How to learn to love your library at a distance (wherever you are)

Woman reading an ebook using an iPadMost people want to do some research or look at an ebook when they are away from the campus at times.  If you will be learning at a distance, you will really need to get stuck into our electronic resources, although we can post things you need out to you.

If you are registered as a distance learner because you live too far from the University to reach us and are enrolled on a part-time or distance learning course, you should check out all the good things we offer exclusively to distance learners.  Please don’t feel jeallous of these services if you are a campus-based student.  These extra services are just there to make up for distance learners’ lack of easy access to the books and printed journal archives you can enjoy just by walking through the Library turnstiles.

All our electronic resources are available online from anywhere over the internet.  Even if you live next door to the Library, you could read most of our collections without ever visiting us (but please visit – we like students and want to see more of you!)

Your reading lists are a great place to start.  Look for a link to your unit reading list in Moodle but if it not is not there, go the library website and select the reading lists tab above the purple search box on the library homepage then search for your unit codes or titles.  Reading lists link to electronic resources such as ebooks and journal articles directly.  Scans and postal loans of printed books and journal articles can be ordered.  If you have any difficulty getting to actually read an article or ebook, please get in touch.  We can solve most problems between a few moments and a few hours from the time they are discovered or reported.

Our favourite advice is to connect your personal computer to the University network using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to avoid having to log into most electronic resources and access everything as if you were working on campus.  The VPN can be switched off and on again very quickly and easily.  The work anywhere MyPort article explains both how to set up your home computer and how to go on to connect to your University network drive or “N-drive”, which is the safest place to back up your assignments.  Always save your work regularly in different places.  As the saying goes, lots of copies keeps stuff safe!

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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