New eBooks – December 2017

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during December 2017 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
A practical guide to gender diversity and sexuality in Price, Deborah
A Victorian woman’s place [electronic resource] : publi Morgan, Simon, 1974-
Accounting information systems [electronic resource] / Romney, Marshall B.
After abolition [electronic resource] : Britain and the Sherwood, Marika
Age in L2 acquisition and teaching [electronic resource  
America’s digital army : games at work and war / Robert Allen, Robertson
An accidental Brexit : new EU and transatlantic economi Welfens, Paul J. J.
Ansible : up and running : automating configuration man Hochstein, Lorin
Argentina [electronic resource] : a modern history / Ji Hedges, Jill
At the margins of Victorian Britain : politics, immorta Grube, Dennis
Best of British [electronic resource] : cinema and soci Aldgate, Anthony
Black Women’s Liberatory Pedagogies [electronic resourc  
Britain and America after World War II : bilateral rela Wevill, Richard
British conservatism [electronic resource] : the politi Dorey, Peter
British naval aviation in World War II [electronic reso Guinn, Gilbert S.
Casino capitalism / Susan Strange ; with a new introduc Strange, Susan, 1923-1998
Challenging the NGOs [electronic resource] : women, rel Bradley, Tamsin
Change the world without taking power / John Holloway Holloway, John
Child abuse [electronic resource] : an evidence base fo Corby, Brian
Child and nation : a study of political socialisation a Throssell, Katharine
Child social work policy & practice [electronic resourc Kirton, Derek
Children’s exodus [electronic resource] : a history of Fast, Vera K., 1929-
Class or nation [electronic resource] : communists, imp Redfern, Neil
Classroom discourse and teacher development [electronic Walsh, Steve, 1959-
Coastal defences [electronic resource] : processes, pro French, Peter W., 1964-
Coastal geomorphology [electronic resource] : an introd Bird, E. C. F. (Eric Charles Frederick), 1930
Coastal systems [electronic resource] / Simon K. Haslet Haslett, Simon K.
Communicating projects [electronic resource] : an end-t Pilkington, Ann
Construction quality management : principles and practi Howarth, Tim
Consuming gothic : food and horror in film / Lorna Piat Piatti-Farnell, Lorna
Contemporary Spanish Politics [electronic resource] / J Magone, José M.
Content and foreign language integrated learning [elect  
Cosmopolitanisms and the Jews [electronic resource] / C Gelbin, Cathy S.
Cult Media [electronic resource] : Re-packaged, Re-rele  
Culture and language [electronic resource] : multidisci  
Customer relationship management [electronic resource] Peelen, Ed
Cyborgs and Barbie dolls [electronic resource] : femini Toffoletti, Kim
Democracy and reform in the Middle East and Asia : soci  
Developing resilience for social work practice / edited  
Digital citizenship and political engagement : the chal Vromen, Ariadne
Digital system design with VHDL [electronic resource] / Zwolin´ski, Mark
Discourses, communities, and global Englishes [electron  
DVD, Blu-ray and beyond : navigating formats and platfo  
Edwin H. Sutherland / David Friedrichs, Isabel Schoultz Friedrichs, David O.
EIL, ELF, global English [electronic resource] : teachi  
Empire and imperial ambition [electronic resource] : li Matikkala, Mira
Ending civil war [electronic resource] : Rhodesia and L Preston, Matthew
English language education policy in the Middle East an  
English legal system [electronic resource] / Gary Wilso Wilson, Gary
English suffixes : stress-assignment properties, produc Ives, Trevian
Enlightenment, modernity and science [electronic resour Elliott, Paul A.
Entertainment values : how do we assess entertainment a  
Escaping the resource curse [electronic resource] / edi  
European cosmopolitanism : colonial histories and postc  
European foreign policy during the Cold War [electronic Mo¨ckli, Daniel
Exploring the utopian impulse : essays on utopian thoug  
Fighting for Britain? : negotiating identities in Brita  
Film and community, Britain and France [electronic reso Butler, Margaret
Fluvial Processes in Geomorphology [electronic resource Leopold, Luna B.
Freedom in French Enlightenment thought [electronic res Gregory, Mary Efrosini
Fun! : what entertainment tells us about living a good McKee, Alan (Aspro Alan)
Functional biopolymers / Vijay Kumar Thakur, Manju Kuma  
Gender : Antiquity and its Legacy / Brooke Holmes Holmes, Brooke
Global perspectives in early childhood education [elect  
Great powers, weak states, and insurgency : explaining Quirk, Patrick W.
