New Books – March 2017

What follows is a list of new books received in the Library during March 2017 ordered by classmark. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Classmark Title Author
001.2 Literacy in the digital university : critical perspecti
001.42 Thinking with theory in qualitative research : viewing Jackson, Alecia Youngblood, 1968-
001.4202854678 Internet research, illustrated / Donald I. Barker, Meli Barker, Donald, 1953-
003.3 The nature of code / by Daniel Shiffman ; editor, Shann Shiffman, Daniel
004.019 The VR book : human-centered design for virtual reality Jerald, Jason
004.03 BCS glossary of computing British Computer Society, Glossary Working Pa
004.165 Android tablets / by Dan Gookin Gookin, Dan
004.167 Android tips and tricks / Guy Hart-Davis Hart-Davis, Guy
004.167 Troubleshooting iOS : solving iPhone and iPad problems McFedries, Paul
004.1675 iPad / by Edward C. Baig and Bob LeVitus Baig, Edward C.
004.1675 iPad / by Guy Hart-Davis Hart-Davis, Guy
004.9 The universal computer : the road from Leibniz to Turin Davis, Martin, 1928-
005.133 Python for dummies / by Stef Maruch and Aahz Maruch Maruch, Stef
005.8 Introduction to computer security / Matt Bishop Bishop, Matt (Matthew A.)
005.8 Managing risk and information security : protect to ena Harkins, Malcolm
005.8 Information Systems Security : 12th International Confe ICISS (Conference) (12th :Jaipur, India : 201
005.8 Fundamentals of information systems security / David Ki Kim, David
005.8 Security in computing Pfleeger, Charles P., 1948-
006.312 R for data science : import, tidy, transform, visualize Wickham, Hadley
006.696 Beginner’s guide to character creation in Maya / writte Amin, Jahirul
021.7 Educational programs : innovative practices for archive
025.1977 Virtually embedded : the librarian in an online environ
025.4669 Classification : an introduction / by John Sands Sands, John, 1962-
025.56 The craft of librarian instruction : using acting techn Artman, Julie
025.56 The mini book of teaching tips for librarians / Andrew Walsh, Andrew (Andrew P.)
028.55 Children as readers in children’s literature : the powe
028.7071173 Teaching information literacy threshold concepts : less
069.5 Displays of power : memory and amnesia in the American Dubin, Steven C.
070.43 Citizen witnessing : revisioning journalism in times of Allan, Stuart, 1962-
070.4332 We chose to speak of war and strife : the world of the Simpson, John, 1944-
070.449303625 Terror post 9/11 and the media / David L. Altheide Altheide, David L.
070.44994053 Reporting war : how foreign correspondents risked captu Moseley, Ray, 1932-
070.49 Photojournalism : the professionals’ approach / Kenneth Kobre, Kenneth, 1946-
150 Psychology : from inquiry to understanding / Scott O. L Lilienfeld, Scott O., 1960-
150.198 Mindset / Carol Dweck Dweck, Carol S., 1946-
150.72 Introducing qualitative research in psychology / Carla Willig, Carla, 1964-
150.721 Introduction to research methods and data analysis in p Langdridge, Darren
150.9 Pioneers of psychology : a history / Raymond E. Fancher Fancher, Raymond E.
152.334 Motor learning and control : concepts and applications Magill, Richard A.
153.43 Algorithms to live by : The computer science of human d Christian, Brian, 1984-
155 A critical approach to human growth and development : a Nicolson, Paula
155.34 Gay, straight, and the reason why : the science of sexu LeVay, Simon
158.2 Interpersonal messages / Joseph A. DeVito, Hunter Colle DeVito, Joseph A.
165 Believing bullshit : how not to get sucked into an inte Law, Stephen
174.30941 Compliance and ethics in law firms : a guide for legal Calvert, Tracey
174.30941 In-house ethics in practice / Tracey Calvert Calvert, Tracey
177.3 On bullshit / Harry G. Frankfurt Frankfurt, Harry G., 1929-
177.5 Stain removal : ethics and race / J. Reid Miller Miller, J. Reid
179.7 Through the valley of shadows : living wills, intensive Brown, Samuel Morris
194 Society must be defended : lectures at the Colle`ge d Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984
274.106 The age of Reformation : the Tudor and Stewart realms, Ryrie, Alec
280.4097309034 Muscular Christianity : manhood and sports in Protestan Putney, Clifford, 1963-
299.936 Going clear : Scientology, Hollywood, and the prison of Wright, Lawrence, 1947-
300.72 Doing reflexivity : an introduction / Jon Dean Dean, Jon
300.72 Doing international research : global and local methods Williams, Christopher
300.72 Case study research : design and methods / Robert K. Yi Yin, Robert K.
300.721 Qualitative research / edited by David Silverman
300.721 Creative research methods in the social sciences : a pr Kara, Helen
300.722 Case study research : design and methods / Robert K. Yi Yin, Robert K.
302.1 Memory unbound : tracing the dynamics of memory studies
302.23 Fans and fan cultures : tourism, consumerism and social Linden, Henrik
302.23 Media and everyday life / Tim Markham Markham, Tim, 1974-
302.23072 Advancing media production research : shifting sites, m
302.230947 Revolution stalled : the political limits of the Intern Oates, Sarah
302.231 Crossing fandoms : SuperWhoLock and the contemporary fa Booth, Paul, 1981-
303.34 Leadership : a very short introduction / Keith Grint Grint, Keith
303.372 Epistemologies of the South : justice against epistemic Santos, Boaventura de Sousa
303.375 How propaganda works / Jason Stanley Stanley, Jason
303.482 The globalization of international society / edited by
303.482 Borderlands : towards an anthropology of the cosmopolit Agier, Michel, 1953-
303.482 Glocalization : a critical introduction / Victor Roudom Roudometof, Victor, 1964-
303.483 The fourth industrial revolution / Klaus Schwab Schwab, Klaus, 1938-
303.4833 The second machine age : work, progress, and prosperity Brynjolfsson, Erik
303.4834 Weapons of math destruction : how big data increases in O’Neil, Cathy
303.4840947 Protest in Putin’s Russia / Mischa Gabowitsch Gabowitsch, Mischa, 1977-
303.625 Terror, terrorism, and the human condition / Charles P. Webel, Charles
303.69 The mediation handbook : research, theory, and practice
303.69 The psychology of conflict : mediating in a diverse wor Randolph, Paul
304.2 Fire / Stephen J. Pyne Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-
304.2083 Play and recreation, health and wellbeing / Bethan Evan
305.23 Childhood in society for the early years / Rory McDowal Clark, Rory McDowall
305.23072 The reality of research with children and young people
305.231 Practice-based research in children’s play / edited by
305.231 Child development : a cultural approach / Jeffrey Jense Arnett, Jeffrey Jensen
305.231 Contemporary childhood / Sean MacBlain, Jill Dunn and I MacBlain, Sean
305.26 A fresh map of life : the emergence of the Third Age / Laslett, Peter
305.260944 Génération sans pareille : les baby-boomers de 1945 ü/td>

