New Books – April 2018

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during April 2018 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001.4023 How to be a happy academic : a guide to being effective Clark, Alexander
001.42 How to keep your research project on track : insights f  
001.42 Fulfilling the potential of your doctoral experience / Denicolo, Pam
005.133 Kotlin for Android developers : learn Kotlin the easy w Leiva, Antonio
006.693 Getting started in ZBrush : an introduction to digital Johnson, Greg
006.696 Houdini on the spot : power user tips and techniques / Zerouni, Craig
006.7 Interactive narratives and transmedia storytelling : cr McErlean, Kelly
006.8 Practical augmented reality : a guide to the technologi Aukstakalnis, Steve
006.8 Augmented reality for developers : build practical augm Linowes, Jonathan
006.8 Unreal Engine VR cookbook : developing virtual reality McCaffrey, Mitch
006.8 Augmented human : how technology is shaping the new rea Papagiannis, Helen
006.8 Augmented reality : principles and practice / Dieter Sc Schmalstieg, D. (Dieter)
006.8 New realities in audio : a practical guide for VR, AR, Schutze, Stephan
070.1950941 Inside the TV Newsroom : Profession Under Pressure Thomsen, Line Hassall
070.40285 Data Journalism MAIR, JOHN
070.4493069 The mourning news : reporting violent death in a global Morse, Tal
070.4493209416 Disturbing the Peace : politics, television news and th Spencer, Graham
070.4497914023 Entertainment journalism : making it your career / Ben Falk, Ben
070.4909410904 Public images : celebrity, photojournalism, and the mak Linkof, Ryan
071.3 The American journalist in the digital age : a half-cen Willnat, Lars, 1964-
113 Network nature : the place of nature in the digital age Coyne, Richard
133.4309 Embracing the darkness : a cultural history of witchcra Callow, John, Ph. D
150 Issues, debates and approaches in psychology / Ian Fair Fairholm, Ian
150 Approaches to psychology Glassman, William E., 1947-
150 Psychology : the science of mind and behaviour / Richar Gross, Richard D.
150.71 Teaching critical psychology : an international perspec  
152.4 Emotion talk across corpora / Monika Bednarek Bednarek, Monika
153.852 Persuasion : social influence and compliance gaining / Gass, Robert H.
172.2 Ethics for the public service professional Dutelle, Aric W.
175 Think/point/shoot : media ethics, technology, and globa Danto, Annette
192 Hobbes and modern political thought / Yves Charles Zark Zarka, Yves Charles
297.272 Globalised Islam : fundamentalism, de-territorialisatio Roy, Olivier, 1949-
297.72 Jihadi culture : the art and social practices of milita  
300.1 Bourdieu : critical perspectives / edited by Craig Calh  
302 Diversify / June Sarpong Sarpong, June
302.23 The auditory culture reader / edited by Michael Bull an  
302.2301 Conditions of mediation : phenomenological perspectives  
302.2301 The sonic persona : an anthropology of sound / Holger S Schulze, Holger
302.2309489 Culture war : affective cultural politics, tepid nation Reestorff, Camilla Mohring
302.23095 Celebrity culture and the entertainment industry in Asi Leung, Vivienne
302.2309519 Social media and South Korean national security / Yongh Kim, Yong-ho, 1964-
302.231 The SAGE handbook of social media / edited by Jean Burg  
302.231 Understanding the business of global media in the digit Lee, Micky
302.231 Narratives online : shared stories in social media / Ru Page, Ruth E., 1972-
302.231 Stories and social media : identities and interaction / Page, Ruth E., 1972-
302.3 Social network analysis : methods and examples / Song Y Yang, Song, 1971-
302.34 Group dynamics / Donelson Forsyth Forsyth, Donelson R., 1953-
302.34 Group creativity : music, theater, collaboration / R. K Sawyer, R. Keith (Robert Keith)
302.346 Using conversation analysis for business and management Greatbatch, David, 1953-
302.35 Handbook of organizational politics : looking back and  
302.35 Introducing organizational behaviour and management / e  
302.35 The self at work : fundamental theory and research / ed  
302.35 Organisational behaviour : individuals, groups and orga Brooks, Ian, 1956-
302.35 Organizational behavior : integrating individuals, grou Champoux, Joseph E. (Joseph Edward)
302.35 Organization theory & design : an international perspec Daft, Richard L.
302.35 Essentials of organizational behavior Robbins, Stephen P., 1943-
303.484 What’s wrong with rights? : social movements, law and l D’Souza, Radha
303.484092 Underground : my life with SDS and the Weathermen / Mar Rudd, Mark
305.23 Discovering the culture of childhood / Emily Plank Plank, Emily
305.230941 The story of The Face : the magazine that changed cultu Gorman, Paul
305.2330721 Doing your early years research project : a step-by-ste Roberts-Holmes, Guy
305.30973 Where the millennials will take us : a new generation w Risman, Barbara J., 1956-
305.310973 Masculinities in contemporary American culture : confro Keith, Thomas, 1958-
305.310973 Manhood in America : a cultural history / Michael Kimme Kimmel, Michael S.
305.42 We should all be feminists / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977-
305.42 Sexual harassment online : shaming and silencing women Levey, Tania G.
305.4209182109034 Women, peace and welfare : a suppressed history of soci Oakley, Ann
305.5520973 The revolt of the elites and the betrayal of democracy Lasch, Christopher
305.8 White privilege : the myth of a post-racial society Bhopal, Kalwant
305.80094 Messy Europe : crisis, race and nation-state in a postc  
305.80095675 The Iraqi Marshlands : a human and environmental study  
305.80096509034 Imperial identities : stereotyping, prejudice and race Lorcin, Patricia M. E.
305.8914122042733 The migration process : capital, gifts and offerings am Werbner, Pnina
306 Enlightenment now : the case for reason, science, human Pinker, Steven, 1954-
306.0947 Kajet : a journal of Eastern European encounters  
306.36 21st century workforces and workplaces / Stephen Bevan, Bevan, S. (Stephen)
