We’ve got (artistic) mail!

Pablo Penguin discovers an artist's letterArtist's postcardArtist's postcard (reverse side)Among the boxes of lovely merchandise we have been giving away at recent events, our eagle-eyed (or at least penguin-eyed) Pablo found this mysterious envelope.  Curiously addressed with our telephone number on the front (T: 023 9284 3228 – if you want to give us a ring, we answer the phone and online chat 24/7), it was also signed across the seal.  What was inside clearly needed a guarantee of authenticity.

After brushing aside speculation that it might be a cryptic explanation of Pip’s giant predicament, Pablo gently eased open the envelope to discover an exquisitely ornate laminated artist’s postcard.  Waddling hurriedly to his computer, Pablo soon uncovered more examples of artist Rita Offidiani’s contribution to the wondrous world of mail art.

You might remember the mail art exhibition from a year or two ago.  Well, Rita has been taking a similar project to a whole new level, sending artworks like this to libraries across the world.

20 March – A quick update: this piece of mail art has now been sent across to Eldon Building to join the others in the University’s mail art collection.








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