New eBooks – May 2020

What follows is a list of new ebooks received by the Library during May 2020 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Note: a large than usual amount of ebooks have been added in May to help support students during the Library closure

Title Author
(toward) a phenomenology of acting / Phillip Zarrilli ; Zarrilli, Phillip B., 1947-
100 Cases in Obstetrics and Gynaecology / Cecilia Botto Bottomley, Cecilia
101 coaching supervision techniques, approaches, enquir  
2062 : the world AI made / Toby Walsh Walsh, Toby
4M2006 [electronic resource] : second International Con International Conference on Multi-Material Mi
A concise introduction to machine learning / A. C. Faul Faul, A. C. (Anita C.)
A Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher Education :  
A history of collective living : forms of shared housin Schmid, Susanne
A history of the assessment of sex offenders : 1830-202 Laws, D. Richard
A superpower transformed : the remaking of American for Sargent, Daniel J.
Abdominal X-rays for medical students / Christopher G. Clarke, Christopher, 1986-
Accounting for M&A [electronic resource] : uses and abu  
Acting for film [electronic resource] : truth 24 times Churcher, Mel
Adaptable architecture : theory and practice / Robert S Schmidt, Robert, III, 1977-
Adapting translation for the stage / edited by Geraldin  
Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book (2020 release) [e Wood, Brian
Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book (2020 release) [ele Faulkner, Andrew
Advancing women in academic STEM fields through dual ca  
Advancing wood architecture : a computational approach  
Adversarial machine learning [electronic resource] / An Joseph, Anthony D.
Advocacy [electronic resource.] / David Ross Ross, David
After Debussy [electronic resource] : music, language, Johnson, Julian
Agile sales [electronic resource] : delivering customer Jeavons, Brad
Aligning human resources and business strategy [electro Holbeche, Linda
An everyday magic : cinema and cultural memory / Annett Kuhn, Annette
Analyzing and visualizing data by using Microsoft Power Maslyuk, Daniil
Applied cyberpsychology : practical applications of cyb  
Applied Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology : C  
Architect’s legal handbook [electronic resource] : the  
Architecture and agriculture : a rural design guide / D Thorbeck, Dewey
Architecture and the modern hospital : Nosokomeion to H Willis, Julie, Ph. D.
Architecture in global socialism : Eastern Europe, West Stanek, (P)…ukasz
Architecture, power and national identity / Lawrence J. Vale, Lawrence J., 1959-
Art, space and the city [electronic resource] : public Miles, Malcolm
Assessing children with specific learning difficulties Reid, Gavin, 1950-
Audio-vision : sound on screen / Michel Chion ; edited Chion, Michel
Autotelic architect : changing world, changing practice Sinha, Sumita
Basic Cinematography : A Creative Guide to Visual Story Lancaster, Kurt
Basics of video lighting [electronic resource] / Des Ly Lyver, Des
Beacon for change [electronic resource] : how the 1951 Turner, Barry, 1937-
Beyond hashtags : racial politics and black digital net Florini, Sarah
Beyond live/work : the architecture of home-based work Holliss, Frances
Big Data Analytics for Connected Vehicles and Smart Cit McQueen, Bob
Bioinformatics : a practical handbook of next generatio  
British Borough Charters 1307?1660 [electronic resourc Weinbaum, Martin
British social realism : from documentary to Brit-grit Lay, Samantha
Broken bones [electronic resource] : the radiologic atl Chew, Felix S.
Building from tradition : local materials and methods i Golden, Elizabeth
Building in timber : room modules / Wolfgang Huss, Matt Huss, Wolfgang
Camming : money, power, and pleasure in the sex work in Jones, Angela, 1978-
Cantilever Architecture / Kyoung Sun Moon Moon, Kyoung Sun
Catching stardust : comets, asteroids and the birth of Starkey, Natalie
Cathedrals of consumption : the European department sto  
Cell biology and genetics / Matt Stubbs, Narin Suleyman Stubbs, Matt
Changing change management : strategy, power and resist McCabe, Darren
Chest x-rays for medical students : CXRs made easy / C Clarke, Christopher, 1986-
China CEO II : Voices of Experience from 25 Top Executi Fernandez, Juan Antonio
Cinema and the city [electronic resource] : film and ur  
Cinematic Storytelling : the 100 most powerful film con Van Sijll, Jennifer, 1954-
Clinical psychology / edited by Graham Davey, Nick Lake  
Clinical psychology : an introduction / Alan Carr Carr, Alan, 1957-
Cognition, evolution, and behavior [electronic resource Shettleworth, Sara J.
