or LGBTQ+.  The statistics speak for themselves:  51% of BAME LGBT people reported having

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Camera, action… essay?

Whether you want to create video clips from television and film materials, now including all of Sky Arts, for use in your presentations and digital projects or author entire video essays, Learning on Screen is your new best friend.  Check

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Looking into the law? Get your expertise certified!

Getting certified in the use of the law databases LexisLibrary, WestlawUK and HeinOnline looks good on just about anybody’s CV but it is practically a necessity for anyone looking to work with the law.  Your friendly student reps Sara and

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Rediscover what the Discovery Service can do

The Discovery Service searches across many library resources, allowing you to carry out a single search and find relevant materials from lots of different ejournals, ebooks and other databases brought together in one Google-style search results list.  Click on the

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The joy of having a sustainable routine

Easier said than done, a sustainable routine helps keep you healthy, happy and able to stay on top of your studies.  A relaxing bedtime routine leading to enough, regular sleep is the bedrock on which a successful life is built. 

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Becoming anti-racist

Looking toward a more equitable future, we must begin to evolve from simply ‘not being racist’ to actively being ‘anti-racists,’ intentionally addressing the question, “How do we become active contributors towards the eradication of racism and its effects on both

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