New Books – January 2020

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during January 2020 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001 How charts lie : getting smarter about visual informati Cairo, Alberto, 1974-
005.54 Excel VBA programming for dummies / by Michael Alexande Alexander, Michael, 1972-
005.8 Deep learning applications for cyber security / Mamoun  
006.31 Hands-on machine learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and Ge´ron, Aure´lien
006.312 R for data science : import, tidy, transform, visualize Wickham, Hadley
006.454 Dragon Professional – a step further / Michael Shepherd Shepherd, Michael
130.1 Parapsychology, philosophy, and spirituality : a postmo Griffin, David Ray, 1939-
130.9 Access to Western esotericism / Antoine Faivre Faivre, Antoine, 1934-
130.91732 Supernatural cities : enchantment, anxiety and spectral  
150.15195354 Confirmatory factor analysis for applied research / Tim Brown, Timothy A., 1960-
150.72 Reporting qualitative research in psychology : how to m Levitt, Heidi M.
153.69 Power of Nonverbal Communication : How You Act Is More Calero, Henry H.
153.74 The misinformation age : how false beliefs spread / Cai O’Connor, Caitlin
170 Augustine and the limits of virtue / James Wetzel Wetzel, James
174.40973 Ethical theory and business  
184 Levels of argument : a comparative study of Plato’s ‘Re Scott, Dominic
191 Strands of system : the philosophy of Charles Peirce / Anderson, Douglas R.
193 Leibniz’s legacy and impact / edited by Julia Weckend a  
194 The Michel Henry reader / edited by Scott Davidson and Henry, Michel, 1922-2002
201.7 Gods behaving badly : media, religion, and celebrity cu Ward, Pete, 1959-
230.044092 An introduction to Jacob Boehme : four centuries of tho  
297.125082 The veil and the male elite : a feminist interpretation Mernissi, Fatima
300.1 Southern theory : the global dynamics of knowledge in s Connell, Raewyn, 1944-
300.15195 Critical statistics : seeing beyond the headlines / Rob De Vries, Robert
300.285072 Data in society : challenging statistics in an age of g  
300.72 How to do your research project : a guide for students Thomas, Gary, 1950-
301 Sociological theory / George Ritzer, University of Mary Ritzer, George
301.072 Elite and specialized interviewing / Lewis Anthony Dext Dexter, Lewis Anthony
302 Social psychology : sociological perspectives / David E Rohall, David E.
302.226 How charts lie : getting smarter about visual informati Cairo, Alberto, 1974-
302.23 Combating Fake News in the Digital Age / Joanna M. Burk Burkhardt, Joanna M.
302.230811 Work that body : male bodies in digital culture / Jamie Hakim, Jamie
302.346 Facebook and conversation analysis : the structure and Farina, Matteo
303.34 Leadership in organizations / Gary Yukl Yukl, Gary A., 1940-
303.34089 Redeeming leadership : an anti-racist feminist interven Liu, Helena
303.375 This is not propaganda : adventures in the war against Pomerantsev, Peter
303.4 Intersectionality as critical social theory / Patricia Hill Collins, Patricia
305 Social inequality / Louise Warwick-Booth Warwick-Booth, Louise
305.3 Life isn’t binary : on being both, beyond, and in-betwe Barker, Meg-John, 1974-
305.3 L’anatomie politique : cate´gorisations et ideólogies d Mathieu, Nicole-Claude
305.40902 Illuminating women in the medieval world / Christine Sc Sciacca, Christine, 1976-
305.42095409034 The queen’s daughters : an anthology of Victorian femin  
