Get hold of the books you want

Student carrying library booksNeed a book that’s out on loan? Been asked to return a book before the original due date?

If you need a book which is on loan to another student you can easily reserve a copy, through the Library Catalogue. When a copy of the book you need has been returned, you will get an email telling you the book is ready for collection. We will hold the book for seven days for you. All books which are reserved for students are held on shelves in the Atrium, on the ground floor of the library. If you are unsure where the reservation shelves are, staff will be happy to help you.

We also launched a service last year, offering students access to ebooks, instead of having to wait for reserved books to be returned. If you have a book which someone else needs and your book is either the only copy available or the first copy due back, out of several copies we will email you and ask you to return the book within seven days. This is to give as many people as possible a fair chance to access the books.

We recall books throughout the academic year but we don’t recall books over the Christmas and Summer vacations. We continue to recall books
over the Easter vacation as we recognise that many students are busy revising for exams and will need books that may be on loan.  We will send emails about reservations and recalls to your University email account.

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