306.362092 Twelve years a slave : authoritative text : contexts, 2 Northup, Solomon, 1808-1863?
306.4 Open graves, open minds : representations of vampires a  
306.461 Ghostbodies : towards a new theoryof invalidism Dolphin-Krute, Maia
306.9 Death and digital media / Michael Arnold, Martin Gibbs, Arnold, Michael, 1952-
307.14 Introduction to community development : theory, practic  
307.14 Community development in an uncertain world / Jim Ife Ife, Jim, 1946-
307.3360952 Housing in post-growth society : Japan on the edge of s Hirayama, Yo¯suke
307.76 Imaging the city : art, creative practices and media sp  
307.76 The handbook of urban morphology / Karl Kropf Kropf, Karl
307.76 Building and dwelling : ethics for the city / Richard S Sennett, Richard, 1943-
307.760942 English garden cities : an introduction / Mervyn Miller Miller, Mervyn
320.3091724 Comparative politics of the global South : linking conc Green, December
320.513 Globalists : the end of empire and the birth of neolibe Slobodian, Quinn, 1978-
320.530973 Democracy in chains : the deep history of the radical r MacLean, Nancy
320.54096 The 1945 Manchester Pan-African Congress revisited / by Adi, Hakim
320.95 Politics in East Asia : explaining change and continuit Lim, Timothy C., 1960-
320.951 China’s political system / Sebastian Heilmann (ed)  
320.9591 Myanmar : the dynamics of an evolving polity / edited b  
321.8 In search of democracy / by Larry Diamond Diamond, Larry Jay
321.8 Time to save democracy : how to govern ourselves in the Tam, Henry Benedict
322.109591 Myanmar’s enemy within : Buddhist nationalism and anti- Wade, Francis
322.409519509045 Youth for nation : culture and protest in Cold War Sout Kim, Charles R., 1974-
322.42 The Muslim Brotherhood and the West : a history of enmi Frampton, Martyn
324.209174927 Political parties in the Arab world : continuity and ch  
324.94408412 The 2017 French presidential elections : a political re Evans, Jocelyn
325.341096 Empire of sentiment : the death of Livingstone and the Lewis, Joanna
327.12 Reasoning for intelligence analysts : a multidimensiona Hendrickson, Noel, 1974-
327.1747 When proliferation causes peace : the psychology of nuc Cohen, Michael D., PhD
327.4304 Berlin rules : Europe and the German way / Paul Lever Lever, Paul, 1944-
330 Economics : a primer / Simon Hayley, Alec Chrystal Hayley, Simon
330.019 An introduction to behavioral economics Wilkinson, Nick, 1953-
332.1 Finance & financial markets / Keith Pilbeam Pilbeam, Keith, 1961-
332.644 Fundamentals of futures and options markets / John C. H Hull, John, 1946-
332.6457 Derivatives Markets: Pearson New International Edition McDonald, Robert L
333.91 Introduction to water resources and environmental issue Pennington, Karrie Lynn
337 International economics : theory and policy Krugman, Paul R.
338.19 Food democracy : critical lessons in food, communicatio Vodeb, Oliver
338.476770094 Sustainability and the social fabric : Europe’s new tex Padovani, Clio
338.76213950951 East Asian computer chip war [electronic resource Chu, Ming-chin Monique
338.9 The entrepreneurial state : debunking public vs. privat Mazzucato, Mariana, 1968-
338.96 How Africa Developed Europe MHANGO, NKWAZI
340.068 Driving success in your law firm : revolutionising the Ross, Eddie
340.071 How to study law / Anthony Bradney and four others  
340.0711 Re-thinking legal education under the civil and common  
340.071141 The successful law student : the insider’s guide to stu Moore, Imogen
341.2 International organization and global governance / edit  
341.42 Publics, elites and constitutional change in the UK : a Kenealy, Daniel
341.48 Human rights law / Dr Howard Davis Davis, Howard, 1948 September 22-
341.55094 The European Court of Justice and the policy process : Schmidt, Susanne K.
341.67 The international legal protection of persons in humani Cubie, Dug
341.690268 The Nuremberg trial of Julius Streicher : the crime of Eastwood, Margaret, 1953-
342.0292 Constitutional conventions in Westminster systems : con  
342.083 Children’s rights and refugee law : conceptualising chi Arnold, Samantha
342.240858 The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) : a pr Voigt, Paul
342.41 Constitutional law, administrative law, and human right Loveland, Ian
342.41 Constitutional & administrative law / Neil Parpworth Parpworth, Neil
342.410412 Parliament’s secret war / Veronika Fikfak, Hayley Hoope Fikfak, Veronika
342.41052 Parliament and the law / edited by Alexander Horne, Gav  
342.41082 Immigration law handbook Phelan, Margaret
342.41085 Democracy and the Human Rights Act : republican analysi Dixon, Dennis
342.410858 Digital estate Sagar, Leigh
342.410878 Gender and the law / Judith Bourne, Caroline Derry Bourne, Judith
343.0703 Elgar encyclopedia of international economic law / edit  
343.240994 Contracts for the supply of digital content : regulator  
343.2409944 EU internet law / Andrej Savin Savin, Andrej, 1973-
343.41071 Consumer and trading standards : law and practice 2018 Lewin, Bryan
343.41096 Maritime law  
343.4109944 Regulating content on social media : copyright laws, te Tan, Corinne
343.42078624 Contractual procedures in the construction industry / A Ashworth, Allan, 1944-
344.044 Dementia and human rights Cahill, Suzanne
344.046 Criminological and legal consequences of climate change  
344.4101 Employment law and human rights Allen, Robin
344.4101125 Tolley’s employment handbook Slade, Elizabeth A.
344.41012 Employment tribunal remedies handbook / general editor,  
344.4101891 Drafting employment contracts / Gillian Howard Howard, Gillian S.
344.4103 Practising social work law / Suzy Braye and Michael Pre Braye, Suzy, 1950-
344.41041 Medical law and ethics / Jonathan Herring Herring, Jonathan
344.410465 Health and safety law 2017  
344.420327 Hershman & McFarlane Children Act handbook 2017/18  
345.025 Incitement on trial : prosecuting international speech Wilson, Richard, 1964-
345.0268 International white collar crime : cases and materials Zagaris, Bruce
345.24 Globalisation, criminal law and criminal justice : theo WG Hart Workshop on Globalisation, Criminal L
345.2402551 Human trafficking and slavery reconsidered : conceptual Stoyanova, Vladislava