305.48697 The production of the Muslim woman : negotiating text, Zayzafoon, Lamia Ben Youssef, 1966-
305.48896041 The heart of the race : black women’s lives in Britain Bryan, Beverley, 1949-
305.4889604409034 Ve´nus noire : black women and colonial fantasies in ni Mitchell, Robin, 1962-
305.896041 Black and British : a forgotten history / David Olusoga Olusoga, David
306 Sexe, race & colonies : la domination des corps du XVe  
306.10979494 The city beneath : a century of Los Angeles graffiti / Phillips, Susan A., 1969-
306.36 The sociology of work : continuity and change in paid a Edgell, Stephen
306.44 The myth of Mars and Venus / Deborah Cameron Cameron, Deborah, 1958-
306.46 Material methods : researching and thinking with things Woodward, Sophie
306.766 Stonewall : the definitive story of the LGBTQ rights up Duberman, Martin B.
306.7662086220973 The corporate closet : the professional lives of gay me Woods, James D.
307.760285 Energy and mobility in smart cities / edited by William  
320.0922 Political thinkers : from Socrates to the present / edi  
320.5409174927 Arab nationalism : the politics of history and culture Wien, Peter
320.5662 The great disruption : understanding the populist force Hira, Anil
322.44 Occupy / Noam Chomsky Chomsky, Noam
323.092 Iran awakening : from prison to peace prize : one woman Ebadi, Shirin
323.32640973 Don’t tell me to wait : how the fight for gay rights ch Eleveld, Kerry
324.241011 Footsoldiers : political party membership in the 21st c Bale, Tim, 1965-
325.09 The age of migration : international population movemen Haas, Hein de, 1969-
327 The globalization of world politics : an introduction t  
327.072 Research methods in international relations / Christoph Lamont, Christopher K.
327.47 The foreign policy of Russia : changing systems, enduri Donaldson, Robert H.
327.47009051 The new Cold War : Putin’s threat to Russia and the Wes Lucas, Edward, 1962-
330 The passion economy : the new rules for thriving in the Davidson, Adam
330.019 The foundations of behavioral economic analysis Dhami, Sanjit
330.019 The foundations of behavioral economic analysis Dhami, Sanjit S.
330.019 Escaping paternalism : rationality, behavioral economic Rizzo, Mario J.
330.15 The age of fragmentation : a history of contemporary ec Roncaglia, Alessandro, 1947-
330.941085 Changing times : economics, policies, and resource allo Chick, Martin, 1958-
330.95106 How creativity is changing China / Li Wuwei ; edited by Li, Wuwei
331.119161 Human : solving the global workforce crisis in healthca Britnell, Mark
332.6 Asset management : adding value to asset dependent busi  
333.91 Water resources : an integrated approach / edited by Jo  
333.916416 Marine protected areas : science, policy and management  
338.473621 Health economics / Charles E. Phelps Phelps, Charles E.
338.47624 Global construction data / edited by Stephen Gruneberg  
338.476632 The globalization of wine / edited by David Inglis and  
341.584 Peacekeeping in the midst of war / Lisa Hultman, Jacob Hultman, Lisa
343.41078624 Understanding NEC4 term service contract / Kelvin Hughe Hughes, Kelvin
343.41078624 Construction adjudication and payments handbook / Domin Rawley, Dominique
344.4101 Labour law / Hugh Collins, K.D. Ewing, Aileen McColgan Collins, Hugh, 1953-
344.4101 Labour law / Simon Deakin, Professor of Law and Fellow Deakin, S. F. (Simon F.)
344.42041 The Care Act 2014 : wellbeing in practice / edited by S  
352.293092241 15 minutes of power : the uncertain life of British min Riddell, Peter
