New Books – March 2020

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during March 2020 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001 The Oxford handbook of interdisciplinarity
001.4226 Data visualisation : a handbook for data driven design Kirk, Andy
001.4226 #MakeoverMonday : improving how we visualize and analyz Kriebel, Andrew Michael, 1973-
004.071 Teaching computing : a practitioner’s perspective / Hen Walker, Henry M., 1947-
005.133 Practical Haskell : a real world guide to programming / Mena, Alejandro Serrano
005.3 For fun and profit : a history of the free and open sou Tozzi, Christopher J., 1986-
006.248392 Talk to me : Amazon, Google, Apple and the race for voi Vlahos, James
006.3 AI narratives : a history of imaginative thinking about
006.3 Artificial intelligence : a very short introduction / M Boden, Margaret A.
006.301 The Big Nine : how the tech titans and their thinking m Webb, Amy, 1974-
006.31 Deep learning / Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Goodfellow, Ian
052.08209033 Women’s periodicals and print culture in Britain, 1690-
052.0941 Women, periodicals, and print culture in Britain, 1890s
070.4 Journalism and truth in an age of social media / edited
070.4 Future journalism : where we are and where we’re going Greenwood, Sue
070.40285 Data journalism : past, present and future / edited by
070.43 Investigative journalism : a survival guide / David Lei Leigh, David, 1946-
070.44935141 Essential public affairs for journalists / James Morris Morrison, James, 1971-
070.449796 Sports journalism : an introduction to reporting and wr Stofer, Kathryn T.
070.92 Breaking news : the remaking of journalism and why it m Rusbridger, Alan
071.3 Mobile and social media journalism : a practical guide Adornato, Anthony
071.3 Democracy without journalism? : confronting the misinfo Pickard, Victor W.
071.309051 Merchants of truth : inside the news revolution / Jill Abramson, Jill, 1954-
144 Posthuman knowledge / Rosi Braidotti Braidotti, Rosi
144 Posthuman life : philosophy at the edge of the human / Roden, David
153.753 Timekeepers : how the world became obsessed with time / Garfield, Simon
153.753 The illusion of time perception : the search for the or Shuto, Norimichi
155.413 Cognitive development and cognitive neuroscience : the Goswami, Usha C.
174.96 The ethics of ordinary technology / Michel Puech Puech, Michel
174.97 Ethics in design and communication : critical perspecti
187 The art of happiness / Epicurus : translated with an in Epicurus
190.905 Socrates tenured : the institutions of twenty-first-cen Frodeman, Robert
192 Science, faith, and politics : Francis Bacon and the ut Weinberger, J. (Jerry)
193 A spirit of trust : a reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology Brandom, Robert
195 State of exception / Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Ke Agamben, Giorgio, 1942-
223.207 St. Augustine on the psalms / translated and annotated Augustine, of Hippo, Saint, 354-430
297.0941 Britain & Islam / Martin Pugh Pugh, Martin
300 Civil society / Michael Edwards Edwards, Michael, 1957-
301 What is cultural sociology? / Lyn Spillman Spillman, Lyn
301.0941 An introduction to sociology / Ken Browne Browne, Ken, 1951-
302 What makes a social crisis? : the societalization of so Alexander, Jeffrey C., 1947-
302.222 Practices of looking : an introduction to visual cultur Sturken, Marita, 1957-
302.2223 Signs & symbols / Kathryn Hennessy, Nicola Rodway, Gare