Cognitive Psychology : A Student’s Handbook / Michael W Eysenck, Michael W.
Comics and Stuff / Henry Jenkins Jenkins, Henry
Commoning the City : Empirical Perspectives on Urban Ec O¨zkan, Derya
Communicating as women in STEM / Charlotte Brammer Brammer, Charlotte
Communication and the First World War / edited by John  
Community risk and protective factors for probation and Dorch, Edwina Louise
Complete self assessment for medical and surgical final Patel, Kinesh
Complex housing : designing for density / Julia Robinso Robinson, Julia W.
Conceptual and historical issues in psychology / Brian Hughes, Brian M.
Confucianism and democratization in East Asia [electron Sin, To-ch’?l
Constructed wetlands and sustainable development / Gary Austin, Gary (Gary D.)
Constructing a new agenda [electronic resource] : archi  
Constructing the persuasive portfolio : the only primer Fletcher, Margaret, 1969-
Contemporary Media Stylistics / edited by Helen Ringrow  
Conversion and the rehabilitation of the penal system : Skotnicki, Andrew
Corporate finance / Jonathan Berk, Peter DeMarzo Berk, Jonathan B., 1962-
Courtyard housing [electronic resource] : past, present  
Creating augmented and virtual realities : theory and p  
Creating regenerative cities / Herbert Girardet Girardet, Herbert
Creating Smart Cities / edited by Claudio Coletta, Leig  
Creating urban agriculture systems : an integrated appr Proksch, Gundula
Criminal Behaviour in Context : Space, Place and Desist Flynn, Nick
Criminal trajectories [electronic resource] : a develop Day, David M., 1957-
Critical conversations : scripts & techniques for effec Clancy, Cheri, 1972-
Culture on display [electronic resource] : the producti Dicks, Bella
Culture, architecture and nature : an ecological design Van der Ryn, Sim
Cybersecurity : current writings on threats and protect  
Cyprus and the roadmap for peace : a critical interroga  
Danie´le Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub : objectivists in Turquety, Benoi^t
Dante and the early astronomer : science, adventure, an Daugherty, Tracy
Darknet : geopolitics and uses / Laurent Gayard Gayard, Laurent
Data feminism / Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein D’Ignazio, Catherine
Data mining mobile devices [electronic resource] / Jesu Mena, Jesus
Data Visualization : Charts, Maps, and Interactive Grap Grant, Robert
Delegated governance and the British state [electronic Flinders, Matthew V.
Dermatology at a glance / Mahbub M.U. Chowdhury, Ruwani Chowdhury, Mahbub M. U.
Design for the changing educational landscape : space, Harrison, Andrew
Design ideas / Bert Bielefeld, Sebastian El Khouli Bielefeld, Bert
Designing and Conducting Research in Health and Human P Matthews, Tracey D.
Designing for autism spectrum disorders / Kristi Gaines  
Designing post-virtual architectures : wicked tactics a Barker, Heather
Designing profits : creative business strategies for de Nunes, Morris A., 1949-
Designing spaces for natural ventilation : an architect Passe, Ulrike
Designing zero carbon buildings using dynamic simulatio Jankovic, Ljubomir
Detecting concealed information and deception : recent  
Diagnosing the diagnostic and statistical manual of men Cooper, Rachel
Digital filmmaking [electronic resource] : the changing Ohanian, Thomas A.
Digital media, projection design, & technology for thea Oliszewski, Alex
Digital poetics : an open theory of design-research in Colletti, Marjan, 1972-
Digital research methods and architectural tools in urb Abusaada, Hisham, 1956-
Digital twin technologies and smart cities / Maryam Far  
Dirt in Victorian literature and culture : writing mate Schulting, Sabine
Discovering women’s history : a practical guide to rese Beddoe, Deirdre
Dispatches from planet 3 : thirty-two (brief) tales on Bartusiak, Marcia
Disruptive branding : how to win in times of change / J Benbunan, Jacob
Dissertations and project reports : a step by step guid Cottrell, Stella
Documentaries … and how to make them [electronic reso Glynne, Andy
Dr Space Junk vs the Universe : Archaeology and the Fut Gorman, Alice
Driving the development, management, and sustainability Ahuja, Kiran, 1981-
DSM-5?? Guidebook : The Essential Companion to the Diag Black, Donald W.
