What the Chaplaincy are up to

Walking – far and fast

Having had to forego their planned triathlon (apparently our chaplains are all somehow at that terrifying level of fitness required to complete a triathlon) due to lockdown restrictions, the University Chaplaincy team has decided to go for a 26 km sponsored walk circumnavigating Portsea Island on 26 March.

They are inviting anyone who would like to (perhaps you have found a handful of spare change down the back of the sofa but it’s not enough to pay for a pizza in today’s age of sky high prices) to donate through their Just Giving page. Click this link to read about how all the donations will be used.

Resurrecting the annual tombola

Just as soon as lockdown restrictions allow, the Chaplaincy plan to dust off their ever-popular tombola and raffle donated prizes to the masses. They are therefore asking everyone to keep hold of potential prizes that they would be happy to donate, including unwanted gifts, things you might have bought and then realised you don’t actually want or need, spare toiletries… anything that looks newish and nice and won’t go rotten. So, please no durians(!) but yes to pretty much anything in good condition and without an impending expiry date.

Feeling the need to talk?

Remember that you can contact the chaplaincy at any time through the University security lodge by calling (023) 9284 3418.

Click this link for an overview of other support services, including the University Wellbeing service and self-help resources.

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