Staying safe and secure: advice from the police

It’s more sociable and safer to travel to and from university with your friends but with the wintry days growing shorter our friends in the Hampshire Constabulary Community Support Service have offered some extra advice on staying safe when out and about.

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People arriving and leaving the University Library at nightGetting between here and home safely

• Plan how you are going to get home. Avoid going home alone.
• Where possible, book a taxi to take you home.
• If trouble starts, walk away.
• If you are worried or scared, head to a place of safety, such as a friend’s house, an open commercial premise or police station.

Keeping your possessions safe

• Walk confidently and stick to busy, well-lit routes rather than taking short cuts when walking alone.
• Use your common sense and instincts, be aware of your surroundings and avoid situations that may put you at risk.
• Shout “fire” or “call the police” if you find yourself in danger – there is evidence that this gets more reactions than shouting “help”.
• Spread your valuables around your body. For example, keep your phone in your bag, your house keys in a pocket and your money in your jacket. This makes it less likely that all your belongings will be stolen if you do become a victim of crime.
• Property mark your belongings with a UV pen, forensic property marking kit or similar. Register your property for free on
• Don’t flash your cash – avoid carrying large amounts of money and valuable items like laptops.
• Don’t talk on the phone or listen to music in the street – this advertises the valuables you have on you and reduces your awareness.

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