New Books – September 2017

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during September 2017 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
004 PhoneGap essentials : building cross-platform mobile ap Wargo, John M.
004.22 Computer architecture : a quantitative approach / John Hennessy, John L.
004.22 Structured computer organization Tanenbaum, Andrew S., 1944-
004.35 Introduction to parallel computing / Ananth Grama … e
004.35 Sourcebook of parallel computing / edited by Jack Donga
005.1 Android application development for dummies / by Michae Burton, Michael
005.117 Objects first with Java : a practical introduction usin Barnes, David J. (David John), 1959 June 7-
005.177 Objects first with Java : a practical introduction usin Barnes, David J. (David John), 1959 June 7-
005.25 Professional mobile application development / Jeff McWh McWherter, Jeff
005.268 Programming iOS 10 / Matt Neuburg Neuburg, Matt
005.275 Using MPI : portable parallel programming with the Mess Gropp, William
005.2762 Core Java Horstmann, Cay S., 1959-
005.4476 Distributed systems : principles and paradigms / Andrew Tanenbaum, Andrew S., 1944-
005.8 The art of deception : controlling the human element of Mitnick, Kevin D. (Kevin David), 1963-
016.3982012 A guide to folktales in the English language : based on Ashliman, D. L.
020.727 Altmetrics : a practical guide for librarians, research
025.00285 The data librarian’s handbook / Robin Rice and John Sou Rice, Robin (Robin Charlotte), 1965-
070.18 Man on wire [videorecording] / director, James Marsh; p
070.18 Introduction to documentary / Bill Nichols Nichols, Bill, 1942-
070.5 Making literature now / Amy Hungerford Hungerford, Amy
121.68 Scenes, semiotics and the new real : exploring the valu Brown, Chris, 1975-
128.2 The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bic Jaynes, Julian
153.35 Idea work : lessons of the extraordinary in everyday cr Carlsen, Arne, 1964-
153.753 Felt time : the science of how we experience time / Mar Wittmann, Marc
155.4 An introduction to developmental psychology / edited by
158.7 Work psychology : understanding human behaviour in the Arnold, John, 1958-
158.7 The psychology of work and organizations / Stephen A. W Woods, Stephen A.
262.52 Spirit of Vatican II : Western European progressive Cat Horn, Gerd-Rainer
282.420902 Catholic England : faith, religion and observance befor
283.092 ‘This great firebrand’ : William Laud and Scotland, 161 James, Leonie
301.092 Bauman and contemporary sociology : a critical analysis Rattansi, Ali
302 Applied social psychology : understanding and addressin
302 Applied social psychology : understanding and managing
302 An introduction to social psychology : global perspecti Alcock, James E.
302 Social psychology : traditional and critical perspectiv Dickerson, Paul
302.2 Global perspectives on intercultural communication / ed
302.2343 Making sense of cinema : empirical studies into film sp
302.3 Social network analysis / John Scott Scott, John, 1949-
303.3850223 Atlas of prejudice : the complete stereotype map collec Tsvetkov, Yanko
303.482 The sociology of globalization / Luke Martell Martell, Luke
303.4840983 Marketing democracy : power and social movements in pos Paley, Julia, 1964-
303.625 Landscapes of the Jihad : militancy, morality, modernit Devji, Faisal
304.20941 An environmental history of Great Britain : from 10,000 Simmons, I. G. (Ian Gordon)
305.484120941 Minority women and austerity : survival and resistance Bassel, Leah, 1976-
305.48896 Black women’s bodies and the nation : race, gender and Tate, Shirley Anne
305.513 Against meritocracy : culture, power and myths of mobil Littler, Jo, 1972-
305.5620941 The new politics of class : the political exclusion of Evans, Geoffrey, 1957-
305.8 Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race / Eddo-Lodge, Reni