Eastern medieval architecture : the building traditions Ousterhout, Robert G.
Ecological psychology in context : James Gibson, Roger Heft, Harry
Education as politics : colonial schooling and politica Duke Bryant, Kelly M.
Electoral shocks [electronic resource] : the volatile v Fieldhouse, Ed
Electronic monitoring : tagging offenders in a culture Daems, Tom
Emotions, media and politics / Karin Wahl-Jorgensen Wahl-Jorgensen, Karin
English in the world : global rules, global roles / edi  
Ent made easy / Amtul Salam Sami Sami, Amtul Salam
Environmental crime and collaborative state interventio  
Essential abnormal & clinical psychology / Matt Field & Field, Matt (Matthew)
Essential ENT / Rogan J. Corbridge ; cover designer, Am Corbridge, Rogan J.
European landscape architecture [electronic resource] :  
Evaluation of human work / edited by John R. Wilson and  
Event risk management and safety / Peter E. Tarlow Tarlow, Peter E.
Everyday stories / Rachel Bowlby Bowlby, Rachel
Experiential landscape [electronic resource] : an appro Thwaites, Kevin
Extending ecocriticism : crisis, collaboration and chal  
Fascism and dictatorship : the Third International and Poulantzas, Nicos Ar
Fascism and the right in Europe, 1919-1945 / Martin Bli Blinkhorn, Martin, 1941-
Fascism in Britain [electronic resource] : a history, 1 Thurlow, Richard C.
Fashioning the city [electronic resource] : Paris, fash Rocamora, Agne`s
Fathers on film : paternity and masculinity in 1990s Ho Barnett, Katie
Feminist Visual Culture / edited by Fiona Carson and Cl  
Fields virology  
Film Lighting : Talks with Hollywood’s Cinematographers Malkiewicz, Kris
Film nation [electronic resource] : Hollywood looks at Burgoyne, Robert, 1949-
Flatlined : why Lean transformations fail and what to d DeLuzio, Mark C.
Flow and the foundations of positive psychology : the c Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly
Food and urbanism : the convivial city and a sustainabl Parham, Susan
Food policy [electronic resource] : integrating health, Lang, Tim
Fostering imagination in higher education : disciplinar Whitton, Joy
From birth to sixteen : children’s health, social, emot Cowie, Helen
From Unification to Nazism : Reinterpreting the German Geoff, Eley
Gamer Trouble : Feminist Confrontations in Digital Cult Phillips, Amanda
Gender inequality and the potential for change in techn Bernhardt, Sonja, 1959-
Gender responsive justice : a critical appraisal / Kare Evans, Karen, 1961-
Gendered harm and structural violence in the British as  
Gertrude and Claudius [electronic resource] / John Updi Updike, John
Girlfriends and postfeminist sisterhood / Alison Winch, Winch, Alison
Give them an argument : logic for the left / Ben Burgis Burgis, Ben
Gothic for girls : misty and british comics / Julia Rou Round, Julia
Haematology and immunology / Yousef Gargani Gargani, Yousef
Handbook of Mental Health and Aging / edited by Nathan  
Handbook of music and emotion : theory, research, appli  
Handbook of Urban Segregation / edited by Sako Musterd  
HBR’s 10 must reads on design thinking  
Healthcare architecture as infrastructure : open buildi  
Henry James and the culture of publicity / Richard Salm Salmon, Richard, 1965-
Heritage and sustainable urban transformations : deep c  
Herpetology : an introductory biology of amphibians and Vitt, Laurie J.
Higher education in the digital age : moving academia o  
Hints on Household Taste in Furniture [electronic resou Eastlake, Charles Locke
Histology and Cell Biology: An Introduction to Patholog Kierszenbaum, Abraham L
Histology at a glance / Michelle Peckham Peckham, Michelle
Hospitals : a design manual / Cor Wagenaar, and four ot Wagenaar, Cor
How scripts are made / Inga Karetnikova Karetnikova, Inga
How to become a sport and exercise psychologist / Marti Eubank, Martin
How to Develop a Super Power Memory : Your Absolute, Qu Lorayne, Harry
How to explain a brain : an educator’s handbook of brai Sylwester, Robert
Human molecular genetics / Tom Strachan and Andrew P. R Strachan, T.
