New Books – November 2019

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during November 2019 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001.42 Humanizing research : decolonizing qualitative inquiry
001.422 Statistical methods for the social & behavioural scienc Flora, David B.
004.21 Systems analysis and design / Alan Dennis, Barbara Hale Dennis, Alan
005.54 Excel 2016 in depth / Bill Jelen Jelen, Bill
005.7565 Hands-on data warehousing with Azure Data Factory : ETL Cote´, Christian
006.309 Artificial intelligence : an illustrated history : from Pickover, Clifford A.
006.696 The uncanny valley in games and animation / Angela Tinw Tinwell, Angela
028.909730904 Paraliterary : the making of bad readers in postwar Ame Emre, Merve
052.0941 Liberalism at large : the world according to The Econom Zevin, Alexander
070.18 Animated documentary / Annabelle Honess Roe Roe, Annabelle Honess
070.18 Documentary across platforms : reverse engineering medi Zimmermann, Patricia Rodden
155.82 Cultural psychology / Steven J. Heine (University of Br Heine, Steven J.
158.1 The mind workout / Mark Freeman Freeman, Mark
158.1 Joyful : the surprising power of ordinary things to cre Lee, Ingrid Fetell
158.13 Mindfulness : ancient wisdom meets modern psychology / Feldman, Christina
174.4 Ethical data and information management : concepts, too O’Keefe, Katherine
174.991 Tourism ethics / David A. Fennell Fennell, David A., 1963-
189.4 Dia-logos : Ramon Llull’s method of thought and artisti
193 Logic and existence / Jean Hyppolite ; translated by Le Hyppolite, Jean
200 Patterns in comparative religion / by Mircea Eliade ; t Eliade, Mircea, 1907-1986
300.15195 Critical statistics : seeing beyond the headlines / Rob De Vries, Robert
300.72 Little quick fix : find the theory in your research / J Salmons, Janet, 1952-
300.72 Developing research questions / Patrick White White, Patrick, 1971-
300.721 Interpreting qualitative data / David Silverman Silverman, David, 1943-
301 Thinking sociologically / Zygmunt Bauman, Tim May Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-2017
301.092 Runaway : Gregory Bateson, the double bind, and the ris Chaney, Anthony
303.34 Introduction to leadership : concepts and practice / Pe Northouse, Peter Guy
305.2350956 Leading protests in the digital age : youth activism in Ozgul, Billur Aslan
305.56920942 No fixed abode : a journey through homelessness from Co Carroll, Charlie
305.8 Racism and media / Gavan Titley Titley, Gavan
305.80072 Netnography : the essential guide to qualitative social Kozinets, Robert V., 1964-
305.80098 Cultures of anti-racism in Latin America and the Caribb
320 Politics / Andrew Heywood Heywood, Andrew
321 Democracies and authoritarian regimes / Natasha Lindsta Lindstaedt, Natasha
324.241 Political parties in the UK / Alistair Clark Clark, Alistair, 1969-
327 Essentials of international relations / Karen A. Mingst Mingst, Karen A., 1947-
327.1273 Bombs, bugs, drugs, and thugs : intelligence and Americ Johnson, Loch K., 1942-
327.17 On security / Ronnie D. Lipschutz, editor
327.73 Foreign policy issues for America : the Trump years / e
331.625109750903 The Chinese and the iron road : building the transconti
331.625109780903 Ghosts of Gold Mountain : the epic story of the Chinese Chang, Gordon H.
331.7687095492 Labor, global supply chains, and the garment industry i
332.015195 Principles of financial modelling : model design and be Rees, Michael, 1964-
337 Is globalization over? / Jeremy Green Green, Jeremy, 1985-
338.5024658 Managerial economics : applications, strategies, and ta McGuigan, James R.
338.70973 Make It New : Essays in the History of American Busines Bodine, Paul, 1959-
340.1 Learning legal rules : a students’ guide to legal metho Holland, James A.
340.115 Understanding the age of transitional justice : crimes,
340.57 Common law judging : subjectivity, impartiality, and th Edlin, Douglas E.
340.9 The conflict of laws / by Adrian Briggs Briggs, Adrian
