New Books – June 2018

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during June 2018 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
005.1 Image processing and computer vision algorithms for def  
111 Technic and magic : the reconstruction of reality / Fed Campagna, Federico
126 The state and the self : identity and identities / Mare Behrensen, Maren
150.1954 Facing the dragon : confronting personal and spiritual Moore, Robert
155.24 Antifragile : things that gain from disorder / Nassim N Taleb, Nassim Nicholas, 1960-
300.72 Doing your research project Bell, Judith, 1930-
302 Future presence : how virtual reality is changing human Rubin, Peter
303.4834 Artificial unintelligence : how computers misunderstand Broussard, Meredith
303.484094 Two sides of a barricade : (dis)order and summit protes Scholl, Christian, 1980-
303.61 Disobedience and democracy : nine fallacies on law and Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010
305.2351088297 Radicalized loyalties : becoming Muslim in the West / F Truong, Fabien
305.26 Ageing in everyday life : Materialities and embodiments  
305.8924009034 Journeys from the abyss : the Holocaust and forced migr Kushner, Tony (Antony Robin Jeremy)
306.019 Fandom : identities and communities in a mediated world  
306.097309048 The McDonaldization of society : into the digital age / Ritzer, George
306.4809 A history of holidays 1812-1990 / Bill Cormack Cormack, Bill
307.66 Tent city urbanism : from self-organized camps to tiny Heben, Andrew
307.7609 Cities and creativity from the Renaissance to the prese  
320.531 Le socialisme sauvage : essai sur l’auto-organisation Reeve, Charles, 1945-
320.54 National identities and international relations / Richa Lebow, Richard Ned
320.94 Combattre l’Europe : de Lenine à Marine Le Pen / Bernar Bruneteau, Bernard
320.944 Où va l’Etat ? : essai sur les nouvelles élites du pouv Birnbaum, Pierre
324.917124 Uniti dal voto? : storia delle elezioni europee, 1948-2 Pasquinucci, Daniele
327.101 The conduct of inquiry in international relations : phi Jackson, Patrick Thaddeus, 1972-
328.45 Un Parlamento oltre le nazioni : l?Assemblea Comune del Guerrieri, Sandro
330.015195 Applied panel data analysis for economic and social sur Andress, Hans-Ju¨rgen
338.191732 Space and food in the city : cultivating social justice  
338.4791 A history of holidays 1812-1990 / Bill Cormack Cormack, Bill
341 Cases and materials on international law / by David Har Harris, D. J. (David John)
343.420998 McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists Dodd, Mike (Legal Editor
346.086 Research handbook on the economics of insurance law / e  
347.42077 How Judges Decide Cases: Reading, Writing and Analysing Goodman, Andrew
347.73752 Winning the jury’s attention : presenting evidence from Cox, Trey
355.40721 Military operations research : quantitative decision ma Jaiswal, N. K
361.06 The SAGE handbook of counselling and psychotherapy  
361.320941 Social work practice : assessment, planning, interventi Parker, Jonathan, 1960-
362.1 Ethics, law and professional issues : a practice-based  
363.3765 Kirk’s fire investigation Icove, David J., 1949-
364 Introduction to criminology : a tex+ Walsh, Anthony
371.3344678 6 steps to moving your training online Smith, David
371.82997071 Decolonizing education : nourishing the learning spirit Battiste, Marie, 1949-
372.11 Ethics and the early childhood educator : using the NAE Feeney, Stephanie
378.3650941 Enhancing Employability in Higher Education Through Wor  
511.3 Logic for computer scientists / Uwe Scho¨ning Scho¨ning, Uwe, 1955-
541.22 Molecular modeling and simulation : an interdisciplinar Schlick, Tamar
551.312 Colour atlas of glacial phenomena Hambrey, M. J
551.7 Microstructural geochronology : planetary records down  
551.701 Geochronology and thermochronology / Peter W. Reiners a Reiners, Peter W.
560 Taphonomy : releasing the data locked in the fossil rec  
610.72 Mixed methods in health sciences research : a practical Curry, Leslie (Leslie A.)
610.721 Qualitative methods for health research / Judith Green Green, Judith, 1961-
610.73 Clinical judgement and decision making in nursing / Moo Standing, Mooi
610.7307155 Clinical placements / Kirstie Paterson and Jessica Wall Paterson, Kirstie