Humanitarian architecture : 15 stories of architects wo Charlesworth, Esther Ruth
Hungry city [electronic resource] : how food shapes our Steel, Carolyn
IBM SPSS for introductory statistics : use and interpre Morgan, George A. (George Arthur), 1936-
Identity designed : the definitive guide to visual bran Airey, David
In search of safety : confronting inequality in women’s Owen, Barbara A.
Inclusive design for a digital world : designing with a Gilbert, Regine M.
Indie [electronic resource] : an American film culture Newman, Michael Z.
Information innovation technology in smart cities / edi  
Innovations in behavioural health architecture / Stephe Verderber, Stephen
Innovations in hospice architecture / Stephen Verderber Verderber, Stephen
Innovations in transportable healthcare architecture / Verderber, Stephen
Innovative houses : concepts for sustainable living / A Friedman, Avi, 1952-
Instafame [electronic resource /] : graffiti and street MacDowall, Lachlan, 1974-
Intelligence and State Surveillance in Modern Societies Lemieux, Fre´de´ric
Intergenerational continuity of criminal and antisocial  
International business / Simon Collinson, Rajneesh Naru Collinson, Simon
Interviewing elites, experts and the powerful in crimin Petintseva, Olga
Introduction to qualitative methods in psychology / Den Howitt, Dennis
Introduction to qualitative research methods in psychol Howitt, Dennis
Introduction to the anatomy and physiology of children MacGregor, Janet, 1943-
Inventing pollution : coal, smoke, and culture in Brita Thorsheim, Peter
Issues, debates and approaches in psychology / Ian Fair Fairholm, Ian
Journey to release : counselling in a UK prison / Mo Sm Smith, Mo
Knowledge and belief in politics : the problem of ideol  
Landmark Cases in Public International Law / edited by  
Lean–let’s get it right! [electronic resource] : how t Rizzardo, David
Learning malware analysis : explore the concepts, tools Monnappa K A
Learning web design : a beginner’s guide to HTML, CSS, Niederst Robbins, Jennifer
Leningrad 1943 : inside a city under siege / Alexander Werth, Alexander
Lie Machines : How to Save Democracy from Troll Armies, Howard, Philip N
Lifestyle shopping [electronic resource] : the subject  
Linguistic semantics : an introduction / John Lyons Lyons, John, 1932-
Literary illumination : the evolution of artificial lig Leahy, Richard
Living with colonialism [electronic resource] : nationa Sharkey, Heather J. (Heather Jane), 1967-
Love as pedagogy [electronic resource] / Tim Loreman Loreman, Tim
Love in Education & the Art of Living / Becky L. Noe¨l  
Machine learning : a concise introduction / Steven W. K Knox, Steven W.
Machine learning for computer and cyber security : prin  
Macleod’s clinical diagnosis / Alan G. Japp and four ot Japp, Alan
Making smart cities more playable : exploring playable  
Managing cyber risk / Ariel Evans Evans, Ariel
Managing promises : the impact of the psychological con Brady, Joseph
Mapping the nation / edited by Gopal Balakrishnan ; wit  
Marine geochemistry [electronic resource] / Roy Chester Chester, R. (Roy), 1936-
Marxism, 1844-1990 : origins, betrayal, rebirth / Roger Gottlieb, Roger S.
Materials and meaning in contemporary Japanese architec Buntrock, Dana, 1958-
Medical genetics / Lynn B. Jorde, PhD, John C. Carey, M Jorde, Lynn B.
Medical microbiology and infection at a glance [electro Gillespie, S. H.
Medical pharmacology at a glance / Michael J. Neal Neal, M. J.
Method meets art : arts-based research practice / Patri Leavy, Patricia, 1975-
Microgrid Design and Operation : toward smart energy in  
Mindfulness and performance [electronic resource] / edi  
Mitochondrial Disease Genes Compendium : From Genes to Falk, Marni J.
Mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders : from clinic Hargreaves, Iain P.
Modern construction envelopes : systems for architectur Watts, Andrew
Modern hospice design [electronic resource] : the archi Worpole, Ken
Modern times [electronic resource] : reflections on a c  
Modernism in design [electronic resource] / edited by P  
Mothers in prison / Phyllis Jo Baunach Baunach, Phyllis Jo
Multilayered : engineered variety / Schlaich Bergermann Schlaich Bergermann Partner,
Musculoskeletal X-rays for medical students / Andrew K. Brown, Andrew K.
