New eBooks – January 2021

The following is a list of new ebooks received by the Library during January 2021 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

A geography of Jihad : Sokoto Jihadism and the Islamic Zehnle, Stephanie
A novel idea : researching transformative learning in fLawrence, Randee Lipson
A practical guide to indie game marketing / Joel DreskiDreskin, Joel
A world of babies [electronic resource] : imagined chil
A world of babies [electronic resource] : imagined chil
Actionable gamification : beyond points, badges, and leChou, Yu-Kai, 1986-
Adult attachment : a concise introduction to theory andGillath, Omri
Africa’s challenge to international relations theory /
An accented cinema : exilic and diasporic filmmaking / Naficy, Hamid
Applied criminal psychology : a guide to forensic behav
Artificial intelligence [electronic resource /] : a guiMitchell, Melanie
Assessment in social work / Judith Milner, Steve Myers Milner, Judith, 1941-
Astrobiology : an introduction / by Alan LongstaffLongstaff, Alan
Barometer of fear : an insider’s account of rogue tradiStenfors, Alexis
Beyond a joke [electronic resource] : the limits of hum
Beyond Bourdieu : from genetic structuralism to relatioAtkinson, Will, 1983-
Black mirror and philosophy : dark reflections / edited
Board Games As MediaBooth, Paul
Body, space, and place in collective and collaborative
Boundary layer climates [electronic resource] / T.R. OkOke, T. R.
Capturing children’s meanings in early childhood researHalpenny, Ann Marie
China’s environmental foreign relations / Heidi Wang-KaWang-Kaeding, Heidi
Cities by design : the social life of urban form / FranTonkiss, Fran
Comedy/Cinema/Theory / Andrew Horton
Comic Transactions : Literature, Humor, and the PoliticEnglish, James F
Conservative criminology / John Paul WrightWright, John Paul
Constitution-making in Asia : decolonisation and state-
Construction cost management : learning from case studiPotts, Keith F.
Contemporary British horror cinema : industry, genre anWalker, Johnny, 1987-
Cosmic pinwheels : spiral galaxies and the Universe / RButa, Ronald J.
Cosmology / Nicola VittorioVittorio, N.
Cosmology and the Early Universe / by Pasquale Di BariDi Bari, Pasquale
Criminalising contagion : legal and ethical challenges
Criminological research : understanding qualitative metWincup, Emma
Emerging issues in green criminology [electronic resour
Emo : how fans defined a subculture / Judith May FathalFathallah, Judith May
Engaged urbanism [electronic resource] : cities & metho
Essential nursing skills : clinical skills for caring /
Ethics of artificial intelligence / edited by S. Matthe
Experiential learning [electronic resource] : experiencKolb, David A., 1939-
Exploring implicit cognition : learning, memory, and so
Familicidal hearts [electronic resource] : the emotionaWebsdale, Neil
Filicide-suicide : the killing of children in the conteO’Hagan, Kieran
Final girls, feminism and popular culture / Katarzyna P
Forensic mental health : framing integrated solutions /Bratina, Michele P., 1972-
Forensic psychology [electronic resource] : a very shorCanter, David V.
Garbage in popular culture : consumption and the aestheIqani, Mehita
Georg Simmel and contemporary sociology / edited by Mic
Global Hollywood 2 / Toby Miller, Nitin Govil, John McMMiller, Toby
Global strategy [electronic resource] : creating and suInkpen, Andrew C.
Handbook of public protection [electronic resource] / e
Hazop and hazan : identifying and assessing process indKletz, Trevor A.
How corruption and anti-corruption policies sustain hybHuss, Oksana
How to study public life / by Jan Gehl and Birgitte SvaGehl, Jan, 1936-
How to write your undergraduate dissertation [electroniGreetham, Bryan, 1946-
Human Rights Journalism and Its Nexus to ResponsibilitySelvarajah, Senthan
Hungry city [electronic resource] : how food shapes ourSteel, Carolyn
Influencer [electronic resource] : the science behind sCornwell, T. Bettina
Informality through sustainability : urban informality
Innovations and Challenges in Applied Linguistics from Pennycook, Alastair, 1957-
Interior design for wellness spaces [electronic resourcICI Consultants
Internationalism, imperialism and the formation of the
Interviewing as qualitative research : a guide for reseSeidman, Irving, 1937-
Introduction to cosmic inflation and dark energy. / KonDimopoulos, K. (Konstantinos)
ISO27001 – ISO27002 : a pocket guide / Alan CalderCalder, Alan
Kenya and Britain after independence : beyond neo-colonCullen, Poppy
Last Lectures on the Prevention and Intervention of GenTotten, Samuel
Learn SolidWorks 2020 : a hands-on guide to becoming anAlmattar, Tayseer
Lesbians on television : new queer visibility & the lesMcNicholas Smith, Kate
