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Fashion revolution week

Fashion Revolution campaigns for ethical garment production and workers rights, demanding supply chain transparency in the clothing industry. Fashion Revolution Week runs in the last week of April to commemorate the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013.  Find out more

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The Book Nook receives its 3000th book

Over three thousand books have now passed through the Library Book Nook.  That’s an average of a thousand books a year!  Here’s a photo of the 3000th book to proudly shared across our shelves.  May it be the first of

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The EBSCO eBooksmobile app is retiring in May

EBSCO will be retiring the EBSCO eBooksmobile app in May 2018 as it migrates its ebooks to the latest EPUB file format.  This change in file format allows EBSCO to offer an improved reading experience, supporting different screen and font sizes and better

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Sweatshop returns

If you have been following the Library blog for a long time or have been browsing our back archive of posts, you might have come across this old gem about the controversial mobile game Sweatshop, which explores the exploitation in

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A reminder about copyright

We pay for access to thousands of e-journals, e-books and electronic databases, which you can use for your studies and research. With such a lot of information out there, it can be easy to forget that we all have to

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Digimap webinars

Do you use Digimap?  We’re pleased to announce a new schedule of weekly webinars starting next week that offer you the opportunity to learn about different aspects of using Digimap.  They are presented by Digimap’s Geo support team and give you

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How to survive the revision zombie apocalypse: top 5 tips

Sleep-deprived and feeling zombie like in the build up to exam time?  You are not alone.  We often have to prod students awake who have slumped over laptops and half-finished notes.  You cannot do well in any exam that you

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Your Library and 3rd Space are open for you all throughout Easter

You probably already know that the Library is open 24/7 until your exams end.  What you might not have realised is that 3rd Space is also open every day over the Easter vacation, including the Easter weekend and May Day

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Book recalls over the Easter Vacation

We are approaching the assessment and examination period when there is increased demand from students completing their studies.  In order to give fair access to books, you will continue to be asked to bring back books that have been reserved

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EBSCO ebook tutorials

We subscribe to a lot of EBSCO ebooks these days, so it is handy to know exactly how to get the most from them.  We have produced our own guide to using and downloading EBSCO ebooks as part of the wide

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