305.8 Understanding national identity / David McCrone and Fra McCrone, David
305.8001 Thinking ethnographically / Paul Atkinson Atkinson, Paul, 1947-
305.800973 Faces at the bottom of the well : the permanence of rac Bell, Derrick A.
305.800973 The color of our shame : race and justice in our time / Lebron, Christopher J.
305.8960730905 The making of Black lives matter : a brief history of a Lebron, Christopher J.
306 Culture and rights : anthropological perspectives / edi
306 Re-reading popular culture / Joke Hermes Hermes, Joke
306.090512 A chronicle of crisis : 2011-2016 / Zygmunt Bauman Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-2017
306.44072 Sociolinguistic research : application and impact / edi
307.094709041 Living the revolution : urban communes & Soviet sociali Willimott, Andy
307.1216 Remaking cities : an introduction to urban metrofitting Fry, Tony
307.121601 Urban design thinking : a conceptual toolkit / Kim Dove Dovey, Kim
307.76 Cities in time : temporary urbanism and the future of t Madanipour, Ali
320.48 Reflections on memory and democracy / edited by Merilee
320.51 Neoliberalism / Damien Cahill, Martijn Konings Cahill, Damien
320.968910905 Understanding Zimbabwe : from liberation to authoritari Dorman, Sara Rich
320.98 Democracy in Latin America : political change in compar Smith, Peter H.
323.11960730904 Mainstreaming black power / Tom Adam Davies Davies, Tom Adam, 1983-
324.73 An introduction to political communication / Brian McNa McNair, Brian, 1959-
327 World politics : interests, interactions, institutions Frieden, Jeffry A.
330.9410861 The violence of austerity / edited by Vickie Cooper and
330.96 Making Africa work : a handbook for economic success / Mills, Greg, 1962-
331 A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap b Dundon, Tony, 1962-
333.72 Conservation criminology / edited by Meredith L. Gore,
333.79 Fact and fiction in global energy policy : fifteen cont Sovacool, Benjamin K.
337.142 The European Union : economics and policies / Ali M. El
338.2096 The looting machine : warlords, tycoons, smugglers, and Burgis, Tom
338.477 The invention of creativity : modern society and the cu Reckwitz, Andreas
338.5 Sustainable luxury : managing social and environmental
338.6 Industrial organization : competition, strategy and pol Lipczynski, John
338.6 Industrial organization : theory and practice / Don E. Waldman, Don E.
338.9003 Encyclopedia of international development / edited by T
340 Law : a very short introduction / Raymond Wacks Wacks, Raymond
340.07141 Preparing to moot : a step-by-step guide to mooting / S Cooper, Sarah Lucy
340.115 Invitation to the sociology of international law / Mosh Hirsch, Moshe
341 Public international law / Alina Kaczorowska-Ireland Kaczorowska, Alina
341.24220941 Brexit : sociological responses / edited by William Out
341.24220941 Why the UK voted for Brexit : David Cameron’s great mis Glencross, Andrew
342.41 Public law / Professor Mark Elliott, Professor Robert T Elliott, Mark, 1975-
342.41041 Public inquiries : wrong route on Bloody Sunday / Sir L Blom-Cooper, Louis, 1926-
342.4108772 The limits of state power & private rights : exploring Devine, Lauren
342.51950664 International arbitration in Korea / Joongi Kim Kim, Joongi
344.095 The Oxford handbook of law, regulation, and technology
344.41046 Environmental law Bell, Stuart, 1965-
344.420313 Using the law in social work / Robert Johns Johns, Robert, 1950-
344.42041 Medical law / Jonathan Herring Herring, Jonathan
344.420791 Special needs and legal entitlement : the essential gui Nettleton, Melinda
345.0268 The financial crisis and white collar crime – legislati
345.42 Landmark cases in criminal law / edited by Philip Handl
345.42 Unlocking criminal law Storey, Tony
345.4205 Blackstone’s statutes on criminal justice & sentencing
346.048 Contemporary intellectual property : law and policy Waelde, Charlotte
346.41066 Mayson, French & Ryan on company law French, Derek
