ScienceDirect login problem

Update 02.08.17 – ScienceDirect is working normally again using the usual authentication methods.  You may need to clear your browser cache to restore access when you are working away from the University campus.
A ScienceDirect login problem has been discovered by those working away from the University campus network.  Elsevier are working to restore normal access as soon as possible.
You can log into ScienceDirect by signing in directly to the ScienceDirect website and clicking through to the journal you want via the Discovery Service.
Here is a step-by-step guide:
  1. From the Library homepage, ensure the “Discovery” search box tab is selected and click the “Advanced” link on the right hand side of the search box to go to the Discovery Service search page.
  2. Click on the “Publications” button at the top of the screen to go to the dedicated Publications Search.
  3. Search for either a specific journal, or enter “ScienceDirect” as a single word for an alphabetical list of ScienceDirect journals.
  4. Open the first link in the results list in a new tab or window.  Unless you have altered your web browser’s keyboard shortcut settings, this can be achieved by holding down the <Control> key (Windows) or <Command> key (Mac OS) while you click on the green link.
  5. Sign in to ScienceDirect using the link in the top-right hand corner using your usual login, as you would log into Moodle or a University computer terminal.
  6. Return to the tab/window with the Discovery Publications Search window still open.  Click on the ScienceDirect link again and it will take you through to ScienceDirect but this time you will be logged in and able to download the full text of any article within our subscriptions.