352.748 Marketing in the public sector : a roadmap for improved Kotler, Philip
359.030940903 Ideologies of Western Naval Power, c. 1500-1815 / edite  
362.10685 Clinical governance : complete self-assessment guide / Art of Service (Firm,)
362.1072 Research methods for public health / Stuart McClean, Is McClean, Stuart
362.10723 Doing a systematic review : a student’s guide / edited  
362.12 Neighborhoods and health / edited by Dustin T. Duncan a  
362.7 Working together for children : a critical introduction Walker, Gary (Gary D.)
363.250941 Blackstone’s senior investigating officers’ handbook / Cook, Tony
364.168 White-collar crime : an opportunity perspective / Micha Benson, Michael L.
364.360973 Juvenile justice now : reinvention and promise / by H. Rubin, H. Ted, 1926-
370.115 The student guide to Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed Darder, Antonia
371.82660941 How to transform your school into an LGBT+ friendly pla Barnes, Elly
371.9046 Inclusive education : examining equity on five continen  
372.11020941 Learning to teach in the primary school / edited by Ter  
372.21 Professional dialogues in the early years : rediscoveri  
372.21 Learning to teach young children : theoretical perspect Kirova, Anna
378 Accomplishing change in teaching and learning regimes : Trowler, Paul
378.125 Leading learning and teaching in higher education : the Parkin, Doug
378.125 Designing effective feedback processes in higher educat Winstone, Naomi E.
378.1662 Innovative assessment in higher education : a handbook  
378.17 A handbook for teaching and learning in higher educatio  
378.17 Teaching and learning in higher education : disciplinar  
378.19810942574 Rhodes must fall : the struggle to decolonise the racis  
378.1990941 Designing learning : from module outline to effective t Butcher, Christopher, 1951-
388.13203 An encyclopaedia of British bridges / David McFetrich McFetrich, David
388.4209421 The story of Crossrail / Christian Wolmar Wolmar, Christian
391.508996073 Hair story : untangling the roots of black hair in Amer Byrd, Ayana D.
418.02 Translating texts : an introductory coursebook on trans  
428.0071 Teaching speaking : a holistic approach / Christine C.M Goh, Christine Chuen Meng
491.77009 The language of Russian peasants in the twentieth centu Nakhimovsky, Alexander D.
492.782 Mastering Arabic 1 / Jane Wightwick & Mahmoud Gaafar Wightwick, Jane
495.682 NEJ : a new approach to elementary Japanese Nishiguchi, Ko¯ichi
501 Paradigms and revolutions : appraisals and applications  
510.212 Mathematics pocket book for engineers and scientists / Bird, J. O.
519.535 Structural equation modeling with Amos : basic concepts Byrne, Barbara M.
519.535 Multivariate data analysis / Joseph F. Hair, William C. Hair, Joseph F.
519.535 Principles and practice of structural equation modeling Kline, Rex B.
526.7 Classical Newtonian gravity : a comprehensive introduct Capuzzo-Dolcetta, Roberto
530.13 Topics in statistical mechanics / Brian Cowan Cowan, Brian Peter, 1951-
530.1595 Statistical physics / by Tony Guénault Guénault, A. M.
531.14 The trouble with gravity : solving the mystery beneath Panek, Richard
551.458 Rising seas : flooding, climate change and our new worl Thomas, Keltie, 1966-
551.75 A revised correlation of Carboniferous rocks in the Bri  
560.1766094281 Fossils from the Lias of the Yorkshire Coast / edited b  
604.243 Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing : applications, Meadows, James D., 1949-
