New eBooks – March 2018

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during March 2018 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
A companion to state power, liberties and rights / edit  
A Nation Like All Others [electronic resource] : A Brie Cohen, Warren I.
A practical manual of diabetic retinopathy management /  
Aalto, Utzon, Fehn [electronic resource] : Three Paradi Tyrrell, Roger
Accounting for value [electronic resource] / Stephen Pe Penman, Stephen H.
Achieving evidence-informed policy and practice in educ Brown, Chris
Action research in criminal justice : restorative justi  
Adaptive architecture : changing parameters and practic  
Age-related macular degeneration diagnosis and treatmen  
Aggression and violence : a social psychological perspe  
Algorithms of Oppression [electronic resource] : How Se Noble, Safiya Umoja
American Indian politics and the American political sys Wilkins, David E. (David Eugene), 1954-
An introduction to international varieties of English / Bauer, Laurie
Animation Bendazzi, Giannalberto
Animation Bendazzi, Giannalberto
Applying conversation analysis [electronic resource] /  
Arab national media and political change : recording th El Issawi, Fatima
Armed non-state actors in international humanitarian an Mastorodimos, Konstantinos
Arming the Royal Navy, 1793-1815 [electronic resource] Cole, Gareth
Arms and the state : Sir William Armstrong and the rema Bastable, Marshall J., 1943-
Assessing EFL writing in the 21st century Arab world :  
At the crossroads between peace and war : the London na  
Audience as performer : the changing role of theatre au Heim, Caroline
Audience feedback in the news media / Bill Reader Reader, Bill, 1970-
Automobile mechanical and electrical systems / Tom Dent Denton, Tom
Basic epidemiology / R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole, T. Kjell Bonita, R.
Basic finite element method as applied to injury biomec  
Basic statistics and epidemiology : a practical guide / Stewart, Antony, 1961-
Becoming an outstanding mathematics teacher [electronic Bartlett, Jayne
Betting the house : the inside story of the 2017 electi Ross, Tim
Beyond the Internet : unplugging the protest movement w  
Breaking into information security : crafting a custom More, Josh
Bridge engineering / lectronic resource : classificatio Lin, Weiwei
British Flag Officers in the French Wars, 1793-1815 [el Morrow, John
Britons : forging the nation, 1707-1837 / Linda Colley Colley, Linda
Building Character [electronic resource] : The Art and Cook, Amy
Building successful and sustainable film and television  
Building wireless sensor networks [electronic resource]  
Carbon nanomaterials as adsorbents for environmental an  
Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss in the Chinese-speaking wo  
Celebrity [electronic resource] / Chris Rojek Rojek, Chris
Cellular Internet of things : technologies, standards, Liberg, Olof
Child welfare for the twenty-first century [electronic  
Chinese contract law : civil and common law perspective  
Chipless RFID based on RF encoding particle : realizati Vena, Arnaud
Circuits, signals and systems for bioengineers : a MATL Semmlow, John L.
Clad in iron [electronic resource] : the American Civil Fuller, Howard J., 1968-
Clothing for children and teenagers : anthropometry, si Zakaria, Norsaadah
Community psychology / John Moritsugu, Pacific Lutheran Duffy, Karen Grover
Community psychology : in pursuit of liberation and wel Nelson, Geoffrey
Conceptual shifts and contextualized practices in educa  
Constructing the Black masculine [electronic resource] Wallace, Maurice O. (Maurice Orlando), 1967-
Consumer Protection Law / Geraint Howells (University o Howells, Geraint
Contemporary Debates on Terrorism [electronic resource]  
Contemporary issues in international business : institu  
Convergence or conflict in the Taiwan Strait : the illu Cole, J. Michael
Conversation [electronic resource] : From Description  
Corporate integrity & accountability [electronic resour  
Crime, prisons and viscous culture : adventures in crim Farrant, Finola
Criminal psychology [electronic resource] / Francis Pak Pakes, Francis J.
Criminology / Tim Newburn Newburn, Tim
Crisis management / Jack Gottschalk Gottschalk, Jack
Critical and creative research methodologies in social  
Critical criminology in Canada : new voices, new direct  
Critical psychology : an introduction / edited by Denni  
Cybercrime, organized crime, and societal responses : i  
Cybercriminal networks : origin, growth and criminal ca Leukfeldt, E. R. (E. Rutger)
Decoding theoryspeak [electronic resource] : an illustr Ots, Enn
Decolonizing the westernized university : interventions  
Desistance from sexual offending : narratives of retire Harris, Danielle Arlanda
Developing news : global journalism and the coverage of Lugo-Ocando, Jairo
Diffusion of Innovations [electronic rsource] / Everett Rogers, Everett M.