302.23 Globalization and media in the digital platform age / D Jin, Dal Yong, 1964-
302.230973 Gender, race, and class in media : a critical reader
303.34 The program : lessons from elite military units for cre Kapitulik, Eric
303.483 Apocalypse how? : technology and the threat of disaster Letwin, Oliver, 1956-
303.483 Move fast and break things : how Facebook, Google and A Taplin, Jonathan T.
303.484 Going dark : the secret social lives of extremists / Ju Ebner, Julia
305 Race/gender/class/media : considering diversity across
305.3 Gender theory in troubled times / Kathleen Lennon & Rac Lennon, Kathleen
305.42 The beauty myth [electronic resource] : how images of b Wolf, Naomi
305.4201 Nomadic subjects : embodiment and sexual difference in Braidotti, Rosi
305.5130941 People like us : what it takes to make it in modern Bri Mohamed, Hashi
305.800973 How to be an antiracist / Ibram X. Kendi Kendi, Ibram X.
306.1 And it don’t stop : the best American hip-hop journalis
306.20947 Identity and nation building in everyday post-socialist
306.27 The culture of military organizations / edited by Peter
306.483 Sport politics : an introduction / Jonathan Grix Grix, Jonathan
306.483 Media sport stars : masculinities and moralities / Garr Whannel, Garry
306.874 Parents and caregivers across cultures : positive devel
307.121609 Olympic cities : city agendas, planning and the world’s
307.76 Urban heritage in divided cities : contested pasts / ed
307.76094 Cities at war in early modern Europe / Martha Pollak Pollak, Martha D.
307.760973 The death and life of great American cities [electronic Jacobs, Jane, 1916-
320.5409416092 Match day : Ulster loyalism and the British far-right / Simms, Tony
321 State of exception / Giorgio Agamben ; translated by Ke Agamben, Giorgio, 1942-
324.213 The far right today / Cas Mudde Mudde, Cas
324.66 How to rig an election / Nic Cheeseman and Brian Klaas Cheeseman, Nic, 1979-
324.941 Electoral shocks : the volatile voter in a turbulent wo Fieldhouse, Ed
325.3091724 Geopolitics and decolonization : perspectives from the
325.32 Liberate the colonies! : communism and colonial freedom
325.32 Potential history : unlearning imperialism / Ariella Ai Azoulay, Ariella
327.51 The Chinese world order : traditional China’s foreign r
330 Economy, society, and public policy / The CORE Team CORE team,
330.01519542 Bayesian econometric methods / Joshua Chan, Purdue Univ Chan, Joshua Chi Chun, 1980-
330.019 Behavioral economics : the basics / Philip Corr and Ank Corr, Philip J.
330.1 The state of economics, the state of the world / edited
330.153092 Adam Smith / Craig Smith Smith, Craig, 1977-
330.96 Extracting profit : imperialism, neoliberalism and the Wengraf, Lee
331 Comparative employment relations in the global economy
331.0973 Labor economics / George J. Borjas, Harvard University Borjas, George J.
332.02855133 Python for finance : mastering data-driven finance / Yv Hilpisch, Yves J.
332.49 Money : the unauthorised biography / Felix Martin Martin, Felix, 1974-
332.6 How to own the world : a plain English guide to thinkin Craig, Andrew
332.63202854678 The naked trader : how anyone can make money trading sh Burns, Robbie
333.3320941 Modern methods of valuation / Eric Shapiro, David Mackm Shapiro, Eric F.
335 Twenty-first century socialism / Jeremy Gilbert Gilbert, Jeremy, 1971-
336 Why austerity persists / Jon Shefner, Cory Blad Shefner, Jon, 1958-