610.72 Introduction to research in the health sciences / Steph Polgar, Stephen
610.73 Becoming a reflective practitioner  
610.734 Public/community health and nursing practice : caring f Savage, Christine L.
610.7343 Community and public health nursing : evidence for prac  
611 Moore’s essential clinical anatomy Agur, A. M. R.
612 Tortora’s principles of anatomy & physiology / Gerard Tortora, Gerard J.
613 Sedentary behavior and health : concepts, assessments,  
613.2 Handbook of nutraceuticals and functional foods / edite  
613.7072 Designing and conducting research in health and human p Matthews, Tracey D., 1967-
613.71 Physical activity and health / Claude Bouchard, Steven  
613.71 Foundations of physical activity and public health / Ha Kohl, Harold W., III., 1960-
613.71019 The psychology of exercise : integrating theory and pra Lox, Curt
616.025 JRCALC clinical guidelines 2019 / edited by Dr Simon N.  
616.028 Critical care nursing : a holistic approach Morton, Patricia Gonce, 1952-
616.07548 Electromagnetic induction imaging : theory and biomedic Wang, Lulu
616.10231076 Cardiovascular nursing demystified / Jim Keogh, RN-BC, Keogh, James Edward, 1948-
616.2004231 Respiratory nursing at a glance / edited by Wendy Prest  
616.8522506 Coaster phobia : how to overcome your fear of roller co Weisenberger, Nick
616.9041 Burton’s Microbiology for the health sciences Fader, Robert C.
618.9200231 Nursing care of children : principles & practice  
620.0011 Multidisciplinary systems engineering : architecting th Crowder, James A.
620.00286 Transition engineering : building a sustainable future Krumdieck, Susan
620.0042 Mechanics of accuracy in engineering design of machines Portman, V. T. (Vladimir Teodorovich)
620.0071141 Getting into engineering courses Barton, James
620.104 Engineering dynamics : a primer / Oliver M. O’Reilly O’Reilly, Oliver M.
620.8 The field guide to understanding ‘human error’ / Sidney Dekker, Sidney
621.322540941 The industrial environment.  
621.366 Laser scanning : an emerging technology in structural e  
621.382 The discrete charm of the machine : why the world becam Steiglitz, Kenneth, 1939-
621.392 Logic and computer design fundamentals / M. Morris Mano Mano, M. Morris, 1927-
621.815 The elements of mechanical design / by James G. Skakoon Skakoon, James G., 1951-
622.3381 Oilwell drilling engineering / Don W. Dareing, Professo Dareing, Don W.
624.0287 CESMM4 : civil engineering standard method of measureme  
624.0684 Routledge handbook of integrated project delivery / edi  
624.0685 Quality auditing in construction projects : a handbook Rumane, Abdul Razzak
624.15132 Rock mechanics through project-based learning / Ivan Gr Gratchev, Ivan
624.15136 Craig’s soil mechanics Knappett, Jonathan
624.15136092 The Bishop Method : the life and achievements of Profes Wesley, Laurence D.
624.17 Simplified dynamic analysis of high-rise buildings : ap Takabatake, Hideo
624.17068 Managing design : conversations, project controls, and  
624.1771 Principles of structural design : wood, steel, and conc Gupta, Ram S.
624.1821 Advanced steel design of structures / Srinivasan Chandr Chandrasekaran, Srinivasan
624.182102184 Composite structures according to Eurocode 4 : worked e Dujmovic´, Darko
624.193 Ground characterization and structural analyses for tun  
628.209 An underground guide to sewers, or, Down, through & out Halliday, Stephen
628.38 Sustainable sludge management : resource recovery for c Show, Kuan-Yeow
629.89 Digital control engineering : analysis and design / M. Fadali, M. Sami
641.56362 Vegan meal prep : a 5-week plan with 125 ready-to-go re Asbell, Robin
641.56362 Liv B’s vegan on a budget : 112 inspired & effortless p Biermann, Olivia, 1994-
657.42 Cost management : a strategic emphasis / Edward J. Bloc Blocher, Edward
658.049 Innovation in multinational companies : organisational, Mattes, Jannika
658.049 Management across cultures : challenges, strategies, an Steers, Richard M.
658.15244 Guide to cash management : how to avoid a business cred Tennent, John
658.3 Critical issues in human resource management : contempo  
658.3 Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management pract Armstrong, Michael, 1928-