Digital futures and the city of today : new technologie  
Disturbing the peace? : politics, television news and t Spencer, Graham
DNA and property crime scene investigation : forensic e Makin, David Alan
Documentary film in India : an anthropological history Battaglia, Giulia
Documentary film in India : an anthropological history Battaglia, Giulia
Domestic violence in international context / edited by  
Drama-based Pedagogy [electronic resource] : Activating Dawson, Kathryn
Drawing as a way of knowing in art and science / Gemma Anderson, Gemma
Dyslexia, literacy and inclusion : child-centred perspe MacBlain, Sean
Early childhood studies : principles and practice / Jan  
Echoes of other worlds : sound in virtual reality : pas Garner, Tom A.
Eco culture : disaster, narrative, discourse / edited b  
Effective school management [electronic resource] / Ber Everard, K. B. (Kenneth Boothby), 1926-
Emotional development and attachment in the classroom :  
Environmental communication pedagogy and practice / edi  
Essentials of polygraph and polygraph testing / Nathan Gordon, Nathan J.
Ethical questions and international NGO’s [electronic r  
EU asylum policies : the power of strong regulating sta Zaun, Natascha
European fair trading law : the unfair commercial pract Howells, Geraint G.
Experimetrics : econometrics for experimental economics Moffatt, Peter G.
Exploring the school leadership landscape : changing de Earley, Peter
Feeling things : objects and emotions through history /  
Fieldwork for human geography / Richard Phillips and Je Phillips, Richard, 1965-
Financial accounting / Pauline Weetman Weetman, Pauline
Food culture, consumption and society / Paolo Corvo, Un Corvo, Paolo, 1962-
Food, national identity and nationalism : from everyday Ichijo, Atsuko, 1967-
Foundations of Indirect Discrimination Law [electronic  
From financial crisis to global recovery / Padma Desai Desai, Padma
From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow [electronic resource Marder, Arthur J.
Fundamentals of social psychology / Nicky Hayes Hayes, Nicky
Gender, sexuality and power in Chinese companies : beau Jieyu, Liu
Gendered states of punishment and welfare : feminist po Roberts, Adrienne, 1980-
Getting grounded in social psychology : the essential l  
Getting the buggers to add up [electronic resource] / M Ollerton, Mike
Global health : issues, challenges and global action / Armstrong-Mensah, Elizabeth A., 1966-
Global responses to domestic violence / Eve S. Buzawa,  
Globalization and culture : global me´lange / Jan Neder Nederveen Pieterse, Jan
Grammar of the shot / Christopher J. Bowen Bowen, Christopher J.
Handbook of arts-based research / edited by Patricia Le  
Handbook of classroom management [electronic resource]  
Handbook of instructional leadership : how successful p Blase, Jo Roberts
Handbook of marine craft hydrodynamics and motion contr Fossen, Thor I.
Health and well-being for interior architecture / edite  
Healthcare information management systems : cases, stra  
Higher education and police : an international view / C  
I-Docs [electronic resource] : The Evolving Practices o  
IEEE Wiley ebooks library 2016 and MIT Press ebooks lib  
Imperial defence 1868-1887 / Donald Mackenzie Schurman Schurman, D. M. (Donald M.)
Improvisation and Social Aesthetics / Georgina Born, Er  
In Her Voice [electronic resource] : Women Directors Ta Silverstein, Melissa
Inclusive education [electronic resource] : internation Armstrong, Ann Cheryl
Information theft prevention : theory and practice / Ro Okeke, Romanus Izuchukwu
International economic law : contemporary issues / Giov  
International marine economy law and policy / edited by  
International organization and global governance / edit  
International trade law / Indira Carr, with contributio Carr, Indira
Journalism and Social Media [electronic resource] : Pra Bossio, Diana
Language learner strategies : contexts, isuues and appl Grenfell, Michael
Languages after Brexit [electronic resource] : How the  
Le vote disruptif [electronic resource] : les élections Perrineau, Pascal
Legal responses to football hooliganism in Europe / A  
Leveraging brand in sport business [electronic resource  
Lighting design basics / Mark Karlen, Christina Spangle Karlen, Mark
Literary ghosts from the Victorians to Modernism [elect Thurston, Luke
Making the leap : moving from deputy to head / Dr Jill Berry, Jill
Manual of forensic science : an international survey /  
Marx’s Inferno : the political theory of Capital / Will Roberts, William Clare, 1974-
Masculine identities [electronic resource] : the histor Sussman, Herbert L.
