23 wellbeing things, No. 13 – Smile and feel lucky!

It is actually proven that those who are optimistic have better luck.  This has long been suspected and is a conviction rooted in ancient folklore but it happens to be true.  When we expect good things to happen to us (even if we accept they may not), we start looking out for them and become more likely to spot any good things that do come our way.  This makes us happier, and being happy means we are more likely to notice good things that make us still happier!

Equally well, if we look for bad things, we will surely find them, they will make us feel worse, and we will then be more likely to notice other things that vex us.  To a large extent, being happy or unhappy is a choice.  That said, we all fall out of bed ‘on the wrong side’ every now and again, so how can you pick yourself up and turn your frown upside down?  The trick is to start straight away and employ a few simple tricks to trick your mind into being happy.  Happily, however smart you are, the bit of your brain that decides whether to be happy or not is easily fooled.

Tips and tricks for instant happiness

Smile in the mirror – while brushing your teeth each morning, smile in the mirror using your whole face, right up past your eyes.  Watch yourself smiling back in the mirror.

Smile even without your mirror – Let (or make!) yourself do whatever you naturally do when you are happy.  Doing ‘happy things’ makes you happier.  Smile, remember jokes, tell yourself silly stories, daydream of better times, make yourself laugh, and dance like no-one’s watching.

List ten happy words – First thing in every morning and (if you can manage it) last thing at night, write down ten different (new!) positive words or things that make you feel happy.  Apparently this too makes you feel happier after a while.

Dance like no-one’s watching – Suspend your self-consciousness and just feel your body move to the music.  Shake loose tension, move to the rhythm and get your workout on without struggling to achieve something worthy at the gym.  Relaxing getting some exercise doing something you enjoy is really relaxing.  You will be surprised how much you warm up as you let go of worries hidden as stiffness in the body, and how much better you will feel as you go on.  You can even join Zumba classes and jive with others.  Even if you have a terrible aversion to the dance floor, just walking to and from Uni is great for mind and body.

Over to you

Do you have any tips or tricks for feeling good?  Share them in the comments below, share, like and subscribe (if you are seeing this on our social media channels), and stay tuned for more wellbeing things every working weekday here on Liblog!

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