23+ wellbeing things. No. 7 – Staying fit within four walls

Ravelin ParkMake use of your daily escape

You are allowed to escape the confines of your home once a day to exercise, and that doesn’t include spending time in your garden, if you have one.  Spend it going for a walk somewhere picturesque where you can drink in the beauty of nature.  Just try to give anyone else out and about at the same time a wide birth.  You should be fine in most places, although if you are stopping by the shops on the way home you might have to concentrate on giving others a wide birth, depending on the time of day.  You can even download any of a multitude of apps to measure how far you have walked in a day.  Just no leaving your phone on top of the tumble dryer to rack up extra miles!

Virtual workouts

It is easy to get settled into a sedentary routine while at home.  Happily, there are free work out videos available including Les Milles Virtual workouts and Facebook live exercise classes led by Sports & Recreation staff.  There are also free workouts and diet advice from community sponsored platform Darebee.

Moving even while sitting still

That’s not to overlook the need to stretch and flex at your desk.  It is recommended that you get up and move for five minutes of every hour you spend sitting.  This guide from BUPA offers a simple and effective stretching routine to keep you limber while you work.

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