345.4202523 Case for a review of the law of murder. Modernising Jus Modernising Justice
345.420268 Criminal finances act 2017 : a guide to the new law / H Lodge, Hugo D.
345.730268 Computer crime law / Orin S. Kerr Kerr, Orin S.
346.092 International investment law and comparative public law  
346.24066 European contract law Schulze, Reiner
346.41012 Change of name : the law and practice Pearce, Nasreen
346.410323 Practical Guide to Claims Arising from Fatal Accidents Patience, James
346.42013081 Great debates in gender and law  
346.420166 Matrimonial finance toolkit / Meena Ruparel Ruparel, Meena
346.4201663 Financial remedies handbook Bird, R. C. (Roger C.)
346.42022 Contract law / Mindy Chen-Wishart Chen-Wishart, Mindy
346.42022 JC Smith’s The law of contract Davies, Paul S
346.42022 The law of contract damages / Adam Kramer Kramer, Adam
346.4203 Key ideas in tort law / Peter Cane Cane, Peter, 1950-
346.420323 Guidelines for the assessment of general damages in per  
346.42038 Practical Guide to Personal InjuryClaims Involving Anim Hand, Jonathan
346.42043 Land law / Chris Bevan Bevan, Chris
346.42052 Inheritance Act claims : a practical guide Allardice, Miranda
346.42052 A practitioner’s guide to Inheritance Act claims / Nasr Pearce, Nasreen
346.4207 Business law / Ewan MacIntyre MacIntyre, Ewan
347.0902854678 Digital justice : technology and the internet of disput Katsh, M. Ethan
347.42012 Judicial review : a practical guide Southey, Hugh
347.42053 Reform of Civil Justice Clark, Stephen
347.4206 Evidence / Andrew L-T Choo Choo, Andrew L.-T
349.42 Foundations for the LPC 2017-2018 / Clare Firth and six Firth, Clare
355.0019 War games : the psychology of combat / Leo Murray Murray, Leo
355.033047 Russia’s military revival / Bettina Renz Renz, Bettina
355.033059 Nontraditional security challenges in Southeast Asia : Freedman, Amy L.
359.9309 The deadly trade : the complete history of submarine wa Ballantyne, Iain, 1963-
359.981282094209031 Weapons of warre : the armaments of the Mary Rose / edi  
359.98128209420931 Weapons of warre : the armaments of the Mary Rose / edi  
361.23 Co-design and social innovation : connections, tensions Britton, Garth M.
362.1 Oxford textbook of nature and public health : the role  
362.1 Global health : issues, challenges and global action / Armstrong-Mensah, Elizabeth A., 1966-
362.1068 Healthcare information management systems : cases, stra  
362.5095125 Poverty in a rich society : the case of Hong Kong / edi  
362.560285 Automating inequality : how high-tech tools profile, po Eubanks, Virginia, 1972-
362.88 Towards a victimology of state crime / edited by Dawn R  
363.209421 Escorting the monarch / Chris Jagger Jagger, Chris
363.2336 Handbook of missing persons / Stephen J. Morewitz, Caro  
363.25 Key challenges in criminal investigation / Martin O’Nei O’Neill, Martin
363.25963 Whistleblowing : white-collar fraud signal detection Gottschalk, Petter
363.25963 Fraud investigation : case studies of crime signal dete Gottschalk, Petter, 1950-
363.32517 Using human rights to counter terrorism / edited by Man  
364 Criminology / Stephen Jones Jones, Stephen (Stephen P.)
364.145 The Oxford handbook of environmental criminology / edit  
364.162859096 Poaching, wildlife trafficking and security in Africa :  
364.168 Technocrime and criminological theory / edited by Kevin  
364.168 Living with hacktivism : from conflict to symbiosis / V Karagiannopoulos, Vasileios
364.601 Why punish? : an introduction to the philosophy of puni Canton, Robert
364.601 The philosophy of punishment / Anthony Ellis Ellis, Anthony
364.6094 European penology? / edited by Tom Daems, Dirk van Zyl  
364.60973090511 Cheap on crime : recession-era politics and the transfo Aviram, Hadar
364.62 Exploring the mandatory life sentence for murder / Barr Mitchell, Barry, 1952-
365.43 Female imprisonment : an ethnography of everyday life i Frois, Catarina
365.66 Rehabilitating and resettling offenders in the communit Goodman, Anthony (Anthony Harvey)
365.660941 Rehabilitating and resettling offenders in the communit Goodman, Anthony (Anthony Harvey)
365.973 Incarceration nation : how the United States became the Enns, Peter (Peter K.)
370.157 Engaging imagination : helping students become creative James, Alison
370.72 Education research and its second century / edited by P  
371.102 Developing reflective practice : a guide for beginning  
371.2011 Exploring the school leadership landscape : changing de Earley, Peter
371.2060941 School Budget Mastery : The Basicsand Beyond Cordiner, Julie
371.334 Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age : designing and d  
371.334 Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities in education  
371.399 Drama-based pedagogy : activating learning across the c Dawson, Kathryn
371.9 A quick guide to special needs and disabilities / Bob B Bates, Bob, 1951-
371.9 Key issues in special educational needs & inclusion Hodkinson, Alan
371.904720941 Special needs in the early years : partnership and part  
371.90941 The SEND Code of Practice 0-25 years : policy, provisio Tutt, Rona
372.21 Early childhood and neuroscience : theory, research and Conkbayir, Mine
372.7044 Pick and Mix Mathematical Challenges for a KS2 Classroo Ollerton, Mike
372.86 Embracing rough-and-tumble play : teaching with the bod Huber, Mike
378.01 Why universities should seek happiness and contentment Gibbs, Paul
378.155 Getting to grips with doctoral research / Margaret Wals Walshaw, Margaret
378.19829951 Business research methods for Chinese students : a prac xian, Huiping
381.1 International retailing / Brenda Sternquist, Michigan S Sternquist, Brenda
384.540650941 Classical music radio in the United Kingdom, 1945-1995 Stoller, Tony
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railroad Company
385.0974 Annual report of the directors of the Worcester and Nas Worcester and Nashua Railway Company
386.409748 Report of the President and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the President and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the presidents and managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.409748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
