Up there in blue and white: @UoPlibrary receives blue tick verification on Twitter

twitter photoSome of us harbour secret, furtive aspirations to answer more of your questions via Twitter.  We imagine many of you sitting with Twitter on your phone, just waiting to ask us library things, and given how many other businesses engage with their clients via Twitter it makes sense for us to start thinking about making it a more mainstream enquiry channel.  There is of course nothing stopping you asking us a question via Twitter, or even via Facebook, Facebook Messenger or in an Instagram comment right now.

Before we even consider formally inviting everyone to get in touch via Twitter, however, we have to be sure you could be confident it was us you are getting answers from and not some spurious ‘alternative’ feed that might spring up to impersonate us at an unfortunate moment.  To do this, we sought to have our authentic @UoPlibrary Twitter feed verified.  We believe we are one of the first libraries to earn the official blue tick Twitter verification (h/t @LivUniLibrary for already getting verified as well).  Librarians are keen observers of one another’s achievements, however, and we understand one at least is already pondering how to win themselves a coveted blue tick for their feed, so we expect other libraries will be seeking blue tick verification very soon.

Are we verified on any other platforms?

We have the grey tick verification on our Facebook account, so you can look for the grey tick (it appears as a cool white tick on a blue shield on our Google+ Business page) and be similarly sure that you have reached our Facebook page and no-one else’s, should you want to ask us a question or find out what is hot and happening.

Photo by Tom Raftery

Assistant Librarian (Promotions) at the University Library. An enthusiastic advocate of libraries, diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice for all, inside and outside the workplace.

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