Museum buildings : construction and design manual / Han Hoffmann, Hans Wolfgang
Museums : A Visual Anthropology / Mary Bouquet Bouquet, Mary
Neurology / Mahinda Yogarajah ; design Christian Bilbow Yogarajah, Mahinda
Nodding Off : The Science of Sleep from Cradle to Grave Gregory, Alice
Nuclear medicine instrumentation [electronic resource] Prekeges, Jennifer
Nursing research [electronic resource] : methods and cr  
Nutrition : maintaining and improving health / Geoffrey Webb, Geoffrey P.
Objects of desire : design and society since 1750 / Adr Forty, Adrian, 1948-
Obstacles to Fairness in Criminal Proceedings : Individ  
Obstetrics and gynaecology / Chidimma Onwere, Hemant N. Onwere, Chidimma
Official Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works  
Open World Empire : Race, Erotics, and the Global Rise Patterson, Christopher B.
Ophthalmic nursing [electronic resource] / Rosalind Sto Stollery, Rosalind
Organisational learning and the modern army [electronic Dyson, Tom
Oxford handbook of cardiac nursing / edited by Kate Ols  
Oxford handbook of primary care and community nursing /  
Pathology. [electronic resource /] McKinney, Olivia
Pathophysiology made incredibly easy!  
Pathways to sexual aggression / edited by Jean Proulx.  
Pathways to well-being in design : examples from the ar  
Peer mentoring in criminal justice / Gillian Buck Buck, Gillian
Personality, individual differences and intelligence / Maltby, John
Pharmaceutical compounding and dispensing / John F. Mar  
Photography from the Turin Shroud to the Turing Machine Toister, Yanai
Physicochemical and environmental plant physiology / Pa Nobel, Park S.
Placing shadows [electronic resource] : lighting techni Gloman, Chuck B.
Planet of slums / Mike Davis Davis, Mike
Planning and control using Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 Harris, Paul Eastwood
Pocket clinical examiner / Adam Barnett, Thomas Bannist Barnett, Adam
Political Reform In Francophone Africa / by John F Clar Clark, John F
Post-Truth, Fake News and Democracy : Mapping the Polit Farkas, Johan
Power and the Presidency in Kenya [electronic resource] Angelo, Anai¨s, 1987-
Power in numbers : the rebel women of mathematics / Tal Williams, Talithia
Practical skills in forensic science / Alan Langford an Langford, Alan M.
Practical veterinary forensics / David Bailey, editor  
Pragmatism and educational research / by Gert J.J. Bies Biesta, Gert
Profit-driven business analytics : a practitioner’s gui Verbeke, Wouter, 1983-
Psychiatric-mental health nursing / Sheila L. Videbeck Videbeck, Sheila L.
Psychiatry : a clinical handbook / Mohsin Azam, Mohamme Azam, Mohsin
Psychology in Southeast Asia : Sociocultural, Clinical,  
Psychology, mental health and distress / John Cromby, D Cromby, John, 1961-
Public libraries in the smart city / Dale Leorke, Danie Leorke, Dale
Putting storytelling at the heart of early childhood pr  
Python machine learning / Wei-Meng Lee Lee, Wei-Meng
Quantitative psychological research : the complete stud Clark-Carter, David
Quaternary dating methods [electronic resource] / Mike Walker, M. J. C. (Michael James Cawthorne), 1
Queer intercultural communication : the intersectional  
Radical environmentalism : nature, identity and more-th Cianchi, John
Radiographic image analysis [electronic resource] / Kat McQuillen-Martensen, Kathy
Radiography and Radiology for Dental Care Professionals Whaites, Eric
Rebel cities : from the right to the city to the urban Harvey, David, 1935-
Reconsidering radical feminism : affect and the politic Cameron, Jessica Joy
Refashioned : cutting-edge clothing from upcycled mater Brown, Sass
Reframing Cult Westerns : From the Magnificent Seven to  
Refuse to choose! : a revolutionary program for doing e Sher, Barbara
Regionalism and revision : the crown and its provinces  
Reimagining Rehabilitation : Beyond the Individual / by Burke, Lol
Remote control : power, cultures, and the world of appe Kruger, Barbara, 1945-
Reproducing refugees : photographià of a crisis / Anna Carastathis, Anna, 1981-
Research handbook on entrepreneurship in emerging econo  
Responsible leadership [electronic resource] / Nicola M  
Responsible Research for Better Business : Creating Use  
Rethinking student belonging in higher education : from Thomas, Kate Carruthers
Rethinking the meaning of place : conceiving place in a Castello, Lineu
Retro [electronic resource] : the culture of revival / Guffey, Elizabeth E.