341.2422 Foster on EU law / Professor Nigel Foster, FRSA Foster, Nigel G.
341.24220941 A short history of Brexit : from Brentry to Backstop / O’Rourke, Kevin H.
341.48 International human rights in a nutshell Buergenthal, Thomas
342 Founding moments in constitutionalism / edited by Richa
343.4107830223 Media & entertainment law / Ursula Smartt Smartt, Ursula
343.4107862 NEC4 resolving and avoiding disputes / Robert Alan Gerr Gerrard, Robert
344.4101 Employment law : the essentials Lewis, David, 1949 March 24-
344.41041 Medical law and ethics / Jonathan Herring Herring, Jonathan
344.4105325 Blackstone’s counter-terrorism handbook
344.4201 Labour and Employment Compliance in England / Tony Hyam Hyams-Parish, Tony
345.02323 Extraterritoriality and international bribery : a colle Hock, Branislav
346.41048 Butterworths intellectual property law handbook
346.410482 Copyright : interpreting the law for libraries, archive Cornish, G. P.
346.410482 Copyright for archivists and records managers / Tim Pad Padfield, Timothy
346.41066 Butterworths company law handbook
346.42004 Equity & trusts law directions / Gary Watt MA (Oxon) Watt, Gary
346.42015 Family law / Jonathan Herring, Exeter College, Oxford U Herring, Jonathan
346.42015 Family law : text, cases, and materials Miles, Joanna
346.42022 Contract law : directions / Richard Taylor, Damian Tayl Taylor, Richard D., 1954-
346.4203 Unlocking torts Kaur Dua, Sanmeet
346.4204364 Fisher and Lightwood’s law of mortgage
346.4207 Introduction to business law / Lucy Jones Jones, Lucy
349.42 The English legal system / Alisdair A. Gillespie, LLB(H Gillespie, Alisdair
352.66 Performance management in the public sector / Wouter va Dooren, Wouter van
361.94 Social services disrupted : changes, challenges and pol
362.10723 Doing a systematic review : a student’s guide / edited
362.1756 Compassionate communities : case studies from Britain a
362.4 Understanding disability : from theory to practice / Mi Oliver, Michael, 1945-
362.50941 The new poverty / Stephen Armstrong Armstrong, Stephen, 1966-
362.50941 Poverty : the facts Marsh, Alan, 1945-
363.110941 Learning from Incidents
363.252 Evidence-based policing : translating research into pra Lum, Cynthia M.
364.360973 Trapped in a vice : the consequences of confinement for Cox, Alexandra L., 1978-
365.60973 Punishing the vulnerable : discrimination in American p Wade-Olson, Jeremiah
370.1523 Growth mindset for teachers / edited by Sherria Hoskins
370.89 The school-to-prison pipeline : education, discipline, Heitzeg, Nancy A.
371.102 How to teach for progress : classroom approaches for im Grevatt, Andrew
371.102 Happy teachers change the world : a guide for cultivati Nha^´t HaŽnh, Thi´ch
371.102 How to teach even better : an evidence-based approach / Petty, Geoffrey
371.26 How to assess your students : making assessment work fo Grevatt, Andrew
371.3028 How to create great lessons : 100 tools for planning / Bott, Gemma
371.394 How to teach everybody : strategies for effective diffe Clucas, Ann
371.82996073 We want to do more than survive : abolitionist teaching Love, Bettina L., 1979-
371.90472 Understanding special educational needs and disability Wearmouth, Janice
371.93 The pedagogy of pathologization : dis/abled girls of co Annamma, Subini A.
379.263092 The story of Ruby Bridges / by Robert Coles ; illustrat Coles, Robert
394.2068 Event studies : theory, research and policy for planned Getz, Donald, 1949-
401.41 Discourse theory and practice : a reader / Margaret Wet Wetherell, Margaret
408.66 Language, gender, and sexuality : an introduction / Sco Kiesling, Scott F.
418.00723 Data collection research methods in applied linguistics Rose, Heath
425.071 How to teach grammar / Bas Aarts, Ian Cushing, Richard Aarts, Bas, 1961-
438.2421 Willkommen! : German beginner’s course Schenke, Heiner
523.1 Mapping the heavens : the radical scientific ideas that Natarajan, Priyamvada