Sirinelli, Jean-Francٯis
305.309409024 Gender and political culture in early modern Europe, 14
305.31094109044 Men in reserve : British civilian masculinities in the Pattinson, Juliette
305.38896073 Slaves to fashion : black dandyism and the styling of b Miller, Monica L., 1970-
305.4 Animal : the autobiography of a female body / Sara Pasc Pascoe, Sara, 1981-
305.42 Lean out / Dawn Foster ; foreword by Nina Power Foster, Dawn
305.4209 Heartthrobs : a history of women and desire / Carol Dyh Dyhouse, Carol, 1948-
305.4209024 A cultural history of women in the Renaissance / edited
305.420973 Seeking the beloved community : a feminist race reader James, Joy, 1958-
306.09420903 A social history of England, 1500-1750 / edited by Keit
306.097309051 Zombie politics and culture in the age of casino capita Giroux, Henry A.
306.2 The political sociology of human rights / Kate Nash Nash, Kate, 1958-
306.20944 Sociologie du clieծtelisme / Heլe`ne Combes, Gabriel Combes, Heլe`ne
306.3 The sociology of consumption : a global approach / Joel Stillerman, Joel
306.4 The frenzy of renown : fame & its history / Leo Braudy Braudy, Leo
306.44 Language, sexuality, and power : studies in intersectio
306.481 Policy for play : responding to children’s forgotten ri Voce, Adrian
306.484 Sociology of theatre and performance / Maria Shevtsova Shevtsova, Maria
306.765082 Irrepressible : the Jazz Age life of Henrietta Bingham Bingham, Emily
307.1216 Complexity theories of cities have come of age : an ove
307.1216 Handbook of biophilic city planning and design / Timoth Beatley, Timothy, 1957-
320.0820941 A woman’s work / Harriet Harman Harman, Harriet
320.082096 Women’s activism in Africa : struggles for rights and r
320.12 Theory of the border / Thomas Nail Nail, Thomas
320.15 Practising self-government : a comparative study of aut
320.47304909033 Ratifying the republic : Antifederalists and Federalist Siemers, David J.
320.509 Political ideologies : their origins and impact Baradat, Leon P., 1940-2016
320.5094 The populist radical right : a reader / edited by Cas M
320.53094 On extremism and democracy in Europe / Cas Mudde Mudde, Cas
320.540944 L’inseգuriteԠculturelle / Laurent Bouvet Bouvet, Laurent
320.5570941 Radicalism unveiled / Farhaan Wali Wali, Farhaan
320.601 The Routledge handbook of international resilience / ed
320.94 The politics of everyday Europe : constructing authorit McNamara, Kathleen R., 1962-
320.941 All out war : the full story of how Brexit sank Britain Shipman, Tim
320.942014 Rhetoric, politics and popularity in pre-revolutionary Peltonen, Markku
320.944081 L’Alsace politique: 1870-1914 / Francٯis Igersheim Igersheim, Francٯis
321.8 The despot’s accomplice : how the West is aiding and ab Klaas, Brian P. (Brian Paul), 1986-
323.352 The human rights of children : from visions to implemen
323.44 The rule of freedom : liberalism and the modern city / Joyce, Patrick
323.6094 Enacting European citizenship / edited by Engin F. Isin
324.24402 Le PSF : un parti de masse a droite (1936-1940) / sous
324.7097309051 Prototype politics : technology-intensive campaigning a Kreiss, Daniel
324.73 Presidential campaigning in the Internet age / Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Jennifer
327.1745 The politics of weapons inspections : assessing WMD mon Busch, Nathan E., 1971-
327.41073 Our supreme task : how Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain White, Philip
327.44047 Pour une Europe de l’Atlantique a` l’Oural : les relati Moullec, Gaeɬ, 1962-
327.47 Should we fear Russia? / Dmitri Trenin Trenin, Dmitriiɍ
327.4701821 Who lost Russia? : how the world entered a new Cold War Conradi, Peter
327.73 Worldmaking : the art and science of American diplomacy Milne, David, 1976-
328.241090512 The Brexit club : the inside story of the Leave campaig Bennett, Owen
330.12 The profit doctrine : economists of the neoliberal era Chernomas, Robert
330.94107 The Industrial Revolution / Robert C. Allen Allen, Robert C., 1947-
330.96 The new scramble for Africa / Paդraig Carmody Carmody, Paդraig Risteard
331.114450941 Culture, capitals and graduate futures : degrees of cla Burke, Ciaraծ
331.7617 Creative justice : cultural industries, work and inequa Banks, Mark
331.8811780941 Players’ work time : a history of the British Musicians Williamson, John
332.178 Blockchain revolution : how the technology behind bitco Tapscott, Don, 1947-
332.40285 Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies : a comprehensi Narayanan, Arvind