Handbook of cognitive linguistics and second language a  
Handbook of social problems [electronic resource] : a c  
Handbook of system safety and security : cyber risk and  
High-profile crimes [electronic resource] : when legal Chancer, Lynn S., 1954-
Horror zone [electronic resource] : the cultural experi  
In the swarm : digital prospects / Byung-Chul Han ; tra Han, Byung-Chul
Inclusive leadership in social work and social care / T Hafford-Letchfield, Trish
Information literacy in the workplace / edited by Marc  
Innovations in interventions to address intimate partne  
Insights into specialized translation [electronic resou  
International intervention in local conflicts [electron  
Interprofessional collaboration in social work practice Crawford, Karin
Interprofessional social work : effective collaborative Quinney, Anne
Introducing physical geography / Alan Strahler, Boston Strahler, Alan H.
Introduction to documentary / Bill Nichols Nichols, Bill, 1942-
Investigating emotional, sensory and social learning in Cousins, Sarah
Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War : diplomacy, battle, Rodman, David
Labour’s immigration policy : the making of the migrati Consterdine, Erica
Leading Change [electronic resource] / John P. Kotter Kotter, John P.
Life and death in a German town [electronic resource] : Panayi, Panikos
Lingua barbara, or, The mystery of the other [electroni Buisson, Johanna Marie, 1973-
London was ours [electronic resource] : diaries and mem Bell, Amy Helen, 1973-
Lorca, Bun~uel, Dali´ [electronic resource] : forbidden Edwards, Gwynne
Mainstreaming sex [electronic resource] : the sexualiza  
Making good decisions : law for social work practice / Preston-Shoot, Michael
Meaning in translation [electronic resource] / Barbara  
Media and public shaming : drawing the boundaries of di  
Memories of 1968 [electronic resource] : international  
Missing [electronic resource] : persons and politics / Edkins, Jenny
Modern and postmodern narratives of race, gender, and i Ishida, Yoriko
Modern conflict and the senses : killer instincts? / ed  
Music, youth and international links in post-war britis Shaffer, Ryan
Muslims and the news media [electronic resource] / edit  
Narrating the past [electronic resource] : historiograp Robinson, Alan, 1957-
Narrative global politics : theory, history and the per  
National monuments and nationalism in 19th century Germ Pohlsander, Hans A., 1927-
Nationalism in Germany, 1848-1866 : revolutionary natio Hewitson, Mark
Nelson, the new letters [electronic resource] / edited Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount, 1758-1805
No End of Conflict [electronic resource] : Rethinking I Alpher, Yossi
Non-alignment and its origins in Cold War Europe [elect Kullaa, Rinna
Of Victorians and vegetarians [electronic resource] : t Gregory, James, Dr
Online risk to children : impact, protection and preven  
Operations management [electronic resource] Slack, Nigel
Orwell and Marxism [electronic resource] : the politica Bounds, Philip
Past and present [electronic resource] : national ident Chapman, James, 1968-
People, nation and state [electronic resource] : the me  
Perspectives on audiovisual translation [electronic res  
Police Socialisation, Identity and Culture [electronic Charman, Sarah
Poor News [electronic resource] : Media Discourses of P Harkins, Dr. Steven
Power and principle : the politics of international cri Rudolph, Christopher, 1966-
Practical mobile forensics : a hands-on guide to master Mahalik, Heather
Precolonial Black Africa [electronic resource] : a comp Diop, Cheikh Anta
Preparing for Brexit : actors, negotiations and consequ McGowan, Lee
Presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors [electroni Helms, Ludger
Projecting empire [electronic resource] : imperialism a Chapman, James, 1968-
Propaganda and the German cinema, 1933-1945 [electronic Welch, David, 1950-
Prospects and challenges for EU-China relations in the  
Public health and politics in the age of reform [electr McLean, David, 1949-
Radical religion in Cromwell’s England [electronic reso Bradstock, Andrew
Reflection : turning experience into learning / edited  
Re-imagining child protection : towards humane social w Featherstone, Brid
Religion and gender in the developing world [electronic Bradley, Tamsin
Representations of global poverty : aid, development an Dogra, Nandita
Rethinking anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive theo  
Rethinking Islamism [electronic resource] : the ideolog Desai, Meghnad
Re-viewing television history [electronic resource] : c  
Revolution and authoritarianism in North Africa / Frédé Volpi, Frédéric
Rivers and floodplains [electronic resource] : forms, p Bridge, J. S.
Sir Robert Peel [electronic resource] : the life and le Gaunt, Richard A.