336 Public finance : a normative theory / Richard W. Tresch Tresch, Richard W.
336.200941 Taxation : Finance Act 2019 / Alan Melville Melville, Alan
336.206 Treasure islands : tax havens and the men who stole the Shaxson, Nicholas
337 The global business environment : towards sustainabilit Morrison, Janet
338.47687 Fashionopolis : the price of fast fashion and the futur Thomas, Dana, 1964-
338.4791 The business of tourism / J. Christopher Holloway & Cla Holloway, J. Christopher
338.5024658 Economics for business / Chris Mulhearn & Howard R. Van Mulhearn, Chris
338.9 Globalization and sustainable development : a business Oyevaar, Martin
341.48 Human rights law / Dr Howard Davis Davis, Howard, 1948 September 22-
345.4205 A practical approach to criminal procedure Sprack, John
346.42043 Complete land law : text, cases, and materials Bogusz, Barbara
351 Marketing public sector services : essential skills for Bean, Jennifer
351 Rethinking public strategy / Sean Lusk and Nick Birks Lusk, Sean
351 Public management reform : a comparative analysis – int Pollitt, Christopher
362.1 Making health policy / Kent Buse, Nicholas Mays and Gil Buse, Kent
362.1968581 Treating personality disorder : creating robust service
362.196858820092 Get Steven home : the story of a year long battle to en Neary, Mark
362.19689 Interdisciplinary working in mental health / Di Bailey Bailey, Di
362.3092 Steven Neary’s tips for a good life / by Mark Neary Neary, Mark
362.40941 Second class citizens : the treatment of disabled peopl Aleksia, Aida
363.20941 The politics of the police / Benjamin Bowling, Robert R Bowling, Benjamin
363.250941 Blackstone’s senior investigating officers’ handbook / Cook, Tony
363.325 The ISIS reader : milestone texts of the Islamic State Ingram, Haroro J.
363.34 Disasters and social resilience : a bioecological appro Boon, Helen J.
364.03 The SAGE dictionary of criminology / Eugene McLaughlin,
364.109 Globalization & crime / Katja Franko Aas, Katja Franko
364.1338 The Panama papers : breaking the story of how the rich Obermayer, Bastian, 1977-
364.152303 The encyclopedia of serial killers / Michael Newton Newton, Michael, 1951-
364.1630973 The con men : a history of financial fraud and the less Gough, Leo
364.2 Vold’s theoretical criminology / Jeffrey B. Snipes, San Bernard, Thomas J.
364.40973 Crime prevention : approaches, practices, and evaluatio Lab, Steven P.
370.1 Bourdieu and education / edited by Diane Reay
370.1 Foucault and education : putting theory to work / edite
370.115 Marxisms and education / edited by Noah De Lissovoy
370.72 Revisiting actor-network theory in education / edited b
371.30281 The return to study handbook : study skills for mature, Burroughs, Chloe
371.9046 Inclusive education : examining equity on five continen
371.90941 A critical guide to the SEND code of practice 0-25 year Goepel, Janet
372.21 Assessing quality in early childhood education and care Siraj, Iram
372.210973 Early childhood environment rating scale / Thelma Harms Harms, Thelma
391 Fashion and materiality : cultural practices in global
391 How to break up with fast fashion / Lauren Bravo Bravo, Lauren
391.00954 Styling South Asian youth cultures : fashion, media & s
401.41 Analysing political speeches : rhetoric, discourse and Charteris-Black, Jonathan, 1955-
401.9 Exploring student loneliness in higher education : a di Oakley, Lee
428.24 Learner English : a teacher’s guide to interference and