Risk in probation practice / Hazel Kemshall Kemshall, Hazel, 1958-
Rogue money and the underground economy : an encycloped  
Rural jail re-entry : offender needs and challenges / K Ward, Kyle C.
Save the Cat! : The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll E Snyder, Blake
Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies : The Screenwriter’s G Snyder, Blake
Screen acting / edited by Alan Lovell and Peter Kra¨mer  
Screen Studies BFI Film Studies  
Secrets of screen acting / by Patrick Tucker ; illustra Tucker, Patrick, 1941-
Secure cyber-physical systems for smart cities / Riaz A Shaikh, Riaz Ahmed, 1981-
Security as politics [electronic resource] : beyond the Neal, Andrew W., 1978-
Semi-detached and terraced houses / Christian Schittich  
Setting Up Your Shots : Great Camera Moves Every Filmma Vineyard, Jeremy
Sexual harassment of women : climate, culture, and cons  
Shadow : the architectural power of withholding light / Unwin, Simon, 1952-
Shaping the city : studies in history, theory and urban  
Shopping, place, and identity [electronic resource] / D  
Simply psychology [electronic resource] / Michael W. Ey Eysenck, Michael W.
Skill Acquisition in Sport : Research, Theory and Pract  
Skins, envelopes, and enclosures [electronic resource] Yu, Mayine
Slaves to fashion [electronic resource] : black dandyis Miller, Monica L., 1970-
Smart cities : reality or fiction / Claude Rochet Rochet, Claude
Smart Cities and Connected Intelligence : Platforms, Ec Komninos, Nicos
Smart cities cybersecurity and privacy / Danda B. Rawat  
Smart teams : communicate, congregate, collaborate : ho Crowley, Dermot
Social learning : psychological and biological perspect  
Social learning [electronic resource] : an introduction Hoppitt, William
Sound Design : The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sonnenschein, David
Sound for digital video / Tomlinson Holman and Arthur B Holman, Tomlinson
Sport and the British [electronic resource] : a modern Holt, Richard, 1948-
Staging sex : best practices, tools, and techniques for Pace, Chelsea
Stanislavski and the actor / Jean Benedetti Benedetti, Jean
Storytelling with data : let’s practice! / Cole Nussbau Knaflic, Cole Nussbaumer
Strategic management and competitive advantage : concep Barney, Jay B.
Strength and conditioning for team sports [electronic r Gamble, Paul
Study Skills For Nursing, Health and Social Care / edit  
Surgical SBAs for finals with explanatory answers / Tho Hester, Thomas
Sustainability and scarcity : a handbook for green desi Ozolins, Peter
Sustainability and the social fabric : Europe’s new tex Padovani, Clio
Sustainable building design : learning from nineteenth Lerum, Vidar
Sustainable housing reconstruction : designing resilien Charlesworth, Esther Ruth
Sustainable preservation [electronic resource] : greeni Carroon, Jean, 1952-
Sustainable transportation and smart logistics : decisi  
Systemic and systematic risk management [electronic res Kasser, Joe
Tangled memories : the Vietnam War, the AIDS epidemic, Sturken, Marita, 1957-
Teaching Psychology Around the World  
The Americanization of Europe : culture, diplomacy, and  
The Architectural Capriccio : Memory, Fantasy and Inven  
The architecture of art museums : a decade of design : Self, Ronnie
The archive and the repertoire [electronic resource] : Taylor, Diana, 1950-
The art of the storyboard : a filmmaker’s introduction Hart, John (John Patrick)
The battle for the roads of Britain : police, motorists Laybourn, Keith
The biology of coastal sand dunes [electronic resource] Maun, M. Anwar
The British comic book invasion : Alan Moore, Warren El Ecke, Jochen, 1979-
The capacity to govern : a report to the Club of Rome / Dror, Yehezkel, 1928
The cinematic city [electronic resource] / edited by Da  
The circular economy handbook : realizing the circular Lacy, Peter
The city [electronic resource] / Deborah Stevenson Stevenson, Deborah, 1958-
The Clinical treatment of the criminal offender in outp  
The Content of Our Caricature : African American Comic Wanzo, Rebecca
The conversations : Walter Murch and the art of editing Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-
The cultured landscape [electronic resource] : designin  
The development of women and young professionals in STE Kruger, Michele
The dragons and the snakes [electronic resource] : how Kilcullen, David
The education debate / Stephen J. Ball Ball, Stephen J.
