Get in the 25:5 study rhythm

Studying in focused 25 minute bursts separated by 5 minute breaks during which you make a deliberate effort to think differently by doing something very different, such as mindful colouring or exercise reduces study fatigue and helps you remember more of what you read.

If you enjoy studying to music, why not try our 25:5 study rhythm playlists?  25 minutes of current chart toppers ending with 5 minutes of something entirely different to let you know when to take a break.

Spotify playlists

Try our 25:5 playlists and see if they help you retain more (you will need to sign up for a free Spotify account to use them or you can make your own on your favourite platform):

Study rhythms playlist #1 – 2017 chart then chillout music

Study rhythms playlist #2 – 2018 chart then classical music

Study rhythms playlist #3 – 2018 chart then meditation music

We expect to add to and update this list but there is nothing stopping you from making your own favourite playlists featuring five minutes of very different music after every 25 minutes of your favourite tunes.  Share a link to your own 25:5 playlists in the comments below and we will include them in our next playlists update post.

However you study, #StudyHappy =)

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