Enter the eBook

ebooks photoJust starting out?  Have you discovered how useful ebooks can be yet?  They are available even after the last copy of a book is on loan and you can read them from anywhere with an internet connection, including on your mobile or tablet.  Better still, you can download the one chapter you need for free (but only one per ebook)!

Some ebooks even allow you to download the entire book for a short time – how long varies depending on the supplier but it is normally either one or two weeks.  It should tell you when you download it.  This is particularly useful if you should want to read the ebook somewhere without a reliable internet connection.

Finding ebooks

“Where do I find these wondrous ebooks?” I hear you cry.  In the same place you find printed books – through your online reading lists, the Library Catalogue, and the Discovery Service.  You can choose to limit your results to just “Online resources” in the Catalogue or “Ebooks” in Discovery to make it easy to just see ebooks.

Getting into ebooks

Online reading lists – Click the big blue button next to the title.

In the Catalogue – Click the ebook title and then on the obscure little Online access link half-way through the record.

In DiscoveryClick on the link that promises to take you to the online resource (the exact wording varies)

All good? =)

If you have a problem finding, accessing or using an ebook or you have any questions about it’s features, whether and how to download all or part of it, how to cite and reference ebooks, or indeed anything else even vaguely Library or information related, please click the button on the Library website to get in touch.

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