How to survive the revision zombie apocalypse: top 5 tips

Student sat at computer, looking tired

So very tired… Take regular breaks

Sleep-deprived and feeling zombie like in the build up to exam time?  You are not alone.  We often have to prod students awake who have slumped over laptops and half-finished notes.  You cannot do well in any exam that you sleep through, so arm yourselves with Gracie Fuller’s top five survival tips and look lively!

1. Carry coffee!

It’s one of the only antidotes to stop you and your friends from falling in to the hoard. All-nighters at the library seem like a good idea in theory, but in practice you end up leaving at 3am, looking worse than you do at the end of a night out, having complete a meagre amount of work.

2. Arm yourself with highlighters

Highlighters are your best friend. Colour in all useful text. Facts remembered will help you fight off feral classmates in desperate need of your help.

3. Buy new pens

Daryl Dixon doesn’t kill zombies with an empty gun! And you can’t write an essay with an empty pen.

4. Get to the nearest safe house and surround yourself with other survivors

Go to the library with your course mates. Attend extra sessions hosted by lecturers. Host your own study group. Even if you’re a solo survivor sharing notes and talking to others will help you get the work done.

5. Don’t leave everything to the last minute

Humans don’t wait until they’re surrounded before fighting back. They run away when the see the zombies approaching. So when you see the exams approaching get to work before the DEADline arrives.

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