Mastering the Game of thrones : essays on George R.R. M  
Media and the public sphere : a deliberative model of d Haüssler, Thomas
Metaphor and Shakespearean drama [electronic resource] Fahey, Maria F.
Mixed blessings : gender and religious fundamentalism  
More than just a game : sports in American life since 1 Jay, Kathryn
Muslim interpreters in colonial Senegal, 1850-1920 : me M’bayo, Tamba, 1956-
Narratives of loneliness : multidisciplinary perspectiv  
Naval battles of the First World War / Geoffrey Bennett Bennett, Geoffrey
Naval power and British culture, 1760-1850 : public tru Morriss, Roger
Nelson, Navy & Nation [electronic resource] : The Royal  
Networked young citizen : social media, political parti  
Nonverbal communication / Judee K. Burgoon, University Burgoon, Judee K.
Nursing research : principles, process and issues / Kad Parahoo, Kader
Organised crime groups involved in fraud / Tiggey May, May, Tiggey
Parables for the virtual [electronic resource] : moveme Massumi, Brian
Paraphernalia! : Victorian objects / edited by Helen Ki  
Penal cultures and female desistance / Linnea Osterman O¨sterman, Linneá Anna Margareta, 1984-
Performing digital activism : new aesthetics and discou Vlavo, Fide`le A.
Periglacial geomorphology / Colin K. Ballantyne Ballantyne, C. K.
Perpetrators in Holocaust narratives : encountering the Pettitt, Joanne
Personal style blogs : appearances that fascinate / Ros Findlay, Rosie
Personality, individual differences and intelligence / Maltbey, John
Perspectives from systemic functional linguistics / edi  
Pirates, traitors, and apostates : renegade identities Ellinghausen, Laurie
Playwriting and young audiences : collected wisdom and Omasta, Matt
Practice-based research in children’s play / edited by  
Probation and Politics [electronic resource] : Academic  
Professional capital : transforming teaching in every s Hargreaves, Andy
Professional techniques for video game writing / edited  
Progressive community organizing [electronic resource] Pyles, Loretta
Public Images [electronic resource] : Celebrity, Photoj Linkof, Ryan
Public international law / Alina Kaczorowska-Ireland Kaczorowska, Alina
Quality : a critical introduction / John Beckford Beckford, John, 1958-
Recentering Africa in International Relations [electron  
Rehabilitating and resettling offenders in the communit Goodman, Anthony (Anthony Harvey)
Reintegrating extremists : deradicalisation and desista Marsden, Sarah V.
Reporting human rights / Susana Sampaio-Dias Sampaio Dias, Susana
Representing the Royal Navy : British sea power, 1750-1 Lincoln, Margarette
Research design : quantitative, qualitative, mixed meth Leavy, Patricia
Research handbook on remote warfare / edited by Jens Da  
Rethinking the black freedom movement / Yohuru Williams Williams, Yohuru R.
Revitalizing minority languages : new speakers of Breto Hornsby, Michael, 1965-
Risk assessment and management for living well with dem  
Risk, crisis and security management [electronic resour Borodzicz, Edward P.
Routledge encyclopedia of language teaching and learnin  
Routledge handbook of African politics [electronic reso  
Routledge international handbook of race, class, and ge  
Runaway and homeless youth : new research and clinical Morewitz, Stephen J.
Safeguarding adults under the Care Act 2014 : understan  
Sail through exams! [electronic resource] : preparing f Levin, Peter, 1936-
Science in the early years [electronic resource] : buil Brunton, Pat
Shakespeare’s theatres and the effects of performance /  
Social dimensions of organised crime : modelling the dy  
Social media and everyday politics / Tim Highfield Highfield, Tim
Social movements [electronic resource] : an introductio Della Porta, Donatella, 1956-
Sonic rupture : a practice-led approach to urban sounds Lacey, Jordan
Sound effects : radio, television and film / Robert L. Mott, Robert L.
Space law : a treatise / Francis Lyall and Paul B. Lars Lyall, Francis
Speaking out [electronic resource] : the female voice i  
Spon’s civil engineering and highway works price book  
Spon’s external works and landscape price book 2018 / e  
Spon’s mechanical and electrical services price book 20  
State crimes against democracy [electronic resource] :  
Strategic narratives : communication power and the new Miskimmon, Alister
Stress response syndromes [electronic resource] : PTSD, Horowitz, Mardi Jon, 1934-
Student attainment in higher education : issues, contro  
Sunbelt justice [electronic resource] : Arizona and the Lynch, Mona Pauline
Talk show campaigns : presidential candidates on daytim Parkin, Michael
Teaching excellence in higher education : challenges, c  
Teaching in higher education / Lucinda Becker, Pam Deni Becker, Lucinda M., 1963-
Team psychology in sports : theory and pactice  
Technical communication / John M. Lannon, Laura J. Gura Lannon, John M.