658.3 Introducing human resource management Hook, Caroline, 1946-
658.3008 Managing diversity and inclusion : an international per  
658.3124 The heart of coaching : using transformational coaching Crane, Thomas G. (Thomas Gaylord), 1946-
658.3124 How to create a coaching culture : a practical introduc Jones, Gillian
658.3124 Advanced coaching practice : inspiring change in others Nieuwerburgh, Christian van
658.3225 Reward management : alternatives, consequences and cont Jones, Sarah
658.4 The models / Paticia A. McLagan McLagan, Patricia A.
658.4022 Keys to success : teamwork and leadership / Carol Carte Carter, Carol
658.404 APM Project Fundamentals Qualification study guide  
658.404 APM body of knowledge Association for Project Management
658.4040285536 Planning and control using Microsoft Project 2013, 2016 Harris, Paul Eastwood
658.4040285536 Microsoft Project 2019 step by step / Cindy Lewis, Carl Lewis, Cindy
658.4092 Leadership : practice and perspectives / Kevin Roe Roe, Kevin, 1961-
658.4092 Studying leadership : traditional and critical approach Schedlitzki, Doris
658.4092 Leadership in organizations / Gary Yukl Yukl, Gary A., 1940-
658.4094 Loonshots : how to nurture the crazy ideas that win war Bahcall, Safi
658.7 Supply chain management : strategy, planning, and opera Chopra, Sunil, 1960-
658.8 Principles of marketing for a digital age / Tracy L. Tu Tuten, Tracy L., 1967-
658.802 Marketing strategy and competitive positioning / Graham Hooley, Graham J.
658.812 Customer service : a practical approach / Elaine K. Har Harris, Elaine K.
658.85 Selling : building partnerships / Stephen B. Castleberr Castleberry, Stephen Bryon
658.85 The challenger sale : how to take control of the custom Dixon, Matthew, 1972-
658.85 Selling : building partnerships / Barton A. Weitz, Step Weitz, Barton A.
659.2 Becoming a public relations writer : strategic writing Smith, Ronald D., 1948-
681.76041 Guidebook for the design of ASME section VIII pressure Farr, James R.
690.5390285 Airport building information modelling / Ozan Koseoglu Koseoglu, Ozan
691.40941 Brick : a social history / Carolyne Haynes Haynes, Carolyne
692.8 Evaluating contract claims Mullen, John, 1959-
693.82 Fire design of steel structures : Eurocode 1 : actions Franssen, Jean-Marc
693.82 Design of fire-resistant concrete structures / Kristian Hertz, Kristian Dahl
693.82 Advanced analysis and design for fire safety of steel s Li, Guoqiang
693.832 Thermal insulation materials for building applications Latif, Eshrar
700.103 Brecht on art and politics / Bertolt Brecht ; edited by Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956
700.4522 Feminist perspectives on art : contemporary outtakes /  
701.15 Beyond pleasure : Freud, Lacan, Barthes / Margaret Iver Iversen, Margaret
704.9424093 Women in the ancient world / Jenifer Neils Neils, Jenifer, 1950-
704.946 Symbols and allegories in art / Matilde Battistini ; tr Battistini, Matilde
711.73 Automatic for the city : designing for people in the ag Bobisse, Riccardo