448.2421 French 1 / Dounia Bissar, Helen Phillips, Ce´cile Tschi Bissar, Dounia
512 Algebra / Serge Lang Lang, Serge
519.22 An informal introduction to stochastic calculus with ap Calin, Ovidiu
519.5 Statistical Models [electronic resource.] / A. C. Davi Davison, A. C.
519.5 An adventure in statistics : the reality enigma / Andy Field, Andy P.
519.5 All of statistics : a concise course in statistical inf Wasserman, Larry, 1959-
519.54 All of statistics : a concise course in statistical inf Wasserman, Larry, 1959-
523.01 Dark energy : theory and observations / Luca Amendola, Amendola, Luca
523.1 Dark energy : theory and observations / Luca Amendola, Amendola, Luca
523.112 Introduction to galaxy formation and evolution : from p Cimatti, Andrea
530.41 Introduction to solid state physics / Charles Kittel, P Kittel, Charles
534.55 Fundamentals and applications of ultrasonic waves / J. Cheeke, J. David N.
551.46028 Use of proxies in paleoceanography : examples from the
551.49 Coastal hydrogeology / Jimmy Jiao (Hong Kong), Vincent Jiao, Jimmy
552.5 Sedimentary structures Collinson, J. D. (John David)
553 Ore deposit geology / John Ridley, Colorado State Unive Ridley, John, 1957-
554.228 The shaping of the Isle of Wight : with an excursion gu Bird, Eric C. F., Eric Charles Frederick
557.7 Great Lakes rocks : 4 billion years of geologic history Kesler, Stephen E.
579.8 Bloom : from food to fuel, the epic story of how algae Kassinger, Ruth
591.5 Principles of animal behavior / Lee Alan Dugatkin Dugatkin, Lee Alan, 1962-
591.779 Weird sea creatures / Erich Hoyt Hoyt, Erich
601 Heidegger on technology / edited by Aaron James Wendlan
610.289 Environment, health and safety governance and leadershi Shihab Ghanem Al Hashemi, Waddah
610.727 Medical statistics from scratch : an introduction for h Bowers, David, 1938-
610.73 Alexander’s nursing practice : hospital and home
610.73 A nurse’s survival guide to the ward / Ann Richards, Sh Richards, Ann
610.730693 The minor illness and beyond handbook / Margaret Perry Perry, Margaret
610.73072 Qualitative research in nursing and healthcare Holloway, Immy
610.734 Nursing for public health : promotion, principles, and
611.01815 Cytopathology / edited by Behdad Shambayati
612.014465 Higher and colder : a history of extreme physiology and Heggie, Vanessa
612.8233083 Child development and the brain : an introduction / Rob Abbott, Rob
613 Health behavior change : a guide for practitioners / Pi Mason, Pip
613 Foundations for health promotion / Jennie Naidoo, Jane Naidoo, Jennie
613 Nursing : health education and improving patient self-m Sassen, Barbara
613.71 Routledge handbook of physical activity policy and prac
615.1 Independent and supplementary prescribing : an essentia
615.39 Transfusion and transplantation science
615.5071 Essentials of patient education / edited by Susan B. Ba
615.5071 The art and science of patient education for health lit Stewart, Melissa N.
616.025 Ambulance care essentials / Richard Pilbery and Kris Le Pilbery, Richard
616.025 Ambulance care practice / Richard Pilbery and Kris Leth Pilbery, Richard
616.028 Priorities in critical care nursing
616.07 Underwood’s pathology : a clinical approach / edited by
616.07 Pathophysiology / Jacquelyn L. Banasik, Lee-Ellen C. Co Banasik, Jacquelyn L.
616.075 History and clinical examination at a glance / Jonathan Gleadle, Jonathan
616.0754 Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking Bickley, Lynn S.