346.420432 Thompson’s modern land law Thompson, M. P. (Mark P.)
346.42064 Club law manual / Kerry Barker and Henry Stevens Barker, Kerry
346.42066 Business law / Professor J. Scott Slorach MA (Oxon), Ja Slorach, J. Scott
347.066 Memory and miscarriages of justice / Mark L. Howe, Laur Howe, Mark L.
347.409 Enforceability of multi-tiered dispute resolution claus Kajkowska, Ewelina
347.410504 Lawyers’ skills Webb, Julian S.
347.41072 Pleadings without tears : a guide to legal drafting und Rose, William M., 1949-2007
347.4205 A practical approach to civil procedure / Professor Stu Sime, Stuart
359.00710942 The training ship Mercury : a history / A.L. White
361.32 Decision making, assessment and risk in social work / B Taylor, Brian J.
361.320941 Social work & human development / Janet Walker Walker, Janet, 1957-
362.20425 Social work and mental health Golightley, Malcolm
362.88 Handbook of victims and victimology / edited by Sandra
363.23 Global issues in contemporary policing / edited by John
363.259630941 Investigation of fraud and economic crime / Michael J. Betts, Michael J.
363.325 Nexus of global Jihad : understanding cooperation among Moghadam, Assaf, 1974-
363.32517 The financial war on terrorism : a review of counter-te Ryder, Nicholas
363.7394 Acidification of freshwater ecosystems : implications f Dahlem Workshop on Acidification of Freshwate
364 Criminals and their scientists : the history of crimino
364 The Oxford handbook of criminology
364 Comparative criminal justice systems / Harry Dammer, Ja Dammer, Harry R., 1957-
364 Toward a criminology of disaster : what we know and wha Frailing, Kelly
364 The criminology and criminal justice companion / Susan Robinson, Susan
364.01 What is criminology about? : philosophical reflections
364.1323 Political corruption : concepts & contexts / Arnold J.
364.16302854678 Cyber frauds, scams and their victims / Mark Button and Button, Mark
364.1668 Handbook of research on counterfeiting and illicit trad
364.1680941 The financial crisis and white collar crime : the perfe Ryder, Nicholas
364.3 The psychology of criminal conduct / James Bonta and D. Bonta, James
364.620942 Dangerous politics : risk, political vulnerability, and Annison, Harry Michael John, 1985-
364.660973 DeathQuest : an introduction to the theory and practice Bohm, Robert M.
364.941 An introduction to criminal justice / edited by Jamie H
370.71 Knowledge and the study of education : an international
370.72 Leading the use of research and evidence in schools / e
370.721 Evidence-informed policy and practice in education : a Brown, Chris, 1975-
370.966 Contesting French West Africa : battles over schools an Gamble, Harry
371.95 The identities and practices of high-achieving pupils : Francis, Becky
372.65 Teaching languages in the primary school / Philip Hood Hood, Philip, 1951-
379 Education between state, markets, and civil society : c
398.2094227 Hampshire and Isle of Wight folk tales / Michael O’Lear
398.25094227 Hampshire and Isle of Wight ghost tales / Michael O’Lea O’Leary, Michael, 1952-
418.0071 Differentiation in the modern languages classroom / Man
418.0071 Explorations in language acquisition and use : the Taip Krashen, Stephen D.
418.0071 Becoming an outstanding languages teacher / Steve Smith Smith, Steve
418.00785 Language teacher education and technology : approaches
418.00785 Autonomous language learning with technology : beyond t Lai, Chun
418.00785 Teacher education in computer-assisted language learnin Schmid, Euline Cutrim, 1969-
418.02071 New perspectives on translanguaging and education / edi
428.24 Grammar and vocabulary for advanced : with answers / Ma Hewings, Martin
428.24 Oxford English grammar course Swan, Michael, 1936-
495.180071 Key issues in Chinese as a second language research / e
510 Taming the Infinite: The story of mathematics from the Stewart, Ian
512.5 Elementary linear algebra with supplemental application Anton, Howard