333.3 Land rights, ethno-nationality, and sovereignty in hist
333.3320285554 Spreadsheets for valuations : 50 worked examples using Ben-Nathan, Paul
333.338 Pricing and sustainability of urban real estate / Tom K Kauko, Tom
333.72 Wildlife in the Anthropocene : conservation after natur Lorimer, Jamie, 1979-
333.95416071 The media, animal conservation and environmental educat
335.02 Retrotopia / Zygmunt Bauman Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-
338.04 Essentials of entrepreneurship : evidence and practice Baron, Robert A.
338.064 Global companies, local innovations : why the engineeri Motoyama, Yasuyuki
338.0973 Remaking the rust belt : the postindustrial transformat Neumann, Tracy
338.097709047 Industrial sunset : the making of North America’s rust High, Steven C.
338.17385109595 The oil palm complex : smallholders, agribusiness and t
338.2728 Oil and gas exploration and production : reserves, cost Bret-Rouzaut, Nadine
338.47629133 Domesticating drones : the technology, law and economic Perritt, Henry H.
338.4791045 Cruise ship tourism / edited by Ross Dowling and Clare
338.5 It should never happen again : the failure of inquiries Lauder, Mike
338.542 The road to ruin : the global elites’ secret plan for t Rickards, James
338.6 The globalization of corporate governance / Alan Dignam Dignam, Alan J.
338.951 China’s innovation challenge : overcoming the middle-in
339.2 Too much stuff : capitalism in crisis / Kozo Yamamura Yamamura, Koкoύ
339.4701 Theories of consumption / John Storey Storey, John, 1950-
340.068 Liquid legal : transforming legal into a business savvy
340.0711 Academic learning in law : theoretical positions, teach
340.1 Reasons and intentions in law and practical agency / ed
340.115 Conducting law and society research : reflections on me Halliday, Simon, Dr
340.115072 Conducting law and society research : reflections on me Halliday, Simon, Dr
340.14 Translating the social world for law : linguistic tools
340.148 Guide to foreign and international legal citations
341 Interpretation in international law / edited by Andrea
341.1 Strategic treaty management : practice and implications McInerney, Thomas F.
341.2309 The United Nations in international history / Amy L. Sa Sayward, Amy L., 1969-
341.2422284 The European Court of Justice and international courts Lock, Tobias
341.45 The international law of the sea / Yoshifumi Tanaka, Un Tanaka, Yoshifumi
341.48 Human rights law / Dr Howard Davis Davis, Howard, 1948 September 22-
341.48 Agamben and the politics of human rights : statelessnes Lechte, John
341.48 Economic, social and cultural rights in international l Ssenyonjo, Manisuli
341.48094 The UK and European human rights : a strained relations
341.486 Statelessness : the enigma of the international communi Conklin, William E.
341.584 UN-tied nations : the United Nations, peacekeeping and Seaman, Kate
341.72 Security and international law / edited by Mary E Foote
341.73096 Peacebuilding in the African Union : law, philosophy an Jeng, Abou
342.40852 The burqa affair across Europe : between public and pri
342.40873 Law, lawyers and race : critical race theory from the U Moɳchel, Mathias
342.420858 Celebrity and royal privacy, and media and the law / Ro Smith, Robin Callender
342.73068 The successes and failures of whistleblower laws / Robe Vaughn, Robert G.
343.0962 Principles of carriage of goods by sea / Paul Todd Todd, Paul, 1954-
343.240721 Bellamy & Child materials on European Union law of comp
343.240721 EU competition law : an analytical guide to the leading Ezrachi, Ariel, 1971-
343.4107830223 Media & entertainment law / Ursula Smartt ; with a fore Smartt, Ursula
343.4107862 NEC3 : the role of the project manager / Bronwyn Mitche Mitchell, Bronwyn
343.41082 Ad law : the essential guide to advertising law and reg
343.42025 Assets of community value : law and practice / Simon Ad Adamyk, Simon
343.420998 McNae’s essential law for journalists Hanna, Mark, 1957 May 10-
344.2405325 Civil liability in Europe for terrorism-related risk / Bergkamp, Lucas
344.4101 Employment law / A.C.L. Davies Davies, A. C. L. (Anne C. L.)
344.4101125 Butterworths employment law handbook / editor, Peter Wa
344.4101398133 Extending working life for older workers : age discrimi Blackham, Alysia
344.41032198178 Revisiting the regulation of human fertilisation and em
344.41044 Mental health tribunal handbook / Sarah Johnston, Sophy Johnston, Sarah
344.4203270269 Good practice in child care cases / The Law Society
344.42044 Deprivation of liberty : collected guidance / The Law S
345.01 International criminal justice : law and practice from
345.02323 Bribery : law and practice / Monty Raphael QC (Honoris Raphael, Monty
345.0772 Sentencing and the legitimacy of trial justice / Ralph Henham, Ralph J., 1949-
345.2402317 EU counter-terrorism law : pre-emption and the rule of Murphy, Cian (Cian C.)
345.4103 Defendant participation in the criminal process / Abena Owusu-Bempah, Abenaa
345.41056 Redefining trial by media : towards a critical-forensic Statham, Simon
345.42 Commentaries on the laws of England Blackstone, William, 1723-1780
345.42 Text, cases and material on criminal law / Stuart Macdo Macdonald, Stuart Keith, 1979-
345.42012 Blackstone’s magistrates’ court handbook 2017 / Anthony Edwards, Anthony (Anthony Thomas Arthur)
345.420268 Blackstone’s guide to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 Rees, Edward
345.4206 Blackstone’s statutes on evidence / edited by Phil Huxl
345.440253 The wanton Jesuit and the wayward saint : a tale of sex Choudhury, Mita, 1964-
345.73 The Oxford introductions to U.S. law Binder, Guyora
345.7305 America’s courts and the criminal justice system / Davi Neubauer, David W.
346 Private law in the 21st century / edited by Kit Barker,
346.022 Contract, status, and fiduciary law / edited by Paul B
346.022 Defences in contract / edited by Andrew Dyson, James Go
346.022 Contract law / TT Arvind Arvind, T. T. (Thiruvallore Thattai)
346.032 Negligence and illegality / Sharon Erbacher Erbacher, Sharon
346.04695416 Whales and elephants in international conservation law Couzens, Ed
346.048 Trade secret protection : a global guide / consulting e
346.092 Reassertion of control over the investment treaty regim
346.092 Substantive protection under investment treaties : a le Bonnitcha, Jonathan, 1981-
346.24033 Sports image rights in Europe / edited by Ian S. Blacks
346.24048 Intellectual property and EU competition law / Jonathan Turner, Jonathan D. C.
346.41015088297 Muslim families, politics and the law : a legal industr Grillo, R. D.
346.410168 From civil partnership to same-sex marriage : interdisc
346.41045 The essential guide to planning law : decision-making a Sheppard, Adam
346.41048 Holyoak and Torremans intellectual property law / Paul Torremans, Paul
346.41052 Parry & Clark The law of succession Parry, Sir, David Hughes, 1893-1973
346.41066 Tolley’s company law handbook 2016 / by Janet Rosser, S Rosser, Janet
346.42004 Complete equity and trusts : text, cases, and materials Clements, Richard, 1954-
346.42012 Commentaries on the laws of England Blackstone, William, 1723-1780
346.42015 Family law protocol / The Law Society
346.420150269 Red book plus : family court essential materials 2016-2
346.420173 Contemporary family justice : policy and practice in co Holt, Kim
346.42022 Contract rules : decoding English contract law / Neil A Andrews, Neil
346.42022 Money awards in contract law / David Winterton Winterton, David, 1980-
346.42029 The principles of the law of restitution / Graham Virgo Virgo, Graham
346.4203 Commentaries on the laws of England Blackstone, William, 1723-1780
346.4203 Tort law and human rights / Jane Wright Wright, Jane, 1957-
346.4204 Commentaries on the laws of England Blackstone, William, 1723-1780
346.4204346 Break clauses / Mark Warwick QC, Nicholas Trompeter Warwick, Mark
346.4205 Private client : wills, trusts and estate planning / Le King, L. C.