610.73072 Succeeding in literature reviews and research project p Williamson, Graham R.
612 Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illn Waugh, Anne
612.8072 The new handbook of multisensory processing / edited by  
612.84 Clinical anatomy and physiology of the visual system / Remington, Lee Ann
613.6 Missing children : a psychological approach to understa Tedisco, James N.
616.028 Nursing the acutely ill adult : priorities in assessmen  
616.61 National Kidney Foundation’s primer on kidney diseases  
616.89 Shorter Oxford textbook of psychiatry Cowen, Philip
616.8900835 Child and adolescent psychopathology : a casebook / Lin Wilmshurst, Linda
617.7 Training in ophthalmology / edited by Venki Sundaram, A  
617.752 Ophthalmic lenses and dispensing / Mo Jalie Jalie, M. (Mohammed)
618.928914 Counselling children : a practical introduction Geldard, Kathryn
629.4354922 Chasing new horizons : inside the epic first mission to Stern, Alan, 1957-
657.3 Understanding financial statements Fraser, Lyn M.
658.3124 Breakthrough solutions with action learning / Bea Carso Carson, Bea
658.404076 Prince2 study guide. David Hinde Hinde, David
658.8 Storynomics : story-driven marketing in the post-advert McKee, Robert, 1941-
659 Brand lands, hot spots and cool spaces : welcome to the Mikunda, Christian
659.2 Understanding public relations : theory, culture and so Edwards, Lee (Lee M. S.)
700.19 Atlas of emotion : journeys in art, architecture, and f Bruno, Giuliana
709.443610904 Art deco Paris Tempel, Benno
711.4 Shaping Cities: Emerging Models ofPlanning Practice  
720.286 Rereadings 2 : interior architecture and the design pri Brooker, Graeme
720.47 Nature by Design Kellert, Stephen R
720.472 Designed to perform : an illustrated guide to providing Dollard, Tom
720.922 Alison and Peter Smithson Crinson, Mark
721.044509494 Made of concrete / edited by Mettler/Studer ; translati  
725.4 Victorian pumping stations / Trevor Yorke Yorke, Trevor
741.6023 Becoming a successful illustrator : / Derek Brazell and Brazell, Derek
746.12 Spinning and dyeing yarn : the home spinner’s guide to Martineau, Ashley
746.44041 Layered and stitched pictures : using free machine embr Essam, Katie
759.972 Frida Kahlo – making her self up / edited by Claire Wil  
779.092 Jitka Hanzlova / Jitka Hanzlova ; text, Isabel Tejeda  
782.14 21st century musical theatre : 50 songs from shows sinc  
791.43023301 The limits of auteurism : case studies in the criticall Godfrey, Nicholas, 1986-
791.436164 Folk horror : hours dreadful and things strange / Adam Scovell, Adam
791.436578 Composer on screen : essays on classical music biopics Fryer, Paul
792.6094109041 Cultural Identity in British Musical Theatre, 1890-1939 Macpherson, Ben
794.8 Gaming : essays on algorithmic culture / Alexander R. G Galloway, Alexander R., 1974-
794.8 The world of scary video games : a study in videoludic Perron, Bernard
809.93384 ‘Pataphysics : the poetics of an imaginary science / Ch Bo¨k, Christian, 1966-
810.7 A conspiracy of paper : a novel / David Liss Liss, David
810.72 Gertrude and Claudius / John Updike Updike, John, 1932-
810.935 Picturing identity : contemporary American autobiograph Wong, Hertha Dawn
810.9920697 Veteran Americans : Literature andCitizenship from Revo Cooper, Benjamin
812.54099287 Women screenwriters today : their lives and words / Mar McCreadie, Marsha, 1943-
813.409355 Literary life of things : case studies in American fict Tischleder, Barbel
813.54 Gertrude and Claudius / John Updike Updike, John, 1932-
813.6 Phoenix Project, 5th Anniversary Edition [electronic re Kim, Gene
820.9358 Medievalism : the Middle Ages in modern England / Micha Alexander, Michael, 1941-
820.9358109034 Forms of empire : the poetics of Victorian sovereignty Hensley, Nathan
844.912 You’ve always been wrong / Rene´ Daumal ; introduction Daumal, Rene´, 1908-1944
909 Cultural dementia / David Andress Andress, David, 1969-
947.7086 Development and Dystopia: Studies in Post-Soviet Ukrain Minakov, Mikhail
956.910423092897 The returned : they left to wage jihad, now they’re bac Thomson, David
960.329 Citizen and subject : contemporary Africa and the legac Mamdani, Mahmood
973.923 Shaky ground : the sixties and its aftershocks / Alice Echols, Alice
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