519.5 Practical statistics for geographers and earth scientis Walford, Nigel
519.50285536 SPSS Statistics for data analysis and visualization / K McCormick, Keith
526 Cartography : thematic map design / Borden D. Dent, Jef Dent, Borden D.
530.11 Time travel : a history / James Gleick Gleick, James
531.11 The lazy universe : an introduction to the principle of Coopersmith, Jennifer
535.15 Quantum optics / Werner Vogel and Dirk-Gunnar Welsch Vogel, Werner, 1952-
535.2 Quantum theory of optical coherence : selected papers a Glauber, Roy J., 1925-
551.48 Introduction to physical hydrology / Martin R. Hendriks Hendriks, Martin R.
551.48 Engineering hydrology / E.M. Wilson Wilson, E. M. (Eric Montgomery)
565.39094295 The Ordovician trilobite faunas of the Builth-Llandrind Hughes, C. P. (Christopher Paul), 1942-
567.9153 Stegosaurus : an extraordinary specimen and the secrets Barrett, Paul M.
570.151 Mathematics for biological scientists / Mike Aitken, Bi Aitken, Michael R. F.
577.82 The evolutionary strategies that shape ecosystems / J. Grime, J. Philip (John Philip)
578.776 Marine plankton : a practical guide to ecology, methodo
610.28568 Rehabilitation : innovations and challenges in the use
616.025 Nancy Caroline’s emergency care in the streets Caroline, Nancy L.
616.0754 Medical imaging : techniques, reflection & evaluation /
616.8522706 Break free from OCD / Fiona Challacombe, Victoria Bream Challacombe, Fiona
616.8582 The neurobiological basis of violence : science and reh
617.7523 Contact lenses / edited by Anthony J. Phillips and Lynn
618.92806 Understanding sensory processing disorders in children Mielnick, Matt
620.11 Materials characterization / Ramiro Pe´rez Campos, Anto
620.1126 Standard Test Method for Plane-Strain (Chevron-Notch) F ASTM International
621.34 Modern magnetic materials : principles and applications O’Handley, Robert C., 1942-
621.3815 Digital fundamentals / Thomas L. Floyd Floyd, Thomas L.
621.38152 Functional thin films and functional materials : new co
625.26109748 Pennsylvania Railroad Altoona machine shops : construct Lovell, Joseph D.
627 Engineering hydrology / E.M. Wilson Wilson, E. M. (Eric Montgomery)
628.2409421209034 Into the belly of the beast : exploring London’s Victor Dobraszczyk, Paul
629.27 Automobile electrical and electronic systems / Tom Dent Denton, Tom
641.5962 Apricots on the Nile : a memoir with recipes / Colette Rossant, Colette
658.1148 How to run a charity / Cecile Gillard Gillard, Cecile
658.155 Fundamentals of risk management : understanding, evalua Hopkin, Paul
658.3 Human resource development : a concise introduction / e
658.3 The best place to work : the art and science of creatin Friedman, Ron, 1977-
658.3 Managing human resources : a partnership perspective / Schuler, Randall S.
658.4 The ICSA company secretary’s handbook / Douglas Armour, Armour, Douglas
658.4 The ICSA corporate governance handbook / Bernadette Bar Barber, Bernadette
658.4 The nature of corporate governance : the significance o Dine, Janet
658.4012 Strategic performance management : a managerial and beh Waal, Andre´ de
658.404 Managing successful projects with PRINCE2
658.408 Beyond the bottom line : integrating sustainability int
658.422 The non-executive directors’ handbook / Brian Coyle Coyle, Brian
658.84 mCommerce security : a beginner’s guide / Kapil Raina, Raina, Kapil
658.872 Internet marketing : integrating online and offline str Roberts, Mary Lou
697 Heating, cooling, lighting : sustainable design methods Lechner, Norbert
704.94 Visible signs : an introduction to semiotics in the vis Crow, David, 1962-
704.942 Portraiture : facing the subject / edited and introduce
707.2 Drawing on conversation : drawing as a method of explor Saorsa, Jac
720 Structure as architecture : a source book for architect Charleson, Andrew
720.222 Why architects draw / Edward Robbins ; interviews with Robbins, Edward
720.28 Why architects draw / Edward Robbins ; interviews with Robbins, Edward