346.42059 Cases & materials on equity & trusts / Gary Watt, Profe Watt, Gary
346.7303 Tort law : a modern perspective / Keith N. Hylton Hylton, Keith N.
347.066083 Children and vulnerable witnesses in court proceedings Mitchels, Barbara
347.41012 Intention, supremacy and the theories of judicial revie McGarry, John
347.410504 Lawyers’ skills Webb, Julian S.
347.4205 Be civil! : a guide to learning civil litigation and ev Dunn, Virginia (Virginia V.)
347.42052 Advocacy / The City Law School, City University, London Ashfield, Evan
347.4206 Evidence / The City Law School, City University, London Edge, Romilly
347.42072 Conference skills / The City Law School, City Universit Samwell-Smith, Rosemary
347.4209 Russell on arbitration Sutton, David St. John
347.7326 The Supreme Court of the United States : a student comp Patrick, John J., 1935-
347.7377 Principles of remedies law / Russell L. Weaver, Elaine Weaver, Russell L., 1952-
349.42 First steps in the law / Geoffrey Rivlin Rivlin, Geoffrey
349.42 English legal system / Steve Wilson, Helen Rutherford, Wilson, Stephen R.
349.52 Japanese legal system / Meryll Dean Dean, Meryll
351.41 Governing fables : learning from public sector narrativ Borins, Sandford F., 1949-
352.1 Governance networks in the public sector / Erik Hans Kl Klijn, Erik-Hans
352.30941 Public sector management Flynn, Norman
352.63092 Diary of a wartime affair : the true story of a surpris Bates, Doreen
355.0217 Nuclear politics : the strategic causes of proliferatio Debs, Alexandre
355.0218 Insurgencies and counterinsurgencies : national styles
355.033 Borders, fences and walls : state of insecurity? / edit
358.184 Armoured warfare : a military, political and global his Searle, Alaric, 1962-
358.42409 Governing from the skies : a global history of aerial b Hippler, Thomas, 1972-
361.0068 Effective leadership, management and supervision in hea Field, Richard
361.00683 Supervision in the helping professions / Peter Hawkins Hawkins, Peter, 1950-
361.3 Social work : a critical approach to practice / Jan Foo Fook, Jan
361.3 Theory and practice : a straightforward guide for socia Maclean, Siobhan
361.3014 Specialist communication skills for social workers : de Woodcock-Ross, Johanna, 1969-
361.30711 Critical learning for social work students / Sue Jones Jones, Sue
361.307155 Practice learning in social work / Jennifer Burton Burton, Jennifer, 1968-
361.307155 Social work practice placements : critical and reflecti Jones, Sue
361.307155 Continuing professional development in social care / Ly Rutter, Lynne
361.32 Social work practice for promoting health and wellbeing
361.320941 Reflective social work practice / Richard Ingram, Jane Ingram, Richard
361.941 A beginner’s guide to evidence-based practice in health Aveyard, Helen
362.1 Introduction to global health promotion / edited by Ric
362.1 Public health and primary care : partners in population Hill, Alison P.
362.40483 The silent partner? : language, interaction and aided c
362.58 Social work and poverty : a critical approach / Lester Parrott, Lester
362.7 Critical social work with children and families : theor Rogowski, Steve
362.70941 Best practice with children and families : critical soc
362.70941 Social work with children and families / edited by Maur
362.732 Working with children and adolescents in residential ca Bertolino, Bob, 1965-
362.7320941 Residential child care in practice : making a differenc Smith, Mark
362.7330941 Social work and foster care / Helen Cosis Brown Cosis-Brown, Helen
362.76 Sexual abuse in youth sport : a sociocultural analysis Hartill, Mike
362.77896041 Safeguarding black children : good practice in child pr
362.82 Clinical practice at the edge of care : developments in
362.82 Supporting families / Terence O’Sullivan O’Sullivan, Terence
362.8292 Social work & domestic violence : developing critical & Laing, Lesley
363.11962 Code of practice, competence for safety-related systems Institution of Engineering and Technology,
363.20941 Blackstone’s handbook for policing students / edited by
363.23320942 Road policing Watson, John
363.2520942 Blackstone’s police manual Johnston, David
363.325 Knowing Al-Qaeda : the epistemology of terrorism / edit
363.34 Environmental hazards : assessing risk and reducing dis Smith, Keith, 1938-
363.34 The cure for catastrophe : how we can stop manufacturin Wood, Robert Muir
363.344 Emergency management exercises : from response to recov Phelps, Regina
363.348 Blackstone’s emergency planning, crisis, and disaster m Dillon, Brian, 1955-
363.348 Handbook of disaster policies and institutions : improv Handmer, John W.
363.348 Decision making in disaster response : strategies for f Tipper, J. S. (John Stuart), 1974-
363.3480973 Introduction to emergency management Haddow, George D.
363.3495 Global volcanic hazards and risk / edited by Susan C. L
363.379 Fire phenomena and the Earth system : an interdisciplin
363.69095 Architectural conservation in Asia : national experienc Stubbs, John H.
363.70630285 GIS for environmental applications : a practical approa Zhu, Xuan
364.089 Indigenous criminology / Chris Cunneen and Juan Tauri Cunneen, Chris, 1953-
364.10924 Mad Frank : memoirs of a life of crime / by Frankie Fra Fraser, Frankie, 1923-2014
364.151 The crime of all crimes : toward a criminology of genoc Rafter, Nicole Hahn, 1939-
364.15230924 Portrait of a killer : Jack the Ripper, case closed / P Cornwell, Patricia
364.66094209032 Tyburn’s martyrs : execution in England, 1675-1775 / An McKenzie, Andrea Katherine, 1967-
364.94109044 War crimes : underworld Britain in the Second World War Trow, M. J.
365.60820973 Women behind bars : the crisis of women in the U.S. pri Talvi, Silja J. A.
365.668 Sport in prison : exploring the role of physical activi Meek, Rosie
365.94709045 The Gulag after Stalin : redefining punishment in Khrus Hardy, Jeffrey S., 1978-
365.957 Zona : Siberian prison camps / Carl De Keyser Keyzer, Carl de, 1958-
370.115 Critical pedagogy and race / edited by Zeus Leonardo
370.115 Teaching and social justice : integrating multicultural
370.117 The edge of race : critical examinations of education a
370.7110941 How to be a brilliant trainee teacher / Trevor Wright ; Wright, Trevor, 1950-
370.72 Philosophy and theory in educational research : writing
370.7201 Philosophy of educational research / Richard Pring Pring, Richard
370.721 Research methods for education in the digital age / Mag Savin-Baden, Maggi, 1960-
371.042 International perspectives on home education : do we st
371.2011 School leadership and education system reform / edited
371.2020941 Managing staff for improved performance : human resourc Middlewood, David
371.334 The gamification of learning and instruction : game-bas Kapp, Karl M., 1967-
371.334 Learning and the e-generation / Jean D.M. Underwood & L Underwood, Jean D. M.
371.82900973 Race, whiteness, and education / Zeus Leonardo Leonardo, Zeus, 1968-
371.9 Supporting children with special educational needs and Drabble, Cherryl
371.9046 Rethinking children and inclusive education : opportuni Pearson, Sue (Susan)
371.90941 Promoting and delivering school-to-school support for s Cheminais, Rita
371.95 Education of the gifted and talented / Gary A. Davis, S Davis, Gary A., 1938-
372.11020941 Studying for your early years degree : skills and knowl
372.1384 Children learning outside the classroom : from birth to
372.21 The multiple identities of a reception teacher : pedago
372.21 The early years teacher’s book / Leonie Abrahamson Abrahamson, Leonie
372.21 Transforming children’s spaces : children’s and adults’ Clark, Alison
372.21 Provision and progress for two year olds / Chris Dukes Dukes, Chris, 1959-
372.21 Early years practice : for educators & teachers / Elain Hallet, Elaine
372.210721 Work-based research in the early years / Sue Callan and
372.4650941 Teaching early reading & phonics : creative approaches Goouch, Kathy
372.6 What comes before phonics? / Sally Neaum Neaum, Sally