616.7 An orthopaedics guide for today’s GP / edited by Manees
616.7 McRae’s orthopaedic trauma and emergency fracture manag White, Timothy O.
616.8582 Handbook of psychopathy / edited by Christopher J. Patr
616.8584 Understanding addiction behaviours : theoretical and cl Rassool, G. Hussein
616.85882 Supporting positive behaviour in intellectual disabilit Osgood, Tony
616.89 Revisiting negative symptoms : working with reduced exp Mairs, Hilary
616.890231 Psychosocial assessment in mental health / edited by St
616.890231 The physical care of people with mental health problems
616.9041 Superbugs : an arms race against bacteria / William Hal Hall, William
616.9041 Superbugs : the race to stop an epidemic / Matt McCarth McCarthy, Matt
616.9041 The perfect predator : a scientist’s race to save her h Strathdee, Steffanie A., 1966-
616.9940231 Mosby’s oncology nursing advisor : a comprehensive guid
617.1 Current therapy of trauma and surgical critical care /
617.47 Basic orthopaedic sciences
617.47 Orthopaedics, trauma and rheumatology / Andrew D. Duckw Duckworth, Andrew D.
617.47044 Oxford handbook of orthopaedics and trauma / edited by
617.6 The Changing Role of Dental Care Professionals / editor
618.2 Advancing skills in midwifery practice / edited by Jayn
618.92 Oxford handbook of paediatrics and Emergencies in paedi
618.9200231 Clinical skills in children’s nursing / edited by Imeld
618.920028 Fuhrman & Zimmerman’s Pediatric critical care/ / Bradle
618.9289 Critical issues in child and adolescent mental health /
620.00218 Engineering rules : global standard setting since 1880 Yates, JoAnne, 1951-
621.3825 Satellite communications systems : systems, techniques Maral, Ge´rard
621.51 Centrifugal compressors : a strategy for aerodynamic de Aungier, Ronald H.
628.92 Fire Safety Engineering
650.1 Peak performance under pressure : lessons from a helico Hearns, Stephen
657 Financial accounting and reporting / Barry Elliott and Elliott, Barry
657 Accounting and finance : an introduction / Eddie McLane McLaney, E. J.
657 Accounting : an introduction / Eddie McLaney and Peter McLaney, E. J.
657.0218 Company valuation under IFRS : interpreting and forecas Antill, Nick
657.072 Research methods in accounting / Malcolm Smith Smith, Malcolm, 1948-
657.3 How to read a financial report : wringing vital signs o Tracy, John A.
657.45 Auditing : a risk-based approach Johnstone, Karla M.
658 HBR’s 10 must reads on building a great culture
658 Influencers & revolutionaries : how innovative trailbla Pillot de Chenecey, Sean
658.041 The freelance bible : everything you need to go solo in Grade, Alison
658.15 Principles of corporate finance / Richard A. Brealey, S Brealey, Richard A.
658.3 Critical issues in human resource management : contempo
658.30028563 Artificial intelligence for HR : use AI to support and Eubanks, Ben
658.300842 Gen Z @ work : how the next generation is transforming Stillman, David
658.403 Cracked it! : how to solve big problems and sell soluti Garrette, Bernard
658.40300285554 Microsoft Excel 2019 : data analysis and business model Winston, Wayne L.
658.4033 Essentials of business analytics : an introduction to t
658.4033 Business analytics : a management approach / Richard Vi Vidgen, Richard
658.40353 Gamification for business : why innovators and changema Gudiksen, Sune
658.404 APM body of knowledge Association for Project Management
658.404 Fundamentals of project management : planning and contr Burke, Rory, 1952-
658.404 Project management : case studies / Harold Kerzner Kerzner, Harold
658.404 Project management / Harvey Maylor Maylor, Harvey
658.4052 Negotiating for success : essential strategies and skil Siedel, George J.
658.4062 The digital transformation playbook : rethink your busi Rogers, David L., 1970-
658.408 Principles of responsible management : glocal sustainab Laasch, Oliver
658.4092 Strategic leadership : how to think and plan strategica Adair, John Eric, 1934-
658.4092 How to lead smart people : leadership for professionals Singh, Arun, OBE
658.421 Entrepreneurship : theory and practice / Francis J. Gre Greene, Francis J.
658.421 Entrepreneurship : the practice and mindset / Heidi M. Neck, Heidi M.
658.45 Corporate communication : a guide to theory & practice Cornelissen, Joep
658.47 Effective security management Sennewald, Charles A., 1931-
658.5 Logistics management / David B. Grant Grant, David B.
658.5 Contemporary logistics Murphy, Paul Regis
658.72 Strategic procurement : organizing suppliers and supply Booth, Caroline, 1958-