Love in the afterlife : underground religion at the movStriner, Richard, 1950-
Makeup in the World of Beauty Vlogging : Community, ComLittle, Clare Douglass
Making histories / edited by Paul Ashton, Tanya Evans a
Managing high-risk sex offenders in the community [elec
Marx at the margins : on nationalism, ethnicity, and noAnderson, Kevin, 1948-
Mastering SolidWorks : practical examples / Kaushik KumKumar, K. (Kaushik), 1968-
Memory and technology : how we use information in the bFinley, Jason R.
Methods meets art : arts-based research practice / PatrLeavy, Patricia, 1975-
Modern studies in property law
Musical gentrification : popular music, distinction and
No remorse : psychopathy and criminal justice / JacquelHelfgott, Jacqueline B.
Offenders, deviants or patients? : an introduction to cPrins, Herschel A.
Offsite architecture : constructing the future / edited
Open Plan : A Design History of the American Office / JKaufmann-Buhler, Jennifer
Organizational stress [electronic resource] : a review Cooper, Cary L.
Passive house in different climates : the path to net zJames, Mary, 1956-
Photography : the key concepts. / David BateBate, David, 1956-
Political process and the development of Black insurgenMcAdam, Doug
Positive youth justice : children first, offenders secoHaines, Kevin
Rapid ethnographies [electronic resource] : a practicalVindrola-Padros, Cecilia, 1983-
Recoded city : co-creating urban futures / Thomas ErmacErmacora, Thomas
Republican citizens, precarious subjects : representatiLane, Jeremy F.
Research perspectives on social media influencers and b
Satire, Comedy and Mental Health : Coping with the LimiDeclercq, Dieter
Sex offenders and the Internet [electronic resource] / Sheldon, Kerry
Social and emotional learning in the classroom : promotGueldner, Barbara A.
Social value in architecture / guest-edited by Flora Sa
Social work law / Alison BrammerBrammer, Alison
Solutions to knife crimeRoberts, Sue
Sporting blackness : race, embodiment, and critical musSheppard, Samantha N.
Staging the personal : a guide to safe and ethical pracBaim, Clark
Subtitling, Invalid subfield code: , let through. OrigiCintas, Jorge Díaz
Surface and apparition : the immateriality of modern su
The autobiographical self in time and culture / Qi WangWang, Qi, 1968 April 21-
The Bloomsbury handbook of sonic methodologies / edited
The Bloomsbury handbook of the anthropology of sound /
The British football film / Stephen GlynnGlynn, Stephen
The British horseracing film : representations of the ‘Glynn, Stephen
The British periodical press and the French Revolution,Andrews, Stuart
The children of China’s great migration [electronic resMurphy, Rachel, 1971-
The consumer society : myths and structures / Jean BaudBaudrillard, Jean
The contemporary post-apocalyptic novel : critical tempCristofaro, Diletta De
The Decameron Project : 29 New Stories from the PandemiMagazine, New York Times
The digital dystopias of Black mirror and Electric dreaKeslowitz, Steven
The ecology of playful childhood : the diversity and reTakada, Akira
The ethics of online research / volume editor, Kandy Wo
The EU accession to the ECHR / edited by Vasiliki Kosta
The hour of the star [electronic resource] / Clarice LiLispector, Clarice
The manager’s handbook for corporate security [electronKovacich, Gerald L.
The Maudsley prescribing guidelines in psychiatry / DavTaylor, David, 1963-
The Psychology and Sociology of Wrongful Convictions :
The psychology of social influence : modes and modalitiSammut, Gordon
The Routledge handbook of Chinese discourse analysis /
The Routledge handbook of translation and globalization
The Schaubu¨hne Berlin under Thomas Ostermeier : ReinveBoenisch, Peter M.
The social life of gender / Raka Ray, Jennifer D. CarlsRay, Raka
The sociology of elite distinction [electronic resourceDaloz, Jean-Pascal
The spirituality of comedy : comic heroism in a tragic Hyers, M. Conrad
The stardom film : creating the Hollywood fairy tale / McNally, Karen, 1964-
The utility of force [electronic resource] : the art ofSmith, Rupert, 1943-
The wild dyer [electronic resource] : a maker’s guide tBooth, Abigail
Theories in second language acquisition : an introducti
Theorizing world cinema / edited by Lucia Nagib, Chris
Understanding cultural taste : sensation, skill and senWright, David, 1972-
Understanding gender and early childhood : an introductJosephidou, Jo
Understanding hydraulics / L HamillHamill, L.
Victoria [electronic resource] : a life / A.N. WilsonWilson, A. N., 1950-
Why cyber security is a socio-technical challenge : new
Why race still matters [electronic resource] / Alana LeLentin, Alana
Women, culture and politics / Angela Y DavisDavis, Angela Y.

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