372.70440941 Understanding mathematics for young children : a guide Haylock, Derek
374.18019 Motivating unwilling learners in further education : th Wallace, Susan
374.941 How to be a brilliant FE teacher : a practical guide to Duckworth, Vicky
378 Researching higher education : international perspectiv
378 Academic diary : or why higher education still matters Back, Les, 1962-
378 Quality in higher education : developing a virtue of pr Cheng, Ming
378.0082 Women leaders in higher education : shattering the myth Fitzgerald, Tanya, 1960-
378.010941 The university in dissent : scholarship in the corporat Rolfe, Gary
378.12 Intellectual leadership in higher education : renewing Macfarlane, Bruce, 1961-
378.12 Reconstructing identities in higher education : the ris Whitchurch, Celia
378.1213 Freedom to learn : the threat to student academic freed Macfarlane, Bruce, 1961-
378.125 Theorising learning to teach in higher education / edit
378.125 Changing pedagogical spaces in higher education : diver Burke, Penny Jane
378.1734 Digital technology and the contemporary university : de Selwyn, Neil
378.1794 Peer learning in higher education : learning from & wit
378.196 The physical university : contours of space and place i
378.198 Stepping up to the second year at university : academic
378.199 Strategic curriculum change : global trends in universi
378.41 Everything for sale? : the marketisation of UK higher e Brown, Roger, 1947-
379 Betraying a generation : how education is failing young Ainley, Patrick
379.26 Access to higher education : theoretical perspectives a
379.26 Key issues in education and social justice / Emma Smith Smith, Emma, Dr
381.1 A better way of doing business? : lessons from the John Salaman, Graeme
384.55 Television is the new television : the unexpected trium Wolff, Michael, 1953-
384.550688 The TV brand builders : how to win audiences and influe Bryant, Andy
387.742 The low cost carrier worldwide / edited by Sven Gross a
391 Acts of undressing : politics, eroticism, and discarded Brownie, Barbara
391.2 The fashioned body : fashion, dress and modern social t Entwistle, Joanne
394.14 Smoking geographies : space, place and tobacco / Ross B Barnett, J. R. (John Ross)
394.2068 Event management in sport, recreation and tourism : the
400.9 A thousand years of nonlinear history / Manuel De Landa De Landa, Manuel
401.41 The content analysis reader / Klaus Krippendorff, Mary
401.45 Pragmatics : an advanced resource book for students / D Archer, Dawn
401.93 Key methods in second language acquisition research / A Benati, Alessandro G.
404.2019 Language and cognition in bilinguals and multilinguals Groot, A. M. B. de
418.0071 Teaching and researching language learning strategies : Oxford, Rebecca L.
418.0071 The language teacher toolkit / Steve Smith and Gianfran Smith, Steve
418.0071241 Success stories from secondary foreign languages classr
418.0071241 Fun learning activities for modern foreign languages / Hunton, Jake
418.00785 Language-learner computer interactions : theory, method
418.020285 Statistical machine translation / Philipp Koehn Koehn, Philipp
428.0071 Teacher education and professional development in TESOL
428.00785 Digital language learning and teaching : research, theo
428.24 Oxford grammar for EAP : English grammar and practice f Paterson, Ken, 1958-
428.240285 Exploring English with online corpora : an introduction Anderson, Wendy, 1975-
428.24071 Needs analysis for language course design : a holistic Huhta, Marjatta
501 A thousand years of nonlinear history / Manuel De Landa De Landa, Manuel
502.2 Preparing scientific illustrations : a guide to better Briscoe, Mary Helen
507.1 Online learning for STEM subjects : international examp
507.1241 Enhancing learning with effective practical science 11-
510.712 Mentoring mathematics teachers : supporting and inspiri
514.2242 The knot book : an elementary introduction to the mathe Adams, Colin C.
515.353 Solution techniques for elementary partial differential Constanda, C. (Christian)
519.50285 Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics : and Field, Andy P.
523.1 Introduction to cosmology / Matts Roos Roos, Matts
523.1 Introduction to cosmology / Barbara Ryden, The Ohio Sta Ryden, Barbara Sue
523.10151 The mathematical theory of cosmic strings : cosmic stri Anderson, Malcolm R.
523.8875 The black hole war : my battle with Stephen Hawking to Susskind, Leonard
530.1 Quantum, space, and time–the quest continues : studies
530.12 Quantum weirdness / William J. Mullin (Professor Emerit Mullin, William J.
530.12 QBism : the future of quantum physics / Hans Christian Von Baeyer, Hans Christian
530.12015118 The cellular automaton interpretation of quantum mechan Hooft, G. ‘t
530.15563 A student’s guide to vectors and tensors / Daniel A. Fl Fleisch, Daniel A.
535.15 Quantum optics / Girish S. Agarwal, Oklahoma State Univ Agarwal, G. S. (Girish S.), 1946-
535.15 Quantum optics : including noise reduction, trapped ion Orszag, Miguel, 1944-
540 Lange’s handbook of chemistry / edited by Dr. James G.
540 Chemistry / Allan Blackman, Steven E Bottle, Siegbert S Blackman, Allan (Allan G.)
540 Chemistry : the central science / Theodore L. Brown and Brown, Theodore L. (Theodore Lawrence), 1928-
541 Elements of physical chemistry Atkins, P. W. (Peter William), 1940-
547 Organic chemistry / Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves, Stu Clayden, Jonathan
547 Organic chemistry / John McMurry McMurry, John
547 Organic chemistry : with biological applications / John McMurry, John
549 An introduction to the rock-forming minerals / W.A. Dee Deer, W. A. (William Alexander)
550.723 Geological field techniques / edited by Angela L. Coe ;
551.1 Geodynamics / Donald L. Turcotte, Distinguished Profess Turcotte, Donald Lawson
551.112 Core dynamics / edited by Peter Olson
551.22 The mechanics of earthquakes and faulting / Christopher Scholz, C. H. (Christopher H.)
551.22 Introduction to seismology / Peter M. Shearer Shearer, Peter M., 1956-
551.31 Remote sensing of the cryosphere / edited by M. Tedesco
551.312 Recent climate change impacts on mountain glaciers / Ma Pelto, Mauri, 1961-
551.31509168 Atlas of submarine glacial landforms : modern, quaterna
551.41 Geomorphology in the Anthropocene / Andrew S. Goudie, U Goudie, Andrew
551.46 Invitation to oceanography / Paul Pinet Pinet, Paul R.
551.78094 A revised correlation of Tertiary rocks in the British
551.8 Structural geology of rocks and regions / George H. Dav Davis, George H. (George Herbert), 1942-
551.8 Structural geology / Haakon Fossen Fossen, Haakon, 1961-
551.8 Microtectonics Passchier, C. W. (Cees W.), 1954-
551.8 Earth structure : an introduction to structural geology Van der Pluijm, Ben A., 1955-
551.9 Isotope geochemistry / William M. White White, William M., 1948-
552.1 Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology / John Winter, John D. (John DuNann), 1948-
553 Ore deposit geology / John Ridley, Colorado State Unive Ridley, John, 1957-
554.1 Geobrittanica : geological landscapes and the British p Leeder, M. R. (Mike R.)
554.1135 A photographic guide to Shetland’s geology / David Malc Malcolm, D. (David)
554.1617 Geology of the country around Carrickfergus and Bangor Griffith, A. E.
554.22375 Geology of the country around Maidstone / B.C. Worssam Worssam, B. C. (Bernard Charles)
554.2257 Geology of the country around Lewes : memoir for 1:50 0
554.23595 Geology of the Torquay district : sheet description of
554.2417 Geology of the Moreton-in-Marsh district : sheet descri Barron, A. J. M.
554.257 Geology of the country around Chipping Norton : memoir
554.2649 Geology of the Ipswich district : a brief explanation o
554.2925 Geology of the country around Cadair Idris : memoir for Pratt, W. T.
554.4 Vosges / Cyrille Delangle avec la collaboration de Domi Delangle, Cyrille
567.0979491 Fossil fishes of diatom beds of Lompoc, California / by Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931
