Introducing Cite Them Right: referencing made simple

Referencing is most people’s least favourite part of researching and writing an assignment.  Tedious, pedantic and seemingly comprised of the wreckage left by a violent collision between a number of different rulesets, referencing systems seem to be designed to cost you marks.  Thankfully, we now have online tools that show you exactly how to present your in-text citations and the full references in your reference list so that you never have to struggle to apply long lists of nonsensical rules to put together your references.  You can now just copy the examples and rest assured that what you have done will be right!

Online referencing made simple

Are you starting to reference your first assignment?  Don’t suffer in silence. You can look up simple worked examples for each type of source you are trying to reference using our new referencing help suite Cite Them Right.

Here to help

Struggling to tell your podcasts from your parliamentary papers? You are not alone.  Most people find themselves confused when trying to identify the things they find.  That’s when you should chat to a librarian online.  Send us a link to what you have read or describe the source and we will explain all and point you to the correct example on Cite Them Right.

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