Telling migrant stories : Latin American diaspora in do  
The 2017 French presidential elections : a political re Evans, Jocelyn
The American way of life : a cultural history / Lawrenc Samuel, Lawrence R.
The contractor’s NEC3 EEC handbook / Steve Evans Evans, Steven C.
The craft of political research / W. Phillips Shively Shively, W. Phillips, 1942-
The crisis manager [electronic resource] : facing disas Lerbinger, Otto
The European Union in Africa : incoherent policies, asy  
The evacuation from Dunkirk : Operation Dynamo, 26 May-  
The Extinction Market [electronic resource] : Wildlife Felbab-Brown, Vanda
The feminization of sports fandom : a sociological stud Pope, Stacey
The grand fleet : warship design and development, 1906- Brown, D. K. (David K.)
The grand strategy that won the Cold War : architecture  
The Great Barrier Reef [electronic resource] : biology,  
The green studio handbook : environmental strategies fo Kwok, Alison G.
The handbook of design for sustainability / edited by S  
The hybrid media system : politics and power / Andrew C Chadwick, Andrew
The independent director : the non-executive director’s Brown, Gerry (Ernest Gerald)
The interior architecture theory reader / edited by Gre  
The jazz standards [electronic resource] : a guide to t Gioia, Ted
The jazz theory book / by Mark Levine author of The Ja Levine, Mark
The New Autocracy [electronic resource] : Information,  
The online journalism handbook : skills to survive and Bradshaw, Paul
The Oxford history of Anglicanism  
The Palgrave handbook of African colonial and postcolon  
The palgrave handbook of criminology and the global Sou  
The policing of transnational protest / edited by Donat  
The politics and aesthetics of hunger and disgust : per Delville, Michel
The practical OPNET user guide for computer network sim Sethi, Adarshpal S.
The private sector and criminal justice / Anthea Huckle  
The psychology of perfectionism in sport, dance and exe  
The relocation of English : shifting paradigms in a glo Saraceni, Mario, 1969-
The Routledge companion to spatial history / edited by  
The Routledge handbook of European criminology [electro  
The Routledge Handbook of the Global Sixties [electroni  
The Royal Navy and anti-submarine warfare, 1917-49 [ele Llewellyn-Jones, Malcolm
The Royal Navy and the capital ship in the interwar per Moretz, Joseph, 1956-
The Royal Navy and the German threat 1901-1914 [electro Seligmann, Matthew S., 1967-
The social psychology of aggression [electronic resourc Krahe´, Barbara
The Sonic Persona [electronic resource] : An Anthropolo Schulze, Holger
The third digital divide : a Weberian approach to digit Ragnedda, Massimo
The Vichy past in France today : corruptions of memory Golsan, Richard J.
Theater, youth, and culture [electronic resource] : a c Water, Manon van de
Theatre for children in hospital : the gift of compassi Sextou, Persephone
Theories of globalization / Barrie Axford Axford, Barrie
Theories of inclusive education [electronic resource] : Clough, Peter, 1949-
They bear acquaintance : African American spirituals an Graham, Nancy L.
Three Republics One Navy [electronic resource] : A Nava Clayton, Anthony
Toward a cosmopolitan ethics of mobility : the migrant’ Sager, Alex
Towards a victimology of state crime / edited by Dawn R  
Trust in media and journalism : empirical perspectives  
Twitter and tear gas : the power and fragility of netwo Tufekci, Zeynep
Understanding food insecurity : key features, indicator Sassi, Maria
Universities and the production of elites : discourses,  
Victims of crime : construction, governance and policy Hall, Matthew
Victorian photography, literature and the invention of Green-Lewis, Jennifer
Violent non-state actors in Africa : terrorists, rebels  
Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System [electr Ticknor, Bobbie
Vision rehabilitation [electronic resource] : multidisc  
Warrior to Dreadnought [electronic resource] : Warship Brown, David K.
Why do we care about literary characters? / Blakey Verm Vermeule, Blakey
Wisdom and war : the Royal Naval College Greenwich 1873 Dickinson, Harry W., 1949-
Working with involuntary clients : a guide to practice Trotter, Chris
Writing for video game genres : from FPS to RPG / edite  
Writing for video games [electronic resource] / Steve I Ince, Steve
WTO dispute settlement and the TRIPS agreement : applyi Kennedy, Matthew
Youth justice : a critical introduction / Stephen Case Case, Stephen
Youth, crime, and justice : learning through cases / Er Gebo, Erika
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