Author: David Bennett

From bin to bookshelf

A Colombian refuse collector has rescued 20,000 books from the dustbins he empties, distributed some to poorer areas and used them to build a small private library called “The Power of Words” that local families use to help their children with their homework.  Hector Urquhart was right:

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Happy “Eat your vegetables” Day!

Only in George’s Marvelous Medicine (if you haven’t read it, the local public library holds copies so now is the time) does eating cabbage make you grow downwards.   In reality, eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables

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Break out the blankets for National Picnic Week

National Picnic Week starts this Friday, so grab something to sit on or find a park (Ravelin Park is conveniently close!) and make the most of the summer weather by dining al fresco.  If you are struggling for creative picnic ideas and

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Getting blue tick verified: a librarian’s guide to pleasing the little blue bird

After recently becoming one of the few UK university libraries to obtain Twitter blue tick account verification, I wanted to share our insights and experience with other libraries who may want to pursue verification of their own institutional library accounts.

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Up there in blue and white: @UoPlibrary receives blue tick verification on Twitter

Some of us harbour secret, furtive aspirations to answer more of your questions via Twitter.  We imagine many of you sitting with Twitter on your phone, just waiting to ask us library things, and given how many other businesses engage

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More power to your programming: ACM has expanded

A raft of exciting new ebooks has arrived on our ACM platform, from spatial- and bio-informatics to machine learning and software evolution, the history of computing to reactive internet programming.  Click here to check out our expanded offering, exclusively from

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National Clean Air Day (15 June 2017)

Did you know that air pollution on side streets is often at least 20% lower than on busy roads? Or that the most polluted place to be on the roads is inside a vehicle because they gather pollution? The UK’s

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Walls have ears and train carriages have eyes

If you ever find yourself working on a multi-million pound business deal or indeed just updating your LinkedIn profile in public, you should always be aware who may be watching, listening, and waiting a few paces away with a USB

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EBSCO no longer supports Internet Explorer 8 or 9

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, please be aware that at least one of our biggest electronic resource suppliers EBSCO, have now ceased to support IE 8 and 9 on security grounds.  Browser versions currently

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New ejournal: Policy and practice in health and safety

Studying health and safety?  We have just added the ejournal “Policy and practice in health and safety” to our collection, and it is ready for you to search through the Discovery Service.

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