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Library lifehack: charging your phone from your laptop or PC

I’ve never met a student who didn’t want at least one more power socket than was available.  Everything built after 1930 that is either useful or fun seems to want a power supply, and while mobile devices are increasingly clever

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Watch more, learn more: videos for all subjects

Tired of reading?  We have lots of videos to support your studies available from Alexander Street Press covering everything from clinical nursing to opera, LGBT studies to education, and cooking to travel.  Whatever you are into, there is much you can

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Staying safe and secure: advice from the police

It’s more sociable and safer to travel to and from university with your friends but with the wintry days growing shorter our friends in the Hampshire Constabulary Community Support Service have offered some extra advice on staying safe when out

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We must have standards… by the way, what are they?

Standards make everything better, or at least more predictable.  Meeting requisite standards is often required to sell or export products and help ensure products are compatible with one another, and yet most people have no clear idea what they actually

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Crimes of the “cite” button

Many electronic resources offer a happy little “cite” link that suggests what the resource provider thinks a reference for an article or ebook should look like.  It is tempting to believe everything they say, copy and paste it into your

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Library catalogue records now tell you on which floor you can find your book

In the bad old days, which ended last week, you had to go from the Library catalogue to a printed floor guide to find your books.  Now every book tells you which floor of the Library it is on right

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Working from home

If you are staying in a University managed hall of residence, your network connection will behave as if you were on campus but the same cannot be said if you are in a hall managed by one of the many

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Referencing drop-in clinics return soon

Update 20.11.17 – Referencing drop-in clinics return today!  Bring us your referencing problems or just sit down for a chat about how referencing works. Finding referencing an impenetrable wall of difficulty?  From Monday, 20 November, our well loved dedicated referencing

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Essential building maintenance (noise disruption likely) on Thursday 9 November (resolved)

Essential maintenance work will be taking place on Thursday morning (9 November).  We expect the building work to cause some noise disruption.  Some areas of the Library will also be temporarily unavailable but only for a few hours.  If you

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Do teaspoons leave staff rooms to live somewhere better or just to spite us?

Anyone who has worked will find that teaspoons are always in short supply.  This is counter-intuitive, since they are purchased one day and then later no-one has a teaspoon to their name and there are none in the communal drawer. 

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