720.1 Baudrillard for architects / Francesco Proto Proto, Francesco
720.105 Smart buildings : technology and the design of the buil Bakker, Ron
720.228 Physical modelling for architecture and building design Larsen, Olga Popovic
720.285 BIM-based collaborative building process management / B Daniotti, Bruno
720.47 Lo-tek : design by radical indigenism / Julia Watson, f Watson, Julia
721 Making architecture through being human : a handbook of Plowright, Philip D.
724.6 Lina Bo Bardi : drawings / Zueler R.M. de A. Lima Lima, Zueler R. M. de A.
741.2 The complete guide to perspective drawing : from one-po Attebery, Craig
741.5 Mis(h)adra / Iasmin Omar Ata Ata, Iasmin Omar
741.5971 Escape from Syria / Samya Kullab, Jackie Roche & Mike F Kullab, Samya
741.6 Symbol : the reference guide to abstract and figurative Hyland, Angus
741.642 Alice in Wonderland / Lewis Carroll ; illustrated by Ra Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898
741.642 Everything I know about poop / Jaume Copons, Merce` Gal Copons, Jaume, 1966-
741.642 The case of the growing bird feeder / Eric Hogan & Tara Hogan, Eric, 1979-
741.642 The case of the story rock / Eric Hogan & Tara Hungerfo Hogan, Eric, 1979-
741.642 Why? / Lila Prap ; Jalka Pogacnik, scientific explanati Prap, Lila, 1955-
741.642 Rising seas : flooding, climate change and our new worl Thomas, Keltie, 1966-
745.2 Saving the planet by design : reinventing our world thr Yeang, Ken, 1948-
745.4 Introduction to modern design : its history from the ei Marcus, George H.
746.092 Neisha Crosland – life of a pattern / by Neisha Croslan Crosland, Neisha
746.92 The book of pockets : a practical guide for fashion des Gorea, Adriana (Adriana Carmen)
747 Interior futures. / edited by Graeme Brooker, Harriet H  
747 Interior futures / edited by Graeme Brooker, Harriet Ha  
747.3 Walls are talking : wallpaper, art and culture / Gill S Saunders, Gill
747.8521 Retail design Anderson, Stephen, 1966-
759.2 Lucian Freud : a life / compiled by Mark Holborn, in co  
769.92 Ka¨the Kollwitz : prints, process, politics / edited by  
769.9730904 True grit : American prints from 1900 to 1950 / Stephan  
770 Photography trace and trauma / Margaret Iversen Iversen, Margaret
770.954 Photography in India : a visual history from the 1850s Gaskell, Nathaniel
777.53 Sounds to die for : speaking the language of horror fil Emmett, Heather
779.09252 How we see : photobooks by women / edited by Russet Led  
779.29305896 African photography from The Walther Collection : dista Walther Collection,
779.9306481250941 Seaside photographed / Val Williams, Karen Shepherdson Williams, Val, 1949-
782.14 The singer’s musical theatre anthology : with recorded  
782.140264 The singer’s musical theatre anthology  
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology  
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology  
791.068 50 groundbreaking roller coasters : the most important Weisenberger, Nick
791.068 50 legendary roller coasters that no longer exist / Nic Weisenberger, Nick