720.92 Le Corbusier alive / text, Dominique Lyon ; photography Lyon, Dominique
724.6 Modern architecture since 1900 / William J. R. Curtis Curtis, William, 1948-
724.6 A new history of modern architecture : art nouveau, the Davies, Colin, 1929-
726.60942262 The architectural history of Chichester Cathedral, with Willis, Robert, 1800-1875
728.373097494 Eames house : an appreciation of the work of Charles & Barkley, James
729 Integrating building performance with design : an archi Grant, Elizabeth J.
741.5973 Make ours Marvel : media convergence and a comics unive
741.642 Lion et l’oiseau Dubuc, Marianne
759.2 John Minton : a centenary / Simon Martin and Frances Sp Martin, Simon, 1979-
759.2 John Minton : dance till the stars come down / Frances Spalding, Frances
781.66081 Gender and rock / Mary Celeste Kearney Kearney, Mary Celeste, 1962-
782.140268 Memphis : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway Bryan, David, 1962-
782.4216414 Popular singing and style / Donna Soto-Morettini Soto-Morettini, Donna
791.4301 What is film theory? : an introduction to contemporary Rushton, Richard
791.430233 Beyond continuity : script supervision for the modern f Cybulski, Mary
791.430233 Film directing fundamentals : see your film before shoo Proferes, Nicholas T.
791.430233092 Saved from oblivion : an autobiography / Bernard Vorhau Vorhaus, Bernard
791.4365266 The queer film festival : popcorn and politics / Stuart Richards, Stuart James
791.43655 Visions of England : class and culture in contemporary Dave, Paul
791.4365878 Still in the saddle : the Hollywood western, 1969-1980 Nelson, Andrew Patrick, 1982-
791.450280941 The changing spaces of television acting : from studio Hewett, Richard, 1970-
791.450941 Social class and television drama in contemporary Brita
794.81536 Game sound technology and player interaction : concepts
796.3343 Elite soccer referees : officiating in the Premier Leag Webb, Tom (Thomas)
808.042 Grammar choices for graduate and professional writers / Caplan, Nigel A.
808.042 Reading, writing and reasoning : a guide for students / Fairbairn, Gavin
808.0666 Writing for science students / Jennifer Boyle and Scott Boyle, Jennifer
808.0666 Controlling language in industry : controlled languages Crabbe, Stephen
810.7 Krik? krak! / Edwidge Danticat Danticat, Edwidge, 1969-
813.01089287 Great short stories by American women / edited by Canda
813.54 The mistress of spices / Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee, 1956-
813.6 The obelisk gate / N.K. Jemisin Jemisin, N. K.
813.6 Small beauty / Jia Qing Wilson-Yang Wilson-Yang, Jia Qing
813.609 Contemporary drift : genre, historicism, and the proble Martin, Theodore
820.72 Pussy / Howard Jacobson ; with illustrations by Chris R Jacobson, Howard
820.9112 Modernism and the culture of market society / John Xiro Cooper, John Xiros, 1944-
823.92 Swing time / Zadie Smith Smith, Zadie
828.91209 Why I write / George Orwell Orwell, George, 1903-1950
892.437 A horse walks into a bar / David Grossman ; translated Grossman, David
910 Key concepts in geography
910.285 Geographical information systems : principles, techniqu
910.285 Principles of geographical information systems / Peter Burrough, P. A.
910.285 Fundamentals of geographic information systems / Michae DeMers, Michael N.
910.285 Introducing geographic information systems with ArcGIS Kennedy, Michael, 1939-
910.285 Geographic information science & systems / Paul A. Long Longley, Paul
914.11 Sightlines / Kathleen Jamie Jamie, Kathleen, 1962-
946.04 Carlos V y la España imperial : estudios y ensayos / Gu Galasso, Giuseppe
954.042 The great partition : the making of India and Pakistan Khan, Yasmin, 1977-
956.9405 A half century of occupation : Israel, Palestine, and t Shafir, Gershon
959 The Cambridge history of Southeast Asia
965.054 Algeria : nation, culture and transnationalism 1988-201

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