Staying well

Staying well
Restful image of a fallen leaf lying on grass amid Autumn dew.

Maintaining a sustainable routine, making sure your physical and mental wellbeing do not suffer, and staying on top of everything you need to do at university and in life in general can be a struggle at times.

There are little things you can do to make life easier, and there are apps, tricks and time-honoured techniques that can make things go a little more smoothly and support services that you can turn to for when they aren’t.

You can find a whole series of these tips, tricks, techniques and a wealth of advice here on the Library blog, including the #23 wellbeing things series I wrote to support students through the first lockdown last year.

Click on the #wellbeing tag to browse all these wellbeing posts.

Looking for a 10 minute chillout?

A concentric pile of smooth, round white stones resting on and reflected in still, dark water.

The lovely Steph from Sports & Recreation maintains a blog of quick audio meditations and a podcast series to help you relax and reset your concentration wherever you are.

Click this link to discover how you can learn to become Grounded in Stillness at will, wherever you are.

Need help now?

The University Wellbeing Service is here to help if you or your friends are in distress. So are Chaplaincy and your GP.

Out of hours, it is hard to beat the Samaritans for offering an understanding and non-judgmental listening service. You do not have to be feeling desperate or suicidal to call them, they are available 24/7 for anyone who just needs to talk.

Whatever happens, remember you are not alone and that more people than you would think really care about you, even if they are not always able to show it.

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