386.49748 Report of the Presidents and Managers of the Schuylkill Schuylkill Navigation Company
391 This is not fashion : streetwear past, present and futu Adz, King, 1969-
391 Personal style blogs : appearances that fascinate / Ros Findlay, Rosie
391.0019 The erotic cloth : seduction and fetishism in textiles  
391.009 Fashion history : a global view / Linda Welters and Abb Welters, Linda
391.00904 The history of modern fashion / Daniel James Cole, Nanc Cole, Daniel James
391.108996 Dandy lion : the black dandy and street style / Shantre Lewis, Shantrelle P.
395.5409 The rituals of dinner : the origins, evolution, eccentr Visser, Margaret
398.45 Becoming vampire : difference and the vampire in popula Bacon, Simon, 1965-
401.41 Exploring silence and absence in discourse : empirical  
401.93 Second language acquisition in action : principles from Nava, Andrea, 1969-
418.0071 English Medium Instruction : content and language in po Macaro, Ernesto
418.0071 Language teaching competences / Richard Rossner Rossner, Richard
418.00712 Language learner strategies : contexts, issues and appl Grenfell, Michael, 1953-
418.02 Translating as a purposeful activity / Christiane Nord Nord, Christiane
428.24071 International perspectives in teaching English in diffi  
495.15 English grammar for students of Chinese : the study gui Christenson, Matthew B.
508 Environmental and nature writing : a writer’s guide and Prentiss, Sean
510 Fitting in  
510 Pass the QTS numeracy skills test with ease, 2018-2020. Nasser, Vali
510.2457 Maths & stats : for the life and medical sciences / Mic Harris, Michael, 1956 December 16-
510.246 Maths & stats : for the life and medical sciences / Mic Harris, Michael, 1956 December 16-
510.71241 Picturing data / byPaul Dickinson … and 4 others  
519.3 Games of strategy Dixit, Avinash K.
526.09709033 The new map of empire : how Britain imagined America be Edelson, S. Max
530.11 On Gravity Zee, Anthony
530.15 A course in mathematical methods for physicists / Russe Herman, Russell L.
550.15118 Introduction to environmental modeling / William G. Gra Gray, William G.
551.458 Quaternary sea-level changes : a global perspective / C Murray-Wallace, Colin V.
551.49 Analytical groundwater mechanics / Otto D.L. Strack Strack, Otto D. L., 1943-
551.4901176 Subsurface flow and transport : a stochastic approach /  
551.5 Weather : a concise introduction / Gregory J. Hakim, Je Hakim, Gregory J.
551.8 Structural geology / Robert J. Twiss, Eldridge M. Moore Twiss, Robert J.
577.015728 An introduction to molecular ecology Rowe, Graham
577.24 Burning planet : the story of fire through time / Andre Scott, Andrew C.
580.92 Robert Fortune : a plant hunter in the Orient / Alistai Watt, Alistair
594.303 Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropods / Alain Robin Robin, Alain
599.5 Whale song / Margret Grebowicz Grebowicz, Margret, 1973-
610.14 Health translation and media communication : a corpus s Ji, Meng, 1982-
612.82 Your brain on nature : the scienceof nature’s influence Selhub, Eva M
612.84083 Optometric management of learning-related vision proble Scheiman, Mitchell M.
613.5 Health and well-being for interior architecture / edite  
613.68 Jet lag / Christopher J. Lee Lee, Christopher J.
614.15 The forensic psychologists’ report writing guide / edit  
614.4 Basic epidemiology / R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole, T. Kjell Bonita, R.
614.4 Basic statistics and epidemiology : a practical guide / Stewart, Antony, 1961-
614.56 Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandem Quammen, David, 1948-
615.10246176 Pharmacology and dental therapeutics Seymour, R. A.
615.78 Drug-induced ocular side effects Fraunfelder, Frederick T., 1934-
615.85153 Theatre for children in hospital : the gift of compassi Sextou, Persephone
616.8553 Dyslexia and vision / Bruce J.W. Evans Evans, Bruce J. W.
617.6 Essential skills for dentists / edited by Peter Mossey  
617.69 A clinical guide to removable partial dentures : the as  
617.69 A clinical guide to complete denture prosthetics / by J McCord, J. Fraser
617.7 Moorfields manual of ophthalmology / edited by Timothy  
617.7 The neuro-ophthalmology survival guide / Anthony Pane, Pane, Anthony
617.706 Ocular therapeutics : eye on new discoveries / edited b  
617.7061 Clinical ocular pharmacology / edited by Jimmy D. Bartl  
617.712 Low vision : principles and practice / Christine Dickin Dickinson, Christine
617.712075 Low vision assessment / Jane Macnaughton Macnaughton, Jane, MCOptom
617.715 Investigative techniques and ocular examination / edite  
617.715 Clinical procedures for ocular examination / Nancy B. C Carlson, Nancy B.
617.719 Ocular surface disease : cornea, conjunctiva and tear f  
617.71900222 Cornea atlas / Jay H. Krachmer MD, David A. Palay MD Krachmer, Jay H.
617.735 A practical manual of diabetic retinopathy management /  
617.735 The retinal atlas / K. Bailey Freund, David Sarraf, Wil Yannuzzi, Lawrence A., 1937-
617.73507 Age-related macular degeneration diagnosis and treatmen  
617.7410754 Gonioscopy: A Text and Atlas Dada, Tanuj
617.75 Optometry : science techniques and clinical management  
617.75 Optometric management of visual handicap / Helen Farral Farrall, Helen
617.75 Clinical optics and refraction : a guide for optometris Keirl, Andrew
617.7522 Spectacle lenses : theory and practice / Colin Fowler, Fowler, Colin
617.7522 Practical dispensing : a hand-book for those engaged in Griffiths, Antony I.
617.7523 Contact lenses / edited by Anthony J. Phillips and Lynn  
617.755 Myopia and nearwork / Mark Rosenfield, Bernard Gilmarti Rosenfield, Mark
617.762 Practical binocular vision assessment / Frank Eperjesi, Eperjesi, Frank
617.762 Clinical orthoptics / Fiona J. Rowe Rowe, Fiona J.
617.78 Diseases and disorders of the orbit and ocular adnexa /  
618.178059 Bodies in glass : genetics, eugenics, embryo ethics / D Steinberg, Deborah Lynn
618.920977 Taylor & Hoyt’s pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus  
620.0042 Creo Parametric 4.0 : introduction to detail drawings / Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
620.00420285 Creo Parametric 4.0 : introduction to NC manufacturing Smith, Steven G. (Steven Giger), 1957-
621.32 Lighting design basics Karlen, Mark
621.3893092 In the field : the art of field recording / Cathy Lane Lane, Cathy
621.389334 Immersive sound : the art and science of binaural and m  
621.988 3D printing for artists, designers and makers / Stephen Hoskins, Steve
621.988 3D printing : the revolution in personalized manufactur Koch, Melissa
621.988 3D printing basics for entertainment design / Anne E. M McMills, Anne E.