568 Avian evolution : the fossil record of birds and its pa Mayr, Gerald
568.0951 Birds of stone : Chinese avian fossils from the age of Chiappe, Luis M.
570 Life : the science of biology / David Sadava (The Clare Sadava, David E.
571.6 Cell structure and function / edited by Guy Orchard, Br
572 Chemistry for the biosciences : the essential concepts Crowe, Jonathan
572 Lehninger principles of biochemistry / David L. Nelson, Nelson, David L. (David Lee), 1942-
572.8 Molecular biology of the cell / Bruce Alberts and six o Alberts, Bruce
572.8 Practical skills in biomolecular sciences / Rob Reed, D Reed, Robert H., 1967-
575.46 Comparative wood anatomy : systematic, ecological, and Carlquist, Sherwin John, 1930-
577 Essentials of ecology / Michael Begon, Robert W. Howart Begon, Michael
578.77 Marine biology : function, biodiversity, ecology / Jeff Levinton, Jeffrey S.
579.5 Fungal diversity, ecology and metabolites / Dr. Obasi N Nwosu, Obasi
582.16099611 A guide to some indigenous Fijian trees : a project of
591.562 Dr. Tatiana’s sex advice to all creation / Olivia Judso Judson, Olivia
595.3 The Crustacea : treatise on zoology – anatomy, taxonomy
595.3 Treatise on zoology : anatomy, taxonomy, biology
604.2 The technical image : a history of styles in scientific
604.7 2016 emergency response guidebook
610.23 Reflective practice for health care professionals : a p Taylor, Beverley J. (Beverley Joan), 1951-
610.28 Quantitative biomedical optics : theory, methods, and a Bigio, Irving J.
610.284 Nanotechnology and regenerative engineering : the scaff
610.73 Clinical judgement and decision-making : in nursing and
610.7301 Reflective practice for health care professionals : a p Taylor, Beverley J. (Beverley Joan), 1951-
610.730151 Numeracy and clinical calculations for nurses / Neil Da Davison, Neil
612.044083 Children’s exercise physiology / Thomas W. Rowland Rowland, Thomas W.
612.6 Growth, maturation, and physical activity / Robert M. M Malina, Robert M.
612.75 Physical activity and bone health / Karim Khan … et a
612.8 Biological psychology / Suzanne Higgs, Alison Cooper, J Higgs, Suzanne
612.8 Biological psychology / James W. Kalat Kalat, James W.
612.8 This is your brain on parasites : how tiny creatures ma McAuliffe, Kathleen
612.82081 Delusions of gender : the real science behind sex diffe Fine, Cordelia
613 Fundamentals of health promotion for nurses / edited by
613 Health promotion practice / edited by Will Nutland and
613 Health promotion : planning & strategies / Jackie Green Green, Jackie
613 Health promotion : ideology, discipline, and specialism Kemm, J. R.
613.0438 Fallproof! : a comprehensive balance and mobility train Rose, Debra J.
613.7 Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription Heyward, Vivian H.
