Rediscover what the Discovery Service can do

The Discovery Service searches across many library resources, allowing you to carry out a single search and find relevant materials from lots of different ejournals, ebooks and other databases brought together in one Google-style search results list.  Click on the big blue “Search” button in the top-right corner of the Library website and the Discovery Service is the first search box on the next page.

The Discovery Service offers powerful tools to refine and narrow your search until you find just the most relevant materials to inform and support your arguments for assignments and wider learning.  If you have not used the Discovery Service before, this video introduces its key features.  For many subjects, the Discover Service is a great place to start looking for information, although if you are studying Design, Engineering and Law you would be much better off looking to your Subject pages on the Library website (under the Subjects menu) to find specialist resources dedicated to your subject that are not included in the Discovery Service.

Discovery (and searching) beyond the basics

The Discovery Service has some very powerful tools and features that are not necessarily obvious at first glance.  This video explores these in more detail.  It also explores a new and powerful way of looking for information on obscure and specialist topics called a ‘building blocks search’ strategy.  This approach can be used in any database for any subject and is often useful for uncovering information when your search returns either too many or too few results when you try a simpler search.

Why no pretty embedded videos?

You are probably wondering why I have included links to the videos I mentioned rather than embedding them in this blog post for easy viewing.  Sadly, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the software the Library blog runs on at the moment and until those are resolved, doing much beyond entering text is either difficult or impossible.  It’s frustrating because pretty posts are more fun to write as well as to read.  We hope to be able to beautify our posts again soon.

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