The everyday practice of public art : art, space and so  
The family / Liz Steel, Warren Kidd and Anne Brown Steel, Liz
The filmmaker’s handbook : a comprehensive guide for th Pincus, Edward
The future of tech is female : how to achieve gender di Branson, Douglas M.
The global city [electronic resource] : New York, Londo Sassen, Saskia
The great exhibition, 1851 : a sourcebook / edited by J  
The great interwar crisis and the collapse of globaliza Boyce, Robert W. D., 1943-
The great ocean conveyor [electronic resource] : discov Broecker, Wallace S., 1931-
The Hollywood curriculum : teachers in the movies / Mar Dalton, Mary M., 1962-
The Human Factor : Gorbachev, Reagan, and Thatcher, and Brown, Archie
The Human Rights Dictatorship : Socialism, Global Solid Richardson-Little, Ned
The internet city : people, companies, systems and vehi Kellerman, Aharon
The intuitive investor [electronic resource] : a radica Voss, Jason Apollo
The invention of technological innovation : languages, Godin, Benoit
The Jewel of knightsbridge : the origins of the Harrods Harrod, Robin
The Nagorno-Karabakh deadlock : insights from successfu  
The New Rules of Marketing & PR : How to Use Content Ma Scott, David Meerman
The phantom capitalists : the organization and control Levi, Michael
The planet factory : exoplanets and the search for a se Tasker, Elizabeth
The practice of public art [electronic resource] / edit  
The prime of Miss Jean Brodie [electronic resource :] [ Spark, Muriel
The production of hospice space : conceptualising the s McGann, Sarah
The quirks of digital culture / David Beer Beer, David, 1977-
The race card : from gaming technologies to model minor Fickle, Tara
The revolution in energy technology : innovation and th Han, Xue
The Routledge companion to accounting history / edited  
The Routledge Companion to Local Media and Journalism /  
The Routledge companion to rehabilitative work in crimi  
The SAGE handbook of sport management / edited by Russe  
The Scandinavian prison study / Stanton Wheeler, Hugh F Wheeler, Stanton
The sexual murderer : offender behaviour and implicatio Beauregard, Eric
The shut up and shoot [electronic resource] : freelance Artis, Anthony Q.
The skycourt and skygarden : greening the urban habitat Pomeroy, Jason
The smart city in a digital world / Vincent Mosco Mosco, Vincent
The social life of things [electronic resource] : commo  
The trouble with literature / Victoria Kahn Kahn, Victoria Ann
The two-mile time machine : ice cores, abrupt climate c Alley, Richard B.
The user perspective on twenty-first century art museum Lindsay, Georgia
Total innovative management excellence (TIME) [electron  
Toward a Psychology of Being / Abraham H. Maslow Maslow, Abraham H
Transgender behind prison walls / Sarah Jane Baker ; fo Baker, Sarah Jane
Transitioning students in higher education : philosophy  
Turning houses into homes : a history of the retailing Edwards, Clive, 1947-
Twitter : A Biography / Jean Burgess and Nancy J. Baym Burgess, Jean
Unconventional methodology in organization and manageme  
Understanding cyber security : emerging governance and  
Using analytics to detect possible fraud [electronic re Mantone, Pamela S., 1951-
Victorian Domestic Architectural Plans and Details : 73 Comstock, William T.
Victorian literature, energy, and the ecological imagin MacDuffie, Allen, 1975-
Violence against children in the criminal justice syste  
Virtual & augmented reality for dummies / Paul Mealy Mealy, Paul
Weir & Abrahams’ imaging atlas of human anatomy / edito  
What is architecture? / edited by Andrew Ballantyne  
What’s the Point of News? : A Study in Ethical Journali Harcup, Tony
Why don’t we defend better? : data breaches, risk manag Sloan, Robert H.
Window shopping : cinema and the postmodern / Anne Frie Friedberg, Anne
Women and the Making of Built Space in England, 1870-19  
Women fight, women write : texts on the Algerian War / Mortimer, Mildred P.
Women of steel and stone : 22 inspirational architects, Lewis, Anna M.
Women’s influence on inclusion, equity, and diversity i Thomas, Ursula, 1972-
Writing analytical assessments in social work / Chris D Dyke, Chris

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