613.7042 Young people and physical activity / Neil Armstrong and Armstrong, Neil
613.71 Advances in functional training : training techniques f Boyle, Michael, 1959-
613.711 Advances in functional training : training techniques f Boyle, Michael, 1959-
613.711 New functional training for sports / Michael Boyle Boyle, Michael, 1959-
615.1 Applied pharmaceutical practice / Christopher A. Langle Langley, Christopher A.
615.1 Drugs and the human body : with implications for societ Liska, Ken, 1929-
615.19 Pharmaceutical biotechnology : fundamentals and applica
615.19 Principles of anticancer drug development / edited by M
615.321 Bioactive compounds from natural sources : natural prod
615.372 Development of novel vaccines : skills, knowledge and t
615.372 Vaccines : a biography / Andrew W. Artenstein, editor
615.58 Drug information handbook for oncology : an extensive g
615.58 Community pharmacy : symptoms, diagnosis and treatment Rutter, Paul
615.6 Drug delivery : fundamentals & applications / edited by
615.6 Inhalation drug delivery : techniques and products / Pa Colombo, Paolo, 1944-
615.7 Goodman and Gilman’s manual of pharmacology and therape
615.82 ACSM’s exercise management for persons with chronic dis
615.82 ACSM’s guidelines for exercise testing and prescription
615.82 ACSM’s health-related physical fitness assessment manua
615.82 ACSM’s resources for clinical exercise physiology : mus
615.82 Clinical exercise physiology / edited by Jonathan K. Eh
615.82 Therapy outcome measures for rehabilitation professiona Enderby, Pamela M. (Pamela Mary), 1949-
615.82083 Pediatric exercise medicine : from physiologic principl Bar-Or, Oded
616 A guide to clinical skills for health students / edited
616.0019 Fundamentals of health psychology / edited by Thomas Ha
616.075 Assessment made incredibly easy!
616.075 Medical decision making Sox, Harold C.
616.07572 Merrill’s atlas of radiographic positioning & procedure Long, Bruce W.
616.079 Clinical immunology / edited by Angela Hall, Department
616.079 Roitt’s essential immunology / Peter J. Delves PhD, Sea Delves, Peter J.
616.123075 Getting to the heart of the matter : cardiac troponin a Gaze, David Christopher
616.740754 Muscles : testing and function with posture and pain
616.855 Methods in teaching clinical phonetics and linguistics
616.855 Exploring fluency in Down syndrome : a discussion of sp Bray, Monica
616.85506 A guide to clinical placements in speech and language t Read, Jennifer Louise
616.855060715 Speech and language therapy and professional identify :
616.8553 The dyslexic adult : interventions and outcomes — an e McLoughlin, David, 1948-
616.8582 The myth of the born criminal : psychopathy, neurobiolo Jalava, Jarkko, 1970-
616.85820092 Justice for Carol : the true story of Carol Felstead : Felstead, Kevin
616.85882 Autism spectrum disorder ; : characteristics, causes an Boucher, Jill
616.890086914 Mental health of refugees and asylum seekers / edited b
616.9 Oxford handbook of infectious diseases and microbiology Toɲoɫ, Este鍼/td>
616.9803 Fitness for work : the medical aspects / edited by Keit
616.994061 Natural products and cancer drug discovery / Frank E. K
617.1027 Sports injuries : prevention, treatment and rehabilitat Peterson, Lars
617.6430083 Orthodontics & paediatric dentistry Millett, Declan T.
617.7061 Clinical ocular pharmacology / edited by Jimmy D. Bartl
617.75 Clinical pearls in refractive care / D. Leonard Werner, Werner, D. Leonard
617.9 Oxford handbook of perioperative practice / edited by S
617.917 Surgical technology for the surgical technologist : a p
617.917 Foundations for operating department practice : essenti Abbott, Hannah
617.919 Oxford handbook of perioperative practice / edited by S
617.96 Oxford handbook of anaesthesia
617.96 Essentials of anaesthetic equipment / Baha Al-Shaikh FC Al-Shaikh, Baha
618.928914 Essential research findings in child and adolescent cou
620.00681 Engineer to entrepreneur : success strategies to manage De la Guardia, Rick
620.007110968 Researching student learning in higher education : a so Case, Jennifer M.
620.1123 Mechanics of materials Goodno, Barry J.
620.136 Standard test method for pH of chemically cleaned or et ASTM International
621.382 Code of practice for connected systems integration in b
621.382 Digital communication systems / Simon Haykin Haykin, Simon S., 1931-
621.3848 Advances in bistatic radar / edited by Nicholas J. Will
622.3381 Composition and properties of drilling and completion f Caenn, Ryen
622.3382 Fundamentals of enhanced oil recovery / Larry Lake, Rus Lake, Larry W.
622.8 Risk analysis and control for industrial processes – ga Pasman, H. J.
624.068 Project life cycle economics : cost estimation, managem Pica, Massimo
624.068 Construction management and organisational behaviour / Rhoden, Maureen, 1959-
624.0684 NEC3 : the role of the project manager / Bronwyn Mitche Mitchell, Bronwyn
624.0684 Total construction management : Lean quality in constru Oakland, John S.
624.15136 Principles of soil dynamics Das, Braja M., 1941-
628 The municipal and sanitary engineer’s handbook / Henry Boulnois, H. Percy (Henry Percy), 1846-
628.55 The LQM/CIEH S4ULs for human health risk assessment / P
634.9618 Between two fires : a fire history of contemporary Amer Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-
650.072 Qualitative methods in business research / Pa෩ Erikss Eriksson, Pa෩
650.072 Qualitative research in business & management / Michael Myers, Michael D. (Michael David), 1954-
650.142 Clearly creative CVs : write a winning CV for the telev Ricketts, Gavin
657 Fundamental accounting principles / John J. Wild, Ken W Wild, John J.
657.867 Accounting and food : some Italian experiences / edited D’Amico, Luciano
658 Organisational behaviour : an introduction / edited by
658 A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap b Grey, Christopher, 1964-
658.0072 Qualitative methods in business research / Pa෩ Erikss Eriksson, Pa෩
658.049 Global themes and local variations in organization and
658.049 Management across cultures : developing global competen Steers, Richard M.
658.155 Handbook of financial data and risk information
658.3 Human resource management : a concise introduction / ed
658.3 Managing people in organisations (MAPIO) / complied for
658.3008 Managing diversity and inclusion : an international per
658.303 Readings and cases in international human resource mana
658.3124 Facilitating work-based learning : a handbook for tutor
658.373384 Human resource management in service work / Marek Korcz Korczynski, Marek
658.4038 Leading the epic revolution : how CIOs drive innovation Muller, Hunter, 1960-
658.4038 Information risk management : a practitioner’s guide / Sutton, David
658.4038011 Business information systems for accounting students / Quinn, Martin, 1973-
658.4038011 Introduction to information systems Rainer, R. Kelly, Jr., 1949-
658.404 Project risk governance : managing uncertainty and crea Fink, Dieter
658.404 Relationship management and the management of projects Smyth, Hedley
658.4052 Bargaining theory with applications / Abhinay Muthoo Muthoo, Abhinay
658.406 Neuroscience for organizational change : an evidence-ba Scarlett, Hilary
658.4092 Positive psychology and change : how leadership, collab Lewis, Sarah, 1957-
658.42 Essentials of entrepreneurship : evidence and practice Baron, Robert A.
658.42 Innovation and entrepreneurship : practice and principl Drucker, Peter F. (Peter Ferdinand), 1909-200
658.478 Measuring and managing information risk : a FAIR approa Freund, Jack
658.478 Information assurance handbook : effective computer sec Schou, Corey
658.478 Management of information security Whitman, Michael E., 1964-
658.802 Marketing communications : discovery, creation and conv Fill, Chris
658.809797143 Marketing to moviegoers : a handbook of strategies and Marich, Robert
658.812 Customer service : empowerment and entrapment / edited
658.812 Managing customer experience and relationships : a stra Peppers, Don
658.827 Branding in five and a half steps / Michael Johnson Johnson, Michael, 1964-
659.2 Crisis communications : a casebook approach / Kathleen Fearn-Banks, Kathleen
659.2 Cases in public relations management : the rise of soci Swann, Patricia
662.88 Biomass and bioenergy
686.22 Designing with type : the essential guide to typography Craig, James, 1930-
686.22 Typography Kunz, Willi
690.068 Being an effective construction client : working on com
690.0684 Heritage building information modelling / edited by Yus
691 Materials for architects and builders / Arthur Lyons Lyons, Arthur
692.80941 Guide to JCT Design and Build Contract 2016 / Sarah Lup Lupton, Sarah
700.411 Rave : rave and its influence on art and culture / edit
701.08 Ethics / edited by Walead Beshty
701.8 Interaction of color / Josef Albers Albers, Josef
701.85 Interaction of color / Josef Albers Albers, Josef
702.85 Generative design : visualize, program, and create with Bohnacker, Hartmut, 1972-
704.0396 The image of the black in African and Asian art / David
704.942094409034 Bodies of modernity : figure and flesh in fin-de-sie`cl Garb, Tamar
704.949305896 The image of the Black in western art
704.9493234482 Watched! : surveillance, art and photography / editors,
707.5 The curator’s handbook : museums, commercial galleries, George, Adrian, 1944-
711.5522094 Shopping towns Europe : commercial collectivity and the
720.1 Planning architecture : dimensions and typologies / Ber
720.10309048 Architecture and disjunction / Bernard Tschumi Tschumi, Bernard, 1944-
720.222 Architects’ sketchbooks / edited by Will Jones ; forewo
720.288 Building in existing fabric : refurbishment, extensions
720.483 Tall buildings : a strategic design guide
720.9 What’s so great about the Eiffel Tower? : 70 questions Glancey, Jonathan
720.92 Kengo Kuma : works and projects / Luigi Alini ; with an Alini, Luigi
720.92 Experiments in porosity / Steven Holl Holl, Stephen
720.92 Renzo Piano : the complete logbook : 1966-2016 / writte Piano, Renzo
720.922 Theoretical anxiety and design strategies : in the work Moneo, JoseԠRafael
720.94709051 Studio 44 Architects : concepts, strategies, works : ne Arkhitekturnoe bi�o Studii�44,
720.96 Adjaye, Africa, architecture : a photographic survey of Adjaye, David, 1966-
720.973 Radix-matrix : architecture and writings / Daniel Libes Libeskind, Daniel, 1946-
721.04471 Architectural design in steel / Peter Trebilcock and Ma Trebilcock, Peter
725.52 The architecture of psychoanalysis : spaces of transiti Rendell, Jane, 1967-
727.7 Museum buildings : construction and design manual / Han Hoffmann, Hans Wolfgang, 1970-
741.018 Oblique drawing : a history of anti-perspective / Massi Scolari, Massimo, 1943-
741.5973 The Sandman : overture / written by Neil Gaiman ; art b Gaiman, Neil
741.6 Know your onions : graphic design / by Drew de Soto De Soto, Drew
741.6092 Draplin Design Co : pretty much everything / Aaron Jame Draplin, Aaron James, 1973-
741.6092 Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-90) : restless typographer / es Huygen, Frederike