791.068 Coasters 101 : an engineer’s guide to roller coaster de Weisenberger, Nick
791.068 The 50 most terrifying roller coasters ever built / Nic Weisenberger, Nick
791.068 The 50 most unique roller coasters ever built / Nick We Weisenberger, Nick
791.06841 Creating my own Nemesis : the autobiography of the man Wardley, John
791.43 In the nick of time : motion picture sound serials / by Cline, William C.
791.4301 Performing ethics through film style : Levinas with the Lamberti, Edward
791.43082096 Women in African cinema : beyond the body politic / Liz Bisschoff, Lizelle
791.43097291 National identity in 21st-century Cuban cinema : screen Fehimovi?, Dunja
791.43097291 Cuban cinema after the Cold War : a critical analysis o Garciá, Enrique, 1975-
791.435 Continued Next Week : History of the Moving Picture Ser Lahue, Kalton
791.436581 Marxism goes to the movies / Mike Wayne Wayne, Mike
791.437 La vida es silbar / Fernando Pérez  
791.4372 Der Tod eines Bürokraten / regie; Tomás Gutiérrez Alea  
791.4372 ‘Grease is the word’ : exploring a cultural phenomenon  
791.4372 La vida es silbar / Fernando Pérez  
791.4375 Disney’s Star Wars : forces of production, promotion, a  
791.4375 In the nick of time : motion picture sound serials / by Cline, William C.
791.4375 The great movie serials : their sound and fury / Jim Ha Harmon, Jim
792.095414 Rehearsals of revolution : the political theater of Ben Bharucha, Rustom, 1953-
794.80711 Ludoliteracy : defining, understanding, and supporting Zagal, Jose´ Pablo
794.81536 Game design research : an introduction to theory & prac Lankoski, Petri
794.81536 The pyramid of game design : designing, producing and l Lovell, Nicholas, 1972-
796.019 Sport, exercise, and performance psychology : theories  
796.51 Beyond backpacker tourism : mobilities and experiences  
808.066378 Succeeding with your masters dissertation : a step-by-s Biggam, John
809.39896 The rise of the African novel : politics of language, i Mu~koma wa Ngu~gi~
809.9335 The art and science of trauma and the autobiographical Jensen, Meg
809.93592 Life writing : the spirit of the age and the state of t  
810.93552 The dark fantastic : race and the imagination from Harr Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth, 1977-
813.8766093552 The dark fantastic : race and the imagination from Harr Thomas, Ebony Elizabeth, 1977-
820.009353 Discourses of vision in nineteenth-century Britain : se Potter, Jonathan
820.501 The Cambridge edition of the works of Anne Finch, Count Winchilsea, Anne Kingsmill Finch, Countess of
820.6 Michael Field : decadent moderns / edited by Sarah Park  
820.6 Alice in Wonderland / Lewis Carroll ; illustrated by Ra Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898
820.703 Maps / Nuruddin Farah Farah, Nuruddin, 1945-
820.801 My name is why : a memoir / Lemn Sissay Sissay, Lemn, 1968-
820.803 The market logics of contemporary fiction / Paul Crosth Crosthwaite, Paul, 1980-
820.803 Utopia and the contemporary British novel / Caroline Ed Edwards, Caroline, 1983-
821.5 The Cambridge edition of the works of Anne Finch, Count Winchilsea, Anne Kingsmill Finch, Countess of
821.8 Michael Field : decadent moderns / edited by Sarah Park  
821.92 My name is why : a memoir / Lemn Sissay Sissay, Lemn, 1968-
823.8 Alice in Wonderland / Lewis Carroll ; illustrated by Ra Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898
823.914 Maps / Nuruddin Farah Farah, Nuruddin, 1945-
823.9209 The market logics of contemporary fiction / Paul Crosth Crosthwaite, Paul, 1980-
823.9209 Utopia and the contemporary British novel / Caroline Ed Edwards, Caroline, 1983-
909 World history through case studies : historical skills Eaton, David
910.71 Geography education’s potential and the capability appr Bustin, Richard
919.804 Imagining the Arctic : heroism, spectacle and polar exp Lewis-Jones, Huw
929.20941 Imperial intimacies : a tale of two islands / Hazel V. Carby, Hazel V.
941.00496 Black British history : new perspectives / edited by Ha  
941.0850922 The prime ministers : reflections on leadership from Wi Richards, Steve, 1960-
942.2792 Uniquely Portsmouth / Gail Baird, Dan Bernard ; editor Baird, Gail
944.044 The afterlives of the Terror : facing the legacies of m Steinberg, Ronen, 1970-
950 A short history of Asia / Colin Mason Mason, Colin, 1926-
950.2 The Mongols : from Genghis Khan to Tamerlane / W.B. Bar Bartlett, W. B.
951.9304 North Korea : a history / Michael J. Seth Seth, Michael J., 1948-
952.03 A modern history of Japan : from Tokugawa times to the Gordon, Andrew, 1952-
955.053092 Shah of Shahs / Ryszard Kapus´cin´ski ; with an introdu Kapus´cin´ski, Ryszard
960 History of Africa / Kevin Shillington Shillington, Kevin
960.23 The making of contemporary Africa : the development of Freund, Bill
966 Actes du Colloque International sur l’Histoire du R.D.A Rassemblement de´mocratique africain
966.905 Nigeria : what everyone needs to know® / John Campbell Campbell, John, 1944-
970.00497 Major problems in American Indian history : documents a  
972.94 Maroon nation : a history of revolutionary Haiti / John Gonzalez, Johnhenry
820.9353 SR Discourses of vision in nineteenth-century Britain : se Potter, Jonathan
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