623.440940903 European weapons and armour : from the Renaissance to t Oakeshott, R. Ewart
624.15 Groundwater lowering in construction : a practical guid Cashman, P. M. (Pat M.)
628.532 Computational models for CO2 geo-sequestration & compre  
635.092241 The brother gardeners : botany, empire and the birth of Wulf, Andrea
635.7 Herbarium / Caz Hildebrand Hildebrand, Caz
635.9092241 Blue orchid and big tree : plant hunters William and Th Shephard, Sue
635.9344 Orchid : a cultural history / Jim Endersby Endersby, Jim
635.93472 Rare and exotic orchids : their nature and cultural sig Schiff, Joel L
646.404 Bias-cut dressmaking / Gillian Holman Holman, Gillian
646.4072 Cutting and draping party and eveningwear : pattern cut Cloake, Dawn
647.959421022 The Englishman and the eel / photographs by Stuart Free Freedman, Stuart
649.122 The holistic care and development of children from birt Brodie, Kathy
650 Enterprise and its business environment / Norin Arshed,  
650 Business in action / Courtland L. Bovee, John V. Thill Boveé, Courtland L.
650.0711 The MBA handbook : academic and professional skills for Cameron, Sheila
650.072 Doing research in business and management : an essentia Saunders, M. N. K.
650.1 The upstarts : how Uber, Airbnb, and the killer compani Stone, Brad
650.1 Developing employability and enterprise : coaching stra Strycharczyk, Doug
650.144019 The psychology of job interviews / Nicolas Roulin Roulin, Nicolas
657 Financial accounting / Jill Collis Collis, Jill
657 Accounting for business / Peter Scott Scott, Peter
657 Introduction to accounting / Peter Scott Scott, Peter
657 Frank Wood’s book-keeping and accounts Wood, Frank, 1926-2000
657.0285 Accounting information systems Romney, Marshall B.
657.03 A dictionary of accounting  
657.3 International financial reporting and analysis Alexander, David, 1947 June 16-
657.3 Financial reporting, financial statement analysis, and Wahlen, James M.
657.45 Contemporary auditing : real issues and cases / Michael Knapp, Michael Chris, 1954-
657.48 Financial accounting / Pauline Weetman Weetman, Pauline
658.049 Foreign operation methods : theory, analysis, strategy Welch, Lawrence S., 1945-
658.11 Starting & running a business all-in-one for dummies /  
658.11 The creative entrepreneur : business made beautiful for Seminega, Isa Maria
658.4013 Quality and performance excellence / James R. Evans Evans, James R. (James Robert), 1950-
658.4094 Self leadership and the one minute manager : gain the m Blanchard, Kenneth H.
658.421 Culture and commerce : the value of entrepreneurship in Khaire, Mukti, 1973-
659 Advertising and public relations / complied by Alison C  
659.2 Happening 2 : design for events / authors, Jeanne Tan, Tan, Jeanne
660.28449 Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology  
685.51 Luggage / Susan Harlan Harlan, Susan
692.5 Griffiths building & civil engineering price book : a c  
700.103 Performing revolutionary : art, action, activism / Nico Garneau, Nicole
700.41163 Surrealism / edited by Krzysztof Fijalkowski, Michael R  
700.904 Across the art/life divide : performance, subjectivity, Patrick, Martin
700.904 The futurist moment : avant-garde, avant guerre, and th Perloff, Marjorie
700.94109034 Drawing on the Victorians : the palimpsest of Victorian  
700.973 Soul of a nation : art in the age of black power / edit  
701.03 Transformations : art and the city / edited by Elizabet  
702.8 Art in the making : artists and their materials from th Adamson, Glenn
707.1 Art & design education in times of change : conversatio  
709.22 The artist as culture producer : living and sustaining  
709.22 Artrage! : the story of the BritArt revolution / Elizab Fullerton, Elizabeth
709.22 Make your mark : the new urban artists / Tristan Manco Manco, Tristan
709.224215 Voices East London / Maryam Eisler ; contributors, Gilb Eisler, Maryam Homayoun
709.4709044 The total art of Stalinism : avant-garde, aesthetic dic Groi‰s, Boris
709.480904 Modernism in Scandinavia : art, architecture and design Ashby, Charlotte
711 Mobilising design / edited by Justin Spinney, Suzanne R  
711.409 The city as a project / edited by Pier Vittorio Aureli  
712.6092 Place-making : the art of Capability Brown / John Phibb Phibbs, John
720 Black : architecture in monochrome  
720.1 Towards an articulated phenomenological interpretation Shi¯ra¯zi¯, MuhŽammad Riza¯, 1969 or 1970-
720.1 The architecture concept book / James Tait Tait, James
720.1 A topology of everyday constellations / Georges Teyssot Teyssot, Georges, 1946-
720.103 A history of architecture and trade / edited by Patrick  
720.103 Spaces for innovation : the design and science of inspi Groves, Kursty
720.14 Decoding theoryspeak : an illustrated guide to architec Ots, Enn
720.151 Geometric computation : foundations for design / Joy Ko Ko, Joy
720.222 Graphic anatomy 2 / Atelier Bow-Wow ; Yoshiharu Tsukamo  
720.47 Sustainable architecture / edited by The Plan  
720.47 Built on water : floating architecture + design / Lisa Baker, Lisa
720.47 The green studio handbook : environmental strategies fo Kwok, Alison G.
720.47014 Sustainaspeak : a guide to sustainable design terms / E Lewis, Beth, 1952-
720.472 Conservation : RIBA plan of work 2013 guide / Hugh Feil Feilden, Hugh
720.8996073 Space unveiled : invisible cultures in the design studi  
720.9 Architecture inside + out : 50 iconic buildings in deta Zukowsky, John, 1948-
720.92 Jo Nagasaka, Schemata Architects / author, Jo Nagasaka  
720.92 Tadao Ando : the colours of light / Richard Pare  
720.922 Identity architects : Ippolito Fleitz Group / author, O  
720.922 Suppose Design Office : building in a social context /  
720.922 Seth Stein Architects / Kenneth Powell Powell, Ken, 1947-
720.94 European architecture in detail / Marcus Braun Braun, Marcus, 1971-
720.94940905 Swiss sensibility : the culture of architecture in Swit Roos, Anna
720.95357 Noor Island – realms of imagination : architecture beyo  
721 Living on water : contemporary houses framed by water  
721.0448 Booming bamboo : the (re)discovery of a sustainable mat Lugt, Pablo van der
721.04497 Prefab housing and the future of building : product to Aitchison, Mathew
724.6 Terms of appropriation : essays on architectural influe  
724.6 Less is enough : on architecture and asceticism / Pier Aureli, Pier Vittorio
724.6 Architecture’s desire : reading the late avant-garde / Hays, K. Michael
724.6 Metamorphism: Material Change in Architecture Moravanszky, Akos
724.6 Massive, expressive, sculptural : Brutalism now and the Uffelen, Chris van
724.7 (Un)built JDS(A) / Julien De Smedt, Aurelien Gillier Smedt, Julien De, 1975-
725.23 Other office 3 : creative workplace design. editor, Ana Grieco, Lauren
725.7 Designing for heritage : contemporary visitor centres / Dalton, Ruth Conroy
727.0942 England’s schools : history, architecture and adaptatio Harwood, Elain
727.7097471 The Guggenheim : Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconoclastic mast Dal Co, Francesco, 1945-