554.3 The geology of Germany : a process-oriented approach / Meschede, Martin
560.1762 Die Lebewelt unserer Trias / von Martin Schmidt Schmidt, Martin, 1863-
575.1 Genetics : a conceptual approach / Benjamin A. Pierce, Pierce, Benjamin A.
591.5 Animal behavior Rubenstein, Dustin R.
610 Essential notes for medical and surgical finals / Kaji
610 Practical general practice : guidelines for effective c
610.696 Communication skills for OSCEs / Rachel Wamboldt, Niamh Wamboldt, Rachel
610.73069 Nightingale gene / Jayne Van Brunt Van Brunt, Jayne
610.730693 Foundations and adult health nursing Cooper, Kim (Kim D.)
610.76 The OSCE revision guide for medical students / Christop Mansbridge, Christopher
611 Ross & Wilson pocket reference guide to anatomy and phy Muller, Anne
611.91 Illustrated anatomy of the head and neck / Margaret J. Fehrenbach, Margaret J.
612 Introduction to human anatomy and physiology / Eldra Pe Solomon, Eldra Pearl
612 Seeley’s anatomy & physiology VanPutte, Cinnamon L.
615.1 The textbook of non-medical prescribing / edited by Dr
615.1 Pharmacology Page, Catrin
615.1302461073 Oxford handbook of prescribing for nurses and allied he Beckwith, Sue
616.025 Emergency medicine secrets
616.025 JRCALC clinical guidelines 2019 / edited by Dr Simon N.
616.079 Clinical immunology / edited by Angela Hall, Department
616.079 Haematology & immunology Vanbergen, Olivia
616.2 Respiratory medicine Lawrence, Hannah
616.4 Endocrinology / Thomas Fox MBBS BSc MRCP (Endo) PGCert Fox, Thomas
616.7 Rheumatology and orthopaedics Aitken, Marc Joseph
616.89 Psychiatry Marwick, Katie
616.891425 Acceptance and commitment therapy : the process and pra Hayes, Steven C.
617.601 The Scientific Basis of Oral Health Education / Ronnie Levine, Ronnie
617.917 Standards and recommendations for safe perioperative pr Association for Perioperative Practice (Great
629.89553 Computer-Aided Control Systems Design : Practical Appli Chin, Cheng Siong
650.072 Management and business research / Mark Easterby-Smith, Easterby-Smith, Mark
657 Frank Wood’s business accounting Sangster, Alan
657 Frank Wood’s business accounting Sangster, Alan
658.048 Nonprofit management : principles and practice / Michae Worth, Michael J.
658.15 Business analysis and valuation Palepu, Krishna G., 1954-
658.15 Finance and accounting for business : a new insight / B Ryan, Bob, 1947-
658.3124 Learning and development practice in the workplace Beevers, Kathy
658.314 The EFQM Model
658.40071173 Developing management skills / David A. Whetten, Kim S. Whetten, David A. (David Allred), 1946-
658.4012 Strategy : theory and practice / Stewart R. Clegg, Joch Clegg, Stewart
658.4012 Contemporary strategy analysis / Robert M. Grant Grant, Robert M., 1948-
658.4033 Quantitative methods for business decisions / Jon Curwi Curwin, Jon
658.40380285574 Document warehousing and text mining : techniques for i Sullivan, Dan
658.406 Making sense of change management : a complete guide to Cameron, Esther
658.5 Essentials of operations management / Nigel Slack, Alis Slack, Nigel
658.802 Marketing communications : touchpoints, sharing and dis Fill, Chris
658.802 Marketing plans : how to prepare them, how to profit fr McDonald, Malcolm
686.2209 Meggs’ history of graphic design by Philip B. Meggs. 5t
690.24 Surveying historic buildings / David Watt Watt, David, 1963-
702.8 Model making : conceive, create and convince / Arjan Ka Karssen, Arjan
720.1 Architecture’s pretexts : spaces of translation / Aarat Kanekar, Aarati
720.2222 Voyage Le Corbusier : drawing on the road / Jacob Brill Brillhart, Jacob
720.288 Surveying historic buildings / David Watt Watt, David, 1963-
720.92 Lina Bo Bardi / kanshû Watari Etsuko (Watarium Bijutsuk
720.92 Yona Friedman : the dilution of architecture / Yona Fri Friedman, Yona, 1923-
725.110947 The Palace of the Soviets : The History of the Proposed
725.110947092 Boris Iofan : Architect behind the Palace of the Soviet Kostyuk, Maria
741.6023 Inside the business of illustration / Steven Heller and Heller, Steven, 1950-
