23 wellbeing things. No. 19, Add a splash of colour to your life

Colouring pencilsAfter focusing on one topic after another, even with breaks, the mind can tire.  There is only so much that the mind can manage before it starts to collapse under the weight of new knowledge and everything starts to slip and slide around.   There are several ways to deal with this, meditation is one, while mindful colouring is another.  The importance of colouring is that it uses your mind in an entirely different way, gently, and still inviting you to notice what is happening in the body while you cover – the pressure on the pencil, the texture of the paper, and the act of colouring.

Colouring resets your focus within minutes allowing you usefully to return to work with your monkey mind – the smaller, older, more priordial part of your brain that wants to jump up and down, panic and scream at exam time – to calm itself by noticing over several minutes just what it is doing to colour the page.  This brain training is subtle but powerful.  It can make you calmer, happier and perhaps even nicer to know.

You can download and print colouring sheets from several websites.  Colouring pencils can be found in most good stationary stockists, or you could just shade in the spaces with a standard pencil for a subtle, shiny, greyscale effect.

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