728.047 Elemental living  
728.0904 Experiments with life itself : radical domestic archite Gonza´lez de Canales, Francisco
728.092 David Adjaye – living spaces / edited by Peter Allison  
728.092 Jean Prouve´ : architect for better days  
728.09410904 Ideal homes, 1918-39 : domestic design and suburban mod Ryan, Deborah S.
728.370904 The iconic house : architectural masterworks since 1900 Bradbury, Dominic
728.79 Nomadic homes : architecture on the move = Architektur Jodidio, Philip
729 Adaptive architecture : changing parameters and practic  
729 The interior architecture theory reader / edited by Gre  
729.0922 Studio o+a : twelve true tales of workplace design / co  
729.29 Sound materials : a compendium of sound absorbing mater Adams, Ty, 1968-
741.019 Thinking visually for illustrators / Mark Wigan Wigan, Mark
741.5 Black hole / Charles Burns Burns, Charles, 1955-
741.5 David Boring / Daniel Clowes Clowes, Daniel
741.51 Making comics : storytelling secrets of comics, manga a McCloud, Scott, 1960-
741.53522 Superheroines and the epic journey : mythic themes in c Frankel, Valerie Estelle, 1980-
741.58092 The art and inventions of Max Fleischer : American anim Pointer, Ray
741.59 The graphic novel : an introduction / Jan Baetens and H Baetens, Jan
741.5942 Black Dog : the dreams of Paul Nash / Dave McKean McKean, Dave
741.5944 Peplum / Blutch ; translated and with an introduction b Blutch
741.5944 Total jazz / Blutch Blutch
741.5944 Pachyderme / Frederik Peeters ; translated by Edward Ga Peeters, Frederik
741.5973 The sculptor / Scott McCloud McCloud, Scott, 1960-
741.6 Illustration : a theoretical and contextual perspective Male, Alan
741.60922 Graphic design visionaries / Caroline Roberts Roberts, Caroline, 1966-
741.64 Edgar Allan Poe : The raven : a spectacular pop-up pres Pelham, David
741.642 A first book of animals / Nicola Davies ; illustrated b Davies, Nicola, 1958-
741.642 Les chiens : (contraires) / Elo + Sarbacane Elo.
741.642 Prendre et donner / Lucie Felix Felix, Lucie
741.642 Feestmaal voor de koning / Marlies Verhelst & Linde Faa Verhelst, Marlies
742 Drawing perspective methods for artists : 85 methods fo Boerboom, Peter, 1965-
743.6 Principles of creature design : creating imaginary anim Whitlatch, Terryl
743.6 Principles of creature design : from the actual to the Whitlatch, Terryl
743.87 Mythical beasts : an artist’s field guide to designing  
745.2 The handbook of design for sustainability / edited by S  
745.2 Radical matter : rethinking materials for a sustainable Franklin, Kate
745.2094709045 Designed in the USSR : 1950-1989  
745.4 Critical design in context : history, theory, and pract Malpass, Matthew
745.40922 Postmodern design complete / Judith Gura ; with a forew Gura, Judith
745.5 Wen Redmond’s digital fiber art : combine photos & fabr Redmond, Wen
746 Creating couture embellishment / Ellen W. Miller Miller, Ellen W.
746.44 Fashion embroidery : embroidery techniques and inspirat Pile, Jessica Jane
746.92 Expedition : fashion from the extreme / edited by Patri  
746.92 Sustainable fashion and textiles : design journeys / Ka Fletcher, Kate, 1971-
746.92 Fashion-ology : an introduction to fashion studies / Yu Kawamura, Yuniya, 1963-
746.92023 Portfolio presentation for fashion designers / Linda Ta Tain, Linda
746.9208996 How to slay : inspiration from the queens & kings of bl White, Constance C. R.
747.09492 Dutch interior design / by Leonie Hendrikse & Jeroen St Hendrikse, Leonie
747.0973 Tastemaker : Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, and the Penick, Monica, 1972-
747.8521 Holistic retail design : reshaping shopping for the dig Teufel, Philipp, 1958-
747.8571 Night fever 5 : hospitality design / authors, Evan Jehl Jehl, Evan
749.0922 Eames furniture sourcebook / editors, Mateo Kries, Jola  
770 Nothing’s in vain / Emmanuelle Andrianjafy Andrianjafy, Emmanuelle
770.0922 Views of Japan : from the Gloria Katz & Willard Huyck c Heiting, Manfred
770.3 The Thames & Hudson dictionary of photography / edited  
770.7476335 Looking again : photography at the New Orleans Museum o Lord, Russell
770.943 Photography and Germany / Andre´s Mario Zervigo´n Zervigo´n, Andre´s Mario
770.951 Zooming in : histories of photography in China / Wu Hun Wu Hung, 1945-
770.994 Photography, humanitarianism, empire / Jane Lydon Lydon, Jane, 1965-
776.023 Becoming a video game artist : from portfolio design to Pearl, John
777 Grammar of the shot / Christopher J. Bowen Bowen, Christopher J.
777 Digital compositing for film and video : production wor Wright, Steve, 1947-
777.028553 The definitive guide to DaVinci Resolve 14 / by Paul Sa Saccone, Paul
777.53 Sound design for moving image : from concept to realisa Scott-James, Kahra
777.55 Theories of film editing : how editing creates meaning Frierson, Michael
777.8 Digital compositing with Nuke / Lee Lanier Lanier, Lee, 1966-
777.9 Compositing visual effects in After Effects : essential Lanier, Lee, 1966-
777.9 Digital compositing with Blackmagic Fusion : essential Lanier, Lee, 1966-
777.9 Compositing visual effects : essentials for the aspirin Wright, Steve, 1947-
779 Dronescapes : the new aerial photography from Dronestag  
779 I will be wolf / Bertien van Manen Manen, Bertien van
779.092 Masahisa Fukase : Ravens / texts by Akira Hasegawa and  
779.092 Mother / photographs by Matthew Finn ; introduction by  
779.092 Nan Goldin – the beautiful smile  
779.092 Susan Meiselas : on the frontline / Susan Maiselas  
779.092 American artifacts / Phil Bergerson ; texts by Margaret Bergerson, Phil
779.092 By rail and by sea / Scott Conarroe Conarroe, Scott
779.092 Vandalism Divola, John
779.092 Lost utopias / photographs by Jade Doskow Doskow, Jade
779.092 Structures of dominion and democracy / David Goldblatt Goldblatt, David
779.092 Paul Graham – Paris, 11-15th November, 2015 Graham, Paul, 1956-
779.092 Naoya Hatakeyama : excavating the future city / Naoya H Hatakeyama, Naoya
779.092 Cassina as seen by Karl / by Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld, Karl
779.092 Carrie Mae Weems : kitchen table series / foreward by S Lewis, Sarah