Social work : an introduction to contemporary practice  
Spectacular narratives [electronic resource] : Hollywoo King, Geoff, 1960-
Spon’s architect’s and builders’ price book 2018 / edit  
Squires in the slums [electronic resource] : settlement Scotland, Nigel
States and the reemergence of global finance : from Bre Helleiner, Eric, 1963-
Strangers in the land [electronic resource] : the rise Cavaliero, Roderick
Strangers in their own land : anger and mourning on the Hochschild, Arlie Russell, 1940-
Student-centered leadership [electronic resource] / Viv Robinson, V. M. (Viviane M.)
Supporting inclusive practice and ensuring opportunity  
Surviving parental alienation : a journey of hope and h Baker, Amy J. L.
Tabloid century : the popular press in Britain, 1896 to Bingham, Adrian
Teaching and testing interpreting and translating [elec  
Teaching without disruption in the secondary school : a Chaplain, Roland
Television and consumer culture [electronic resource] : Turnock, Rob
The 2016 US presidential campaign : political communica  
The Armenian genocide [electronic resource] : a complet Ke´vorkian, Raymond H.
The Cambrian fossils of Chengjiang, China : the floweri  
The company’s island [electronic resource] : St Helena, Royle, Stephen A. (Stephen Arthur)
The concept of Utopia [electronic resource] / Ruth Levi Levitas, Ruth, 1949-
The death-motif in the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Ch Ottlinger, Claudia, 1962-
The design of dissent : greed, nationalism, alternative Glaser, Milton
The economics of Brexit : a cost-benefit analysis of th Whyman, Philip B.
The emergence of nationalist politics in Morocco [elect Zisenwine, Daniel
The Frankfurt School and its critics [electronic resour Bottomore, T. B., 1920-1992
The grand delusion : Britain after sixty years of Eliza Haseler, Stephen, 1942-
The history of English [electronic resource] / Ishtla S Singh, Ishtla
The information systems security officer’s guide : esta Kovacich, Gerald L.
The Intimate Lives of Disabled People [electronic resou Liddiard, Kirsty
The Kurds of Iraq [electronic resource] : ethnonational Aziz, Mahir A.
The Lightless Sky [electronic resource] : An Afghan Ref Passarlay, Gulwali
The Limits of the Land [electronic respurce] : How the Rubin, Avshalom
The macabresque : human violation and hate in genocide, Weisband, Edward, 1939-
The moral foundations of the youth justice system : und Arthur, Raymond
The new intergovernmentalism : states and supranational  
The Ottoman Empire and the world around it [electronic Faroqhi, Suraiya, 1941-
The people’s stage in Imperial Germany [electronic reso Bonnell, Andrew, 1960-
The politics of child protection : contemporary develop Parton, Nigel
The Politics of Penal Reform [electronic resource] : Ma Logan, Anne
The Role of Twitter in the 2016 US Election [electronic  
The Routledge handbook of Chinese translation / edited  
The SAGE handbook of social media / edited by Jean Burg  
The socialist way : social democracy in contemporary Br  
The strongman [electronic resource] : Vladimir Putin an Roxburgh, Angus
The submarine [electronic resource] : a cultural histor Redford, Duncan
The United Kingdom and the future of nuclear weapons /  
The United States and the world economy [electronic res  
The working class in Britain, 1850-1939 [electronic res Benson, John, 1945 July 23-
Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media [electronic resource] : Salter, Anastasia
Trade and cultural exchange in the early modern Mediter  
Transforming Social Work Practice [electronic resource]  
Translation in second language learning and teaching [e  
Treating addictive behaviors : processes of change / ed  
Turkey and the dilemma of EU accession [electronic reso Bogdani, Mirela
Turkey and the European Union / Senem Aydin-Du¨zgit and Ayd‡n-Du¨zgit, Senem
Typical men [electronic resource] : the representation Spicer, Andrew
Understanding parental alienation : learning to cope, h Woodall, Karen
Understanding trauma and resilience / Louise Harms Harms, Louise
Victims and perpetrators of terrorism : exploring ident  
Waging insurgent warfare : lessons from the Vietcong to Jones, Seth G., 1972-
War and international justice [electronic resource] : a Orend, Brian, 1971-
Whose cosmopolitanism? : critical perspectives, relatio  
Wise words : how Susan Isaacs changed parenting / Carol Vollans, Caroline
Withnail and us [electronic resource] : cult films and Smith, Justin
Women and the Second World War in France, 1939-48 : cho Diamond, Hanna, 1962-
Working with involuntary clients : a guide to practice Trotter, Chris
Working with risk : skills for contemporary social work Kemshall, Hazel, 1958-
Young children’s play and creativity : multiple voices  
Youth culture and social change : making a difference b  
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