Finding your books made simple

Small screen shot image showing the location of mass media communication books (302.222)

Screenshot showing reduced size ground floor plan with highlighted shelving unit

Shrinking the library

The library can feel like a rather big place when you first arrive. The most frequently asked questions include “Where are the toilets?” and “I need to find these…”, accompanied by the unfolding of a dizzyingly long list of books, all but one of which has been starred or highlighted.

The good news is that there are toilets, including accessible and gender-neutral toilets, on every floor.  The even better news is that however you find a book in the library, whether it is on an online reading list, through the library catalogue or if you are just given a title and a shelfmark and told to go hunting, you can always have a 3D floor plan on your phone that shows you where your book should be shelved.

Finding your books

Tap the “locate on shelf” button against a reading list or catalogue item to bring up a 3D plan showing where to find your book or visit the library website, look under Using the Library > Find your books, and enter the classmark (shelfmark) number you have been given in “Search by classmark”.  Simple!

If you do this on your phone, you can carry your map with you as you wander over to the shelf.  If you get stuck or lost, or if your books are not where you expect, all our staff will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for.  Don’t forget that we have even more ebooks than we do books in print!

After just a few weeks, the cavernous library that now fills you with dread will feel like your second home.  It just all takes a little bit of getting used to.  If you are in any doubt, please ask.

Understanding everything else

For everything else, there are short, introductory bitesize slideshows with video clips introducing our other services and facilities.  You can find all the Introducing… slideshows here.

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