779.092 Dzhangal / Gideon Mendel Mendel, Gideon
779.092 Flamingo / Chloe Sells Sells, Chloe
779.092 Empty days. Paddy Summerfield Summerfield, Paddy
779.0922 A handful of dust : from the cosmic to the domestic / D  
779.0922 Staging disorder / edited by Christopher Stewart and Es  
779.0922 Lives of the great photographers / Juliet Hacking Hacking, Juliet
779.0924 Kodachrome / Luigi Ghirri ; introduzione di Piero Beren Ghirri, Luigi, 1943-1992
779.2092 You get me? / Mahtab Hussain Hussain, Mahtab, 1981-
779.2092 Richard Renaldi : touching strangers / Richard Renaldi Renaldi, Richard
779.3092 Rocks and clouds / essay by Mitch Epstein and Susan Bel  
779.32 Well heeled / Dougie Wallace Wallace, Dougie
779.34 The photographer in the garden / introduction by Jamie Allen, Jamie M.
779.36094 Russia off track : Trans-Siberian railway / Jarret Sche Schecter, Jarret
779.3641092 Merrie Albion : landscape studies of a small island / S Roberts, Simon, 1974-
779.979622092 The journal of a skateboarder / Thomas Sweertvaegher ; Sweertvaegher, Thomas
779.99515 Photography and Tibet / Clare Harris Harris, Clare
779.9962 Bieke Depoorter : as it may be / Bieke Depoorter Depoorter, Bieke
780.071 Sonic rupture : a practice-led approach to urban sounds Lacey, Jordan
781.49 Critical approaches to the production of music and soun  
781.542 Scoring the screen : the secret language of film music Hill, A. W. (Andrew Warren), 1951-
781.65 The jazz standards : a guide to the repertoire / Ted Gi Gioia, Ted
781.65117 Listening to jazz / Benjamin Bierman Bierman, Benjamin
781.65136 Saying something : jazz improvisation and interaction / Monson, Ingrid T. (Ingrid Tolia)
781.655 Why jazz happened / Marc Myers Myers, Marc, 1956-
782.42165143 Sing Your Story : A Practical Guide for Learning and Te Clayton, Jay
783.043 Jazz Singer’s Handbook : Book & CD Weir, Michele
783.0643 Hear It And Sing It] – Exploring The Blues Niemack, Judy
791.43023 Building successful and sustainable film and television  
791.430232 The complete guide to film and digital production : the Wales, Lorene M.
791.430233092 The cinema of Roman Polanski : dark spaces of the world  
791.430233092 The cinema of Lars von Trier : authenticity and artific Bainbridge, Caroline, 1970-
791.430233092 Brian De Palma’s Split-screen : a life in film / Dougla Keesey, Douglas
791.430233092 Andrei Tarkovsky / Sean Martin Martin, Sean, 1966-
791.430233092 The moral narratives of Hayao Miyazaki / Eric Reinders Reinders, Eric Robert
791.43028 Building character : the art and science of casting / A Cook, Amy, 1970-
791.430943709046 Avant-garde to new wave : Czechoslovak cinema, surreali Owen, Jonathan L.
791.4309438 The A-Z of Polish cinema / Marek Haltof Haltof, Marek
791.43096 New African cinema / Vale´rie K. Orlando Orlando, Vale´rie, 1963-
791.433409 Animation : a world history Bendazzi, Giannalberto
791.433409 Animation : a world history Bendazzi, Giannalberto
791.436 Film remakes and franchises / Daniel Herbert Herbert, Daniel, 1974-
791.43611 Transnational cinema : an introduction / Steven Rawle Rawle, Steven
791.436164 Gothic dissections in film and literature : the body in Conrich, Ian
791.436164 Historical dictionary of horror cinema / Peter Hutching Hutchings, Peter
791.4361640941 The modern British horror film / Steven Gerrard Gerrard, Steven, 1970-
791.43617 Comic Venus : Women and Comedy in American Silent Film Wagner, Kristen Anderson
791.43621732 Filming the city : urban documents, design practices an  
791.436352968 Telling migrant stories : Latin American diaspora in do  
791.43653 Mexploitation cinema : a critical history of Mexican va Greene, Doyle, 1962-
791.43653 Perverse titillation : the exploitation cinema of Italy Shipka, Danny, 1967-
791.43656 Game on, Hollywood! : essays on the intersection of vid  
791.43656 Lights, Camera, Game Over!: How Video Game Movies Get M Owen, Luke
791.436581 Cinema and the wealth of nations : media, capital, and Grieveson, Lee, 1969-
791.4365878 Masculinities in American Western Films: A Hyper-Linear Hamilton, Emma
791.4367 Giant creatures in our world : essays on kaiju and Amer  
791.4372 Russian ark : Alexsandr Sokurov / Birgit Beumers Beumers, Birgit
791.4372 Grease : gender, nostalgia and youth consumption in the Brickman, Barbara Jane
791.43750973 At a theater or drive-in near you : the history, cultur Clark, Randall
791.44072 Researching for the media : television, radio and journ Emm, Ade`le, 1953-
791.450232 Virtual reality filmmaking : techniques & best practice Tricart, Celine
791.45024 Visual effects for film and television / A.J. Mitchell Mitchell, A. J.
791.45617019 Situation comedy, character, and psychoanalysis : on th Klika, D. T.
791.456522 Television antiheroines : women behaving badly in crime  
792.01 Playing with theory in theatre practice / edited by Meg  
792.0226 Playwriting and young audiences : collected wisdom and  
792.0226 Digital storytelling, applied theatre, & youth : perfor Alrutz, Megan
792.0226 Theatre, Youth, and Culture : A Critical and Historical Van de Water, Manon
792.025 The sensible stage : staging and the moving image / edi  
792.028 Acting and its refusal in theatre and film : the devil McCurdy, Marian
792.028 Movement training for actors / Jackie Snow Snow, Jackie
792.086914 Performing exile : foreign bodies / edited by Judith Ru  
792.645097471 New York City and the Hollywood musical : dancing in th Shearer, Martha
792.82 Choreographies : tracing the materials of an ephemeral Lansley, Jacky
793.80944 Conjuring science : a history of scientific entertainme Lachapelle, Sofie
794 How to Design Board Games at Home in Your Spare Time Neely, Michael J
794 The Kobald guide to board game design / by Mike Selinke Selinker, Mike
794 Eurogames : the design, culture and play of modern Euro Woods, Stewart, 1967-
794.8 Professional techniques for video game writing / edited  
794.8 Writing for video game genres : from FPS to RPG / edite  
794.8 A game design vocabulary : exploring the foundational p Anthropy, Anna
794.8 Game design / by Greg Austic Austic, Greg
794.8 Slay the dragon : writing great video games / Robert De Bryant, Robert Denton, 1963-