658.8 Marketing public sector services : essential skills for Bean, Jennifer
658.8 Essentials of marketing / Frances Brassington, Stephen Brassington, Frances
658.80072 Marketing analytics : data-driven techniques with Micro Winston, Wayne L.
658.804 Executive engagement strategies : how to have conversat Burgess, Bev
658.827 Book of branding : a guide to creating brand identity f Malinic, Radim, 1978-
658.8342 The behaviour business : how to apply behavioural scien Chataway, Richard
658.84 Global marketing / Svend Hollensen Hollensen, Svend
658.872 Digital business and e-commerce management Chaffey, Dave, 1963-
659.285 Know your onions : corporate identity / by Drew de Soto De Soto, Drew
669 Modern metals in cultural heritage : understanding and Costa, Virginia
670 Handbook of manufacturing / edited by Yong Huang, Unive
677.009 Fashion and materialism / Ulrich Lehmann Lehmann, Ulrich, 1966-
686.2252 The non-designer’s design book [electronic resource] : Williams, Robin, 1953-
687 The future of fashion : understanding sustainability in Little, Tyler
690.0681 Whole life costing for sustainable building / Mariana T Trusson, Mariana
692.02472 RIBA job book Ostime, Nigel
693.854 Blast effects on buildings / David Cormie, Geoff Mays, Cormie, David
694 Off-site and industrialised timber construction : deliv Hairstans, Robert
700.92 Heimat : a German family album / Nora Krug Krug, Nora
700.9730904 Performance : a critical introduction / Marvin Carlson Carlson, Marvin, 1935-
701.18 The critical imagination / James Grant Grant, James Eric, 1980-
702.812 Collage by women : 50 essential contemporary artists /
704.042 Women can’t paint : gender, the glass ceiling and value Gørrill, Helen
704.94 Obey the giant : life in the image world / Rick Poynor Poynor, Rick
704.94932304 Protest! : a history of social and political protest gr McQuiston, Liz
720 TAMassociati : taking care, architecture with emergency
720.103 Materials and meaning in architecture : essays on the b Coleman, Nathaniel, 1961-
720.103 Through the healing glass : shaping the modern body thr Sadar, John Stanislav
720.105 Camera constructs : photography, architecture and the m
720.284 Operative design : a catalogue of spatial verbs / Antho Di Mari, Anthony
720.47 Risk evaluation and climate change adaptation of civil
720.47 Retrofitting for flood resilience : a guide to building Barsley, Edward
720.483 The Shard : the vision of Irvine Sellar / Howard Watson Watson, Howard, 1968-
720.7209451 By practice, by invitation : design practice research i
720.82 Women (re)build : stories, polemics, futures / preface
725.51 Architecture and health : guiding principles for practi
728 Healthy homes : designing with light and air for sustai Baker, Nick (Nick Vashon)
728.02 De woningplattegrond : standaard & ideaal = The residen
728.31099 Courtyard living : contemporary houses of the Asia-Paci Chan, Charmaine
729 Conditional design : an introduction to elemental archi Di Mari, Anthony
729.1 Bioclimatic double-skin fac¸ades / Mary Ben Bonham Bonham, Mary Benedict
738.092 Grayson Perry – the pre-therapy years / edited by Catri
741.6 Logo design love : a guide to creating iconic brand ide Airey, David, 1979-
741.6 The fundamentals of graphic design Ambrose, Gavin
741.6 Book of ideas : a journal of creative direction and gra Malinic, Radim
741.6 Book of ideas : a journal of creative direction and gra Malinic, Radim, 1978-
741.6 What is graphic design for? / Alice Twemlow Twemlow, Alice
741.64 Weird sea creatures / Erich Hoyt Hoyt, Erich
741.642 The fox and the star / Coralie Bickford-Smith Bickford-Smith, Coralie
741.642 The song of the tree / Coralie Bickford-Smith Bickford-Smith, Coralie
741.652094109046 The British underground press of the sixties : a catalo Birch, James
741.674 Rock graphic originals : revolutions in sonic art from Golding, Peter
745.209 Design : the whole story / general editor, Elizabeth Wi
746.92072 Digital research methods in fashion and textile studies Sikarskie, Amanda Grace, 1982-
746.920973 Free stylin’ : how hip hop changed the fashion industry Romero, Elena, 1973-
770.1 New ways of seeing : the democratic language of photogr Scott, Grant
776.601 The animatic apparatus : animation, vitality, and the f Levitt, Deborah
779.979106841 Funland : a visual tour of the British seaside / Rob Ba Ball, Rob
780.42 And it don’t stop : the best American hip-hop journalis
780.420941 The last party : Britpop, Blair and the demise of Engli Harris, John, 1969-
781.076 Music theory in practice Taylor, Eric Robert, 1928-
