Introducing… Greek Myth Comix (Classics made fun)

Do you like comics?  How about serialised graphic novels for grown-ups?   Laura Jenkinson’s Greek Myth Comix describes and explains the epic Greek myths and classical stories from Antiquity in a very accessible style (she makes them tremendously fun).  They are a great starting point to explore the now out of vogue subject that is Classics.  Here is an example of all that you can find on the excellent comix blog.  You can also read about the comix… I mean comics, and their creator here.

Greek Myth Comix presents

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One comment on “Introducing… Greek Myth Comix (Classics made fun)
  1. David Bennett says:

    I am reliably informed by the artist that Classics is quite in vogue still, and to prove it she has published a Greek Myth Comix presents the Olympian God Colouring Book. Unlike the UoPlibrary colouring book (available while stocks last and then to download free from, colouring in the Olympian gods will cost you money, though!

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