Better interlibrary loans

We are pleased to announce that from Wednesday 7th June 2017 we are moving to a new and improved system for the secure electronic delivery of documents from the British Library called DRM Lite. This replaces the older FileOpen system and is expected to be both more reliable and easier to use.

From next Wednesday, when you request a journal article or book chapter using the interlibrary loans service, it will be delivered within a few days directly to your University email account. You will then be able to open it on any computer, tablet or smartphone with a working internet connection and Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) installed. You will have 30 days after receiving the interlibrary loan to save a copy, which will remain accessible for up to three years. You will still have the option to print a single copy to store more permanently.

Do I need to do anything now?

You will need to register for a British Library account in order to receive interlibrary loans through the new system. We therefore recommend registering now at You will also need to register through the Library website to use our interlibrary loans system the first time that you request an interlibrary loan.

Will my existing interlibrary loans be affected?

Any interlibrary loans placed on or before Tuesday 6th June will be processed under the existing system using FileOpen. Orders placed on or after Wednesday 7th June will use the new DRM Lite system.

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