794.8 Preproduction blueprint : how to plan game environments Galuzin, Alex
794.8 Storytelling in video games : the art of the digital na Green, Amy M., 1975-
794.8 The gamer’s brain : how neuroscience and UX can impact Hodent, Celia
794.8 Writing for video games : a scriptwriter’s guide to int Ince, Steve
794.8 Narrative Design for Indies MCRAE, EDWIN
794.8 Blood, sweat, and pixels : the triumphant, turbulent st Schreier, Jason
794.8019 How games move us : emotion by design / Katherine Isbis Isbister, Katherine
794.8072 Games user research  
794.81 Advanced game design : a systems approach / Michael Sel Sellers, Michael
794.81 Game design philosophy / D.M. Vann Vann, D. M.
794.81526 Game AI pro 3 : collected wisdom of game AI professiona  
794.815262 Unreal Engine 4 for design visualization : developing s Shannon, Tom
794.81536 Game design theory : a new philosophy for understanding Burgun, Keith
794.81536 Tabletop game design for video game designers / Ethan H Ham, Ethan
794.81536 Interactive stories and video game art : a storytelling Solarski, Chris
808.02 Authorship contested : cultural challenges to the authe  
808.02 Literary non-fiction : writing about everything from tr Cline, Sally
808.02 The Bloomsbury introduction to creative writing / Tara Mokhtari, Tara
808.02023 The writer’s reader : vocation, preparation, creation /  
808.020285 Creative writing in the digital age : theory, practice, Clark, Michael Dean
808.042 Writing with clarity and style : a guide to rhetorical Harris, Robert A. (Robert Alan), 1950-
808.0420711 Toward an inclusive creative writing : threshold concep Adsit, Janelle
808.06634 How to write law essays and exams / S.I. Strong Strong, Stacie
808.066378 50 steps to improving your academic writing Sowton, Chris
808.06674692 The history of fashion journalism / Kate Nelson Best Best, Kate
808.1 Poetry : a writers’ guide and anthology / Amorak Huey a Huey, Amorak
808.2 How to write about theatre / Mark Fisher ; foreword by Fisher, Mark, 1964-
808.2 Playwriting / Fraser Grace and Clare Bayley Grace, Fraser
808.23 Screenwriting fundamentals : the art and craft of visua Bauer, Irv, -2015
808.23 Classical storytelling and contemporary screenwriting : Price, Brian
808.23 Screenplay : building story through character / Jule Se Selbo, Jule, 1952-
808.23 Save the cat! goes to the movies : the screenwriter’s g Snyder, Blake, 1957-
808.23 Save the cat! : the last book on screenwriting you’ll e Snyder, Blake, 1957-2009
808.3 Novel writing / Romesh Gunesekera and A.L. Kennedy Gunesekera, Romesh
808.31 Writing short stories : a writers’ and artists’ compani Newland, Courttia
809.193581 Nineteenth-century poetry and liberal thought : forms o Barton, Anna, 1979-
809.38762 Origins of futuristic fiction / Paul K. Alkon Alkon, Paul K.
810.72 Deliverance / James Dickey Dickey, James
810.72 Portnoy’s complaint / Philip Roth Roth, Philip
810.9003 Unsettled states : nineteenth-century American literary  
811.3 Whitman & Dickinson : a colloquy / edited by E´ric Athe  
813.54 Portnoy’s complaint / Philip Roth Roth, Philip
820.3 Dramatic geography : romance, intertheatricality, and c Publicover, Laurence
820.3 The Norton Shakespeare : histories / Stephen Greenblatt Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
820.309353 Male friendship and testimonies of love in Shakespeare’ Tosh, Will
820.609352 Victorian sages and cultural discourse : renegotiating  
820.60936 Victorian ecocriticism : the politics of place and earl  
820.72 Crash / J.G. Ballard Ballard, J. G., 1930-2009
820.72 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire / J.K. Rowling Rowling, J. K.
820.8 Freaks of history : two performance texts / James MacDo MacDonald, James, 1949-
820.8 Beck / Mal Peet with Meg Rosoff Peet, Mal
820.8 The dark room / Rachel Seiffert Seiffert, Rachel
823.914 Crash / J.G. Ballard Ballard, J. G., 1930-2009
823.92 King of the sky / Nicola Davies ; illustrated by Laura Davies, Nicola, 1958-
823.92 Thornhill / Pam Smy Smy, Pam
840.99287 French feminisms 1975 and after : new readings, new tex  
891.74 Night wraps the sky : writings by and about Mayakovsky  
892.736 Woman at point zero / Nawal El Saadawi Sa’da¯wi¯, Nawa¯l
907.2 History through material culture / Leonie Hannan and Sa Hannan, Leonie
909 Civilisations : encounters / the cult of progress / Dav Olusoga, David
909.825 The Cold War through documents : a global history / edi  
914.1 Contemporary Britain / John McCormick McCormick, John, 1954-
914.990432 Border : a journey to the edge of Europe / Kapka Kassab Kassabova, Kapka
920 Breathe : a memoir / Darrell Foster Foster, Darrell
930.1028 Material evidence : learning from archaeological practi  
936.1 The British palaeolithic / Paul Pettitt and Mark White Pettitt, Paul
940.5318 Jewish responses to persecution, 1933-1946 : a source r  
941.00496066 West Africans in Britain, 1900-1960 : nationalism, Pan- Adi, Hakim
941.073 Beating Napoleon : how Britain faced down her greatest Andress, David, 1969-
941.081 History and community : essays in Victorian medievalism  
942 The English and their history / Robert Tombs Tombs, Robert
947.0841 A short history of the Russian Revolution / Geoffrey Sw Swain, Geoff
947.7086 Ukraine over the edge : Russia, the West and the new C Hahn, Gordon M.
951.24905 Taiwan’s democracy challenged : the Chen Shui-bian year  
954.03 Inglorious empire : what the British did to India / Sha Tharoor, Shashi, 1956-
956.04 Making the Arab world : Nasser, Qutb, and the clash tha Gerges, Fawaz A
956.054 The age of Jihad : Islamic State and the great war for Cockburn, Patrick, 1950-
956.9405 The bureaucracy of evil : the history of the Israeli oc Pappe´, Ilan
971.601 The lion and the lily : Nova Scotia between 1600-1760 / Landry, Peter
973.3113 Boston’s massacre / Eric Hinderaker Hinderaker, Eric
973.711 The stormy present : conservatism and the problem of sl Smith, Adam I. P.
975.702 Plantation enterprise in colonial South Carolina / S. M Edelson, S. Max
A346.4105 Trust practitioner’s handbook / Gill Steel Steel, Gill
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