New Books – June 2017

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during June 2017 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
111.85 Thought styles : critical essays on good taste / Mary D Douglas, Mary, 1921-
147.4 From individual to plural agency : collective action Ludwig, Kirk, 1959-
153.42 A field guide to lies and statistics : a neuroscientist Levitin, Daniel J.
153.69 The science of facial expression / edited by Jose´-Migu  
155.413 Children’s thinking : cognitive development and individ Bjorklund, David F., 1949-
158.26 Interpersonal savvy : building and maintaining solid wo  
174 Virtue at work : ethics for individuals, managers, and Moore, Geoff, Prof.
174.4 Ethics in finance / John R. Boatright Boatright, John Raymond, 1941-
301.01 Storytelling sociology : narrative as social inquiry /  
302.231 Between the public and private in mobile communication  
302.23450973 Television on demand : curatorial culture and the trans Robinson, M. J.
303.34 Introduction to leadership : concepts and practice / Pe Northouse, Peter Guy
306 Thought styles : critical essays on good taste / Mary D Douglas, Mary, 1921-
306.094109046 You say you want a revolution? : records and rebels 196  
306.768 Transmen and FTMs : identities, bodies, genders, and se Cromwell, Jason, 1952-
332.1091767 Islamic finance : principles and practice / Hans Visser Visser, H. (Herschel), 1943-
332.1097471 Capital of capital : money, banking+power in New York C Jaffe, Steven H.
332.642 How markets work and fail, and what to make of them / B Nooteboom, B.
333.709481 Managing resource abundance and wealth : the Norwegian Moses, Jonathon Wayne, 1962-
337 International economics : global markets and competitio Thompson, Henry, 1947-
338.47910688 Marketing for tourism, hospitality & events : a global Hudson, Simon
338.88 Theories of the multinational firm : a multidimensional Forsgren, Mats
345.02 Political violence, organized crimes, terrorism, and yo NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Political
352.37 Collaborative innovation in the public sector / Jacob T Torfing, Jacob
362.22 Outreach in community mental health care : a manual for Burns, Tom, 1946-
364.1323 Corruption : what everyone needs to know® / Ray Fisman, Fisman, Raymond
379.111 Global education Inc : new policy networks and the neo- Ball, Stephen J.
522.62 The basis of physical photometry  
535 ILV : International lighting vocabulary  
535 ILV : International lighting vocabulary  
535 Light as a true visual quantity : principles of measure  
540 General, organic, and biological chemistry : structures Timberlake, Karen C.
543.355 Colorimetry  
553.452 Current Perspectives on Zinc Deposits / edited by S.M.  
579 Brock biology of microorganisms Madigan, Michael T., 1949-
595.79 The insect societies / by Edward O. Wilson Wilson, Edward O.
611.00222 Atlas of anatomy / edited by Anne M. Gilroy, MA (Associ  
614.150973 Principles and practice of forensic psychiatry  
616.994061 Cancer signaling : from molecular biology to targeted t Wagener, C. (Christoph)
617.1027 Sports innovation, technology and research / editors, D  
620.00684 Fundamentals of decision making for engineering design Hazelrigg, George A.
621.31244 Building-integrated solar technology : architectural de  
621.384 The Hobbyist’s Guide to the RTL-SDR : really cheap soft Laufer, Carl
621.384 Software Defined Radio Using MATLAB & Simulink and the Stewart, Robert W.
621.38456 The one device : the secret history of the iPhone / Bri Merchant, Brian
621.988 Lasers in 3D printing and manufacturing / Chee Kai Chua Chua, Chee Kai
622.33850974 Unconventional : the development of natural gas from th Soeder, D. J.
624.1834 Green building with concrete : sustainable design and c  
657 Financial accounting / Parminder Johal, Beverly Vickers Johal, Parminder
657.458 Principles of fraud examination / Joseph T. Wells Wells, Joseph T.
658.15 Corporate finance / David Hillier, Stephen Ross, Randol Hillier, David
658.3 Strategic human resource management : an international  
658.30072 Research methods in human resource management / Valerie Anderson, Valerie
658.300721 Research methods in human resource management / Valerie Anderson, Valerie
658.408 Corporate power and responsible capitalism? : towards s Jones, Bryn, 1946-
658.4092 Developing holistic leadership : a source of business i Kodama, Mitsuru, 1957-
658.421 Entrepreneurship in theory and practice : paradoxes in Løwe Nielsen, Suna
658.45 Strategic internal communication : how to build employe Cowan, David, 1961-
658.473 Fraud and fraud detection : a data analytics approach / Gee, Sunder
658.473 Corporate fraud handbook : prevention and detection / J Wells, Joseph T.
658.54 Fundamentals of work measurement : what every engineer Mital, Anil
658.827 Branding : a very short introduction / Robert Jones Jones, Robert
681.2 Characterization of illuminance meters and luminance me  
681.2 Methods of characterizing the performance of radiometer  
681.2 Spectral responsivity measurement of detectors, radiome  
712 : planning strategies, methods and p Prominski, Martin
720.103 The social (re)production of architecture : politics, v  
726.5 Churches : an architectural guide / Simon Bradley Bradley, Simon
728.091732 Urbanes Wohnen = Urban housing / Christian Schittich, H  
741.5 The end / Pat Mills ; artist, Joe Colquhoun Mills, Pat
741.642 Dinosaurs / Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart Sabuda, Robert
776 Generative art : a practical guide using processing / M Pearson, Matt
777 Corporate video production : beyond the board room (and Sweetow, Stuart
783 Singing and teaching singing : a holistic approach to c Chapman, Janice L.
791.430947 The Chaplin machine : slapstick, Fordism and the Commun Hatherley, Owen
791.436581 Disappearing war : interdisciplinary perspectives on ci  
792.026 Costume in performance : materiality, culture, and the Barbieri, Donatella
794.8 Games, design and play : a detailed approach to iterati Macklin, Colleen
794.8 Storytelling for interactive digital media and video ga Zeman, Nicholas B.
809.2 Dramatic considerations : essays in criticism, 1977-198 Cardullo, Bert
820.8 Himself / Jess Kidd Kidd, Jess
901.13 The interactive past : archaeology, heritage & video ga  
979.461 Summer of love : art, fashion, and rock and roll / Jill D’Alessandro, Jill
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