781.076 Music theory in practice Taylor, Eric Robert, 1928-
781.076 Music theory in practice Taylor, Eric Robert, 1928-2016
781.2 Music theory in practice Taylor, Eric Robert, 1928-
781.6409 Yeah yeah yeah : the story of modern pop / Bob Stanley Stanley, Bob, 1964-
781.66094109049 The last party : Britpop, Blair and the demise of Engli Harris, John, 1969-
782.421649 And it don’t stop : the best American hip-hop journalis
791.43 Film : a critical introduction / Maria Pramaggiore & To Pramaggiore, Maria, 1960-
791.4301 Roland Barthes and film : myth, eroticism and poetics / Ffrench, Patrick
791.430232 The Palgrave handbook of screen production / Craig Batt
791.430233082 Celluloid ceiling [electronic resource] : women directo
791.43026 The art of Disney costuming : heroes, villains, and spa Kurtti, Jeff
791.4308996 Hollywood black : the stars, the films, the filmmakers Bogle, Donald
791.43684 Cine-ethics : ethical dimensions of film theory, practi
791.4572 Game of thrones : the storyboards / by William Simpson Simpson, Will
792.01 Theatre & environment / Vicky Angelaki Angelaki, Vicky, 1980-
792.022 The frantic assembly book of devising theatre / Scott G Graham, Scott, 1971-
792.76028092 Through the leopard’s gaze / Njambi McGrath McGrath, Njambi
793.01 The aesthetic of play / Brian Upton Upton, Brian, 1964-
794.8 Design and development of training games : practical gu
794.81536 Game design research : an introduction to theory & prac Lankoski, Petri
794.83072 Game design research : an introduction to theory & prac Lankoski, Petri
796.082 Women and sports in the United States : a documentary r
796.08664 Sex, gender, and sexuality in sport : queer inquiries /
796.334 The fall of the house of Fifa / David Conn Conn, David, 1965-
796.334082 The pride of the Lionesses : the changing face of women Dunn, Carrie
796.3340942 The club : how the Premier League became the richest, m Robinson, Joshua, 1986-
796.3342094 Zonal marking : the making of modern European football Cox, Michael
796.4809421 Legacy : gangsters, corruption and the London Olympics Gillard, Michael
796.5109424 Geopark Way
796.62 Breaking the chain : drugs and cycling – the true story Voet, Willy
796.620944 The great bike race : the classic, acclaimed book that Nicholson, Geoffrey
796.812 Steel chair to the head : the pleasure and pain of prof
808.042 How to write a lot : a practical guide to productive ac Silvia, Paul J., 1976-
808.06678 How to write about music : excerpts from the 33 1/3 ser
809.9336 From madman to crime fighter : the scientist in western Haynes, Roslynn D. (Roslynn Doris), 1940-
810.601 Emily Dickinson : poetics in context / Melanie Hubbard Hubbard, Melanie (Melanie Anne)
810.803 The Topeka School / Ben Lerner Lerner, Ben, 1979-
811.4 Emily Dickinson : poetics in context / Melanie Hubbard Hubbard, Melanie (Melanie Anne)
812.54 Looking for Lorraine : the radiant and radical life of Perry, Imani, 1972-
813.6 The Topeka School / Ben Lerner Lerner, Ben, 1979-
820.009896 The Cambridge history of Black and Asian British writin
820.935204209031 Disorderly Women and Female Power in the Street Literat Wiltenburg, Joy
820.9896 The Cambridge history of Black and Asian British writin
821.7 Complete works of poetry & prose (1914 edition) Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822
821.809 Victorian poetry and the culture of evaluation / Clara Dawson, Clara
822.912 Under Milk Wood / Dylan Thomas, Peter Blake Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953
823.92 Billionaire / Peter James James, Peter, 1948-
848.91409 Albert Camus : a very short introduction / Oliver Gloag Gloag, Oliver
868.6209 Borges and mathematics : lectures at MALBA = Borges y l Marti´nez, Guillermo, 1962-
891.7344 Kolyma stories Shalamov, Varlam
891.7344 Sketches of a criminal world : further Kolyma stories / Shalamov, Varlam
907.2 Writing history : theory and practice / edited by Stefa
907.2 Writing transnational history / Fiona Paisley and Pamel Paisley, Fiona
909 A history of the world in 100 objects [electronic resou MacGregor, Neil, 1946-
910.688 Destination marketing : essentials / Steven Pike Pike, Steven
942.052092 The Anne Boleyn papers / Elizabeth Norton Norton, Elizabeth
951.03 Commissioner Lin and the Opium War / Hsin-pao Chang Chang, Hsin-pao, 1922-
951.033 The Qing Empire and the Opium War : the collapse of the Mao, Haijian
980.038 Forgotten continent : a history of the New Latin Americ Reid, Michael

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