741.6092 April Greiman : floating ideas into time and space / Li Farrelly, Liz
741.64 !n the land of punctuat!on / Christian Morgenstern ; il Morgenstern, Christian, 1871-1914
741.6420973 The story of Ruby Bridges / by Robert Coles ; illustrat Coles, Robert
745.4 The grammar of ornament / by Owen Jones ; illustrated b Jones, Owen, 1809-1874
776 Expanded internet art : twenty-first-century artistic p Moss, Ceci
777.55 In the blink of an eye : a perspective on film editing Murch, Walter
778.4 Lenticular Imaging : Theory and Practice : a hundred ye Weissman, Yitzhak
779.9621384135 New trees / photography by Robert Voit ; text by Christ Voit, Robert
784.4165092 The recordings of Andy Kirk and his Clouds of Joy / Geo Burrows, George, 1975
791.430233092 Fatih Akin’s cinema and the new sound of Europe / Berna Gueneli, Berna
791.43024 The sound effects bible : how to create and record Holl Viers, Ric
791.4309961 Hollywood’s Hawaii : race, nation, and war / Delia Mali Konzett, Delia Caparoso
792.028 Acting / John Harrop Harrop, John
794 Building blocks of tabletop game design : an encycloped Engelstein, Geoffrey
794.8019 The invisible game : mindset of a winning team : the me Andrejkovics, Zoltan
796.01 Foundations of sport and exercise psychology / Robert S Weinberg, Robert S. (Robert Stephen)
796.0285 Raising the stakes : e-sports and the professionalizati Taylor, T. L.
808.02 The creative writing coursebook : forty-four authors sh
808.02 Writing down the bones : freeing the writer within / Na Goldberg, Natalie
808.02 Report writing / Michelle Reid Reid, Michelle, 1979-
808.06634 Legal writing skills : a guide to writing essays and an Foster, Steve, 1955-
809.29358405318 Staging Holocaust resistance / Gene A. Plunka Plunka, Gene A., 1949-
810.803 The calculating stars / Mary Robinette Kowal Kowal, Mary Robinette, 1969-
813.6 The calculating stars / Mary Robinette Kowal Kowal, Mary Robinette, 1969-
820.0093564 Fashion and material culture in Victorian fiction and p
820.401 Voice and crisis : invocation in Milton’s poetry / Walt Schindler, Walter
820.6039554 Stones of law, bricks of shame : narrating imprisonment
820.60932113 White horizon : the Arctic in the nineteenth-century Br Hill, Jen
820.72 J.R.R. Tolkien : myth, morality, and religion / Richard Purtill, Richard L., 1931-
821.4 Voice and crisis : invocation in Milton’s poetry / Walt Schindler, Walter
823.80932113 White horizon : the Arctic in the nineteenth-century Br Hill, Jen
823.8093554 Stones of law, bricks of shame : narrating imprisonment
823.8093564 Fashion and material culture in Victorian fiction and p
831.912 !n the land of punctuat!on / Christian Morgenstern ; il Morgenstern, Christian, 1871-1914
839.738 There are things I want you to know about Stieg Larss Gabrielsson, Eva
851.1 Convivio : a dual-language critical edition / Dante ; e Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321
907.2 Essential skills for historians : a practical guide to Hare, J. Laurence
909.0971241 Decolonisation : the British experience since 1945 / Ni White, Nicholas J., 1967-
929.37471 Index to Marriages and Deaths in the New York Herald 18
929.3751 Index to the 1850 census of Delaware / compiled by Virg Olmsted, Virginia Langham
940.48141 The Incomparable 29th and the River Clyde / George Da Davidson, George
940.54247 Barbarossa unleashed : the German Blitzkrieg through ce Luther, Craig W. H.
942.055 Elizabethan globalism : England, China and the rainbow Dimmock, Matthew
943.07 Nineteenth-century Germany : politics, culture and soci
944.0836092 A certain idea of France : the life of Charles de Gaull Jackson, Julian, 1954-
946.083092 Juan Carlos : steering Spain from dictatorship to democ Preston, Paul, 1946-
947.086 Contemporary Russia / Edwin Bacon Bacon, Edwin, 1966-
956.920452 Israel versus Hezbollah 2006 : an assessment of Israeli Griffin, Gordon C.

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