New Books – July 2017

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during July 2017 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
006.7 Creative mobile media : a complete course / Sylvie Pras Prasad, Sylvie E.
052.08209415 Women’s voices in Ireland : women’s magazines in the 19 Clear, Caitrióna, 1960-
305.6970944 La Fabrique du Musulman / Nedjib Sidi Moussa Sidi Moussa, Nedjib, 1982-
306.484 Sociology of theatre and performance / Maria Shevtsova Shevtsova, Maria
320.5662 The promise and perils of populism : global perspective
332.49 Money : the unauthorised biography / Felix Martin Martin, Felix, 1974-
362.10941 Partnership working in health and social care : what is Glasby, Jon
364.973 Crime and public policy / edited by James Q. Wilson, Jo
511.352 Computers and intractability : a guide to the theory of Garey, Michael R.
516.36 Differential geometry of curves and surfaces / Masaaki Umehara, Masaaki
612 Anatomy & physiology / Kevin T. Patton, Gary A. Thibode Patton, Kevin T.
621.89 The cutting edge of tribology : a decade of progress in Spencer, Nicholas D.
627.98 FPSO handbook / by Angus Mather Mather, Angus
657.3 International financial reporting : a practical guide / Melville, Alan
658.0095 Art of modern oriental management : applying the Chines Yu, Sing Ong
658.00951 Art of modern oriental management : applying the Chines Yu, Sing Ong
658.1592 Advanced introduction to entrepreneurial finance / Hans Landstro¨m, Hans
658.4063 Open business models : how to thrive in the new innovat Chesbrough, Henry William
658.408 Sustainable luxury and social entrepreneurship
658.8342 Consumer behavior : buying, having, and being / Michael Solomon, Michael R.
687 The responsible fashion company : integrating ethics an Rinaldi, Francesca Romana
691 Cultivated building materials : industrialized natural Hebel, Dirk
720.47 FutuREstorative : working towards a new sustainability Brown, Martin
720.922 Snøhetta : people, process, projects
725.8 Centre Pompidou : Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and the Dal Co, Francesco, 1945-
740 FireSigns : a semiotic theory for graphic design / Stev Skaggs, Steven
747.9409 The anatomy of colour : the story of heritage paints an Baty, Patrick
777.7 Frame-by-frame stop motion : the guide to non-puppet ph Gasek, Tom
777.9 The filmmaker’s guide to visual effects : the art and t Dinur, Eran
791.43655 Dying for a laugh : disaster movies and the camp imagin Feil, Ken
794.8 Story structure and development : a guide for animators Caldwell, Craig
810.8 Olio / Tyehimba Jess Jess, Tyehimba
810.8 Sweat / Lynn Nottage Nottage, Lynn
812.54 Sweat / Lynn Nottage Nottage, Lynn
820.71 The forbidden zone / Mary Borden ; edited by Hazel Hutc Borden, Mary
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