741.609494 Mapping graphic design history in Switzerland / edited
741.64 A new Manchester alphabet : an illustrated collection o
741.64 Graphic., 35,
741.64092 Walter Nikkels : depicted / compilation, Wigger Bierma, Nikkels, Walter
741.642 Changes / Anthony Browne Browne, Anthony, 1946-
741.642 Come away from the water, Shirley / John Burningham Burningham, John
741.642 Granpa / John Burningham Burningham, John
741.642 That pesky rat / Lauren Child Child, Lauren
741.642 How to heal a broken wing / Bob Graham Graham, Bob, 1942-
741.642 The true story of the 3 little pigs / by A. Wolf as tol Scieszka, Jon
741.65 Black leather times 25 : punk humor and social critique
741.652 Impact 1.0 : design magazines, journals and periodicals
741.652 Impact 2.0 : design magazines, journals and periodicals
759.3 Josef Albers : to open eyes : the Bauhaus, Black Mounta Horowitz, Frederick A.
770.9 Photography : history and theory / Jae Emerling Emerling, Jae
770.9 The miracle of analogy, or, The history of photography Silverman, Kaja
770.92 Bettina von Zwehl Zwehl, Bettina von, 1971-
771.44 Larry Bartlett’s black & white photographic printing wo Bartlett, Larry
772.14 Chemical pictures : the wet plate collodion book / by Q Jacobson, Quinn
776 Generative art : a practical guide using processing / M Pearson, Matt
777 Cinematography : theory and practice : imagemaking for Brown, Blain
777.53 Practical art of motion picture sound / David Lewis Yew Yewdall, David Lewis, 1950-
777.7092 Dark Mirror : the films of Theodore Ushev / edited by T McSorley, Tom
779.092 Lucia Moholy (1894-1989) : tra fotografia e vita = betw
779.092 Two blue buckets : photographs by Peter Fraser / introd Fraser, Peter, 1953-
779.092 Extra normal / Serge Fruehauf ; Herausgeber, editor: Jo Fruehauf, Serge
779.092 TorbjRnd : sasquatch century / texts by Milena Rnd, Torbj 1970-
779.2092 Hand jobs : life as a hand model / Oli Kellett & Alex H Kellett, Oli
779.2092 Richard Learoyd : day for night / essays by Richard Lea Learoyd, Richard, 1966-
779.2092 On the night bus / Nick Turpin Turpin, Nick
779.37 Moments before the flood / Carl De Keyzer ; intro. by D Keyzer, Carl de, 1958-
779.99421 Columbia Road / by Johanna Neurath Neurath, Johanna
781.640943 German pop music : a companion / edited by Uwe Schuɴte
782.140264 The singer’s musical theatre anthology
782.140268 Urinetown : the musical / book and lyrics by Greg Kotis Kotis, Greg
782.140268 Follies / book by James Goldman ; music and lyrics by S Sondheim, Stephen
782.812 Follies / book by James Goldman ; music and lyrics by S Sondheim, Stephen
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology
782.8152 The singer’s musical theatre anthology
791.4301 Compact cinematics : the moving image in the age of bit
791.43024 Words on screen / Michel Chion ; edited and translated Chion, Michel, 1947-
791.430688 Marketing to moviegoers : a handbook of strategies and Marich, Robert
791.43095 Cosmopolitan cinema : cross-cultural encounters in East Chan, Felicia
791.43340956 Animation in the Middle East : practice and aesthetics
791.435 Sherlock Holmes / edited by Tom Ue and Jonathan Cranfie
791.436538086642 Gay pornography : representations of sexuality and masc Mercer, John
791.4365849703 Screening Bosnia : geopolitics, gender and nationalism Harper, Stephen
791.4375 Sherlock Holmes / edited by Tom Ue and Jonathan Cranfie
792 Theatre, education and performance : the map and the st Nicholson, Helen, 1958-
792.013 Engaging audiences : a cognitive approach to spectating McConachie, Bruce A.
792.019 Performance and cognition : theatre studies and the cog
792.0941 The repertory movement : a history of regional theatre Rowell, George
792.09410904 Twentieth-century British theatre : industry, art and e Cochrane, Claire
794.8 Every game is an island : endings and extremities in vi Fassone, Riccardo
794.81526 Beginning Android games Zechner, Mario
795.412 Poker strategy : winning with game theory / Nesmith C. Ankeny, Nesmith C.
796.019 Being a sport psychologist / Richard Keegan Keegan, Richard
796.077019 The psychology of sports coaching : research and practi
796.3340222 Sunday football / by Chris Baker Baker, Chris
796.41092 Muscle : confessions of an unlikely bodybuilder / Samue Fussell, Samuel Wilson
797.32092 Barbarian days : a surfing life / William Finnegan Finnegan, William
808.02 Reflective practice : writing and professional developm Bolton, Gillie
808.02 Writing in social spaces : a social processes approach Murray, Rowena
808.02 Surviving your dissertation : a comprehensive guide to Rudestam, Kjell Erik
808.02 Student research and report writing : from topic select Wang, Gabe T.
808.042 On writing well : the classic guide to writing nonficti Zinsser, William, 1922-2015
808.0663042 Your human geography dissertation : designing, doing, d Peters, Kimberley A.
808.06634 Drafting Emmet, David
808.06634 The elements of legal style / Bryan A. Garner Garner, Bryan A.
808.066361 A beginner’s guide to critical thinking and writing in Aveyard, Helen
808.066361 Effective writing for social work : making a difference Rai, Lucy
808.0666 Technical communication / Rebecca E. Burnett Burnett, Rebecca E., 1947-
808.0666 Technical report writing today Riordan, Daniel G.
808.06661 Reflective practice : writing and professional developm Bolton, Gillie
808.1 How to write poetry : and get it published / Fred Sedgw Sedgwick, Fred
808.23 Save the cat! goes to the movies : the screenwriter’s g Snyder, Blake, 1957-
808.8038 The utopia reader / edited by Gregory Claeys and Lyman
809 Part two : reflections on the sequel / edited by Paul B
809.915 As if : modern enchantment and the literary prehistory Saler, Michael T., 1960-
809.9331 Sparing the child : grief and the unspeakable in youth Bosmajian, Hamida
810.007 Teaching the literatures of the American Civil War / ed
810.60931 Teaching the literatures of the American Civil War / ed
810.71 Zelda : a biography / Nancy Milford Milford, Nancy
810.72 Adoring Outlander : essays on fandom, genre and the fem
810.72 Ozone journal / Peter Balakian Balakian, Peter, 1951-
810.8 The fifth season / N.K. Jemisin Jemisin, N. K.
810.9358 Politics and skepticism in antebellum American literatu Mastroianni, Dominic, 1977-
813.6 God in pink : a novel / Hasan Namir Namir, Hasan, 1987-
813.6 The sympathizer / Viet Thanh Nguyen Nguyen, Viet Thanh, 1971-
813.6 Under the udala trees / Chinelo Okparanta Okparanta, Chinelo
820.00932 Writing Britain : wastelands to wonderlands / Christina Hardyment, Christina
820.3 Shakespeare’s mystery play : the opening of the Globe T Sohmer, Steve (Stephen T.)
820.6 Charles Dickens as an agent of change / edited by Joach
820.601 The poetry of indifference : from the Romantics to the Gray, Erik Irving, 1972-
820.71 The value of Virginia Woolf / Madelyn Detloff, Miami Un Detloff, Madelyn, 1965-
820.72 Goodnight Mister Tom / Michelle Magorian Magorian, Michelle
820.8 Tiny pieces of skull : or, A lesson in manners / Roz Ka Kaveney, Roz
820.8 Memory palace / Hari Kunzru ; curated by Laurie Britton Kunzru, Hari, 1969-
820.8 Sarah Waters : gender and sexual politics / Claire O’Ca O’Callaghan, Claire
820.9353 The persistence of modernism : loss and mourning in the Detloff, Madelyn, 1965-
821.709145 Balladeering, minstrelsy, and the making of British rom McLane, Maureen N.
823.91209112 Modernism, daily time and everyday life / Bryony Randal Randall, Bryony
830.71 The Berlin chronicle notices / Walter Benjamin ; tran Benjamin, Walter, 1892-1940
830.72 Schiff nach Europa : synthetischer Roman / geschrieben Kutter, Markus, 1925-
830.72 Friedrich / by Hans Peter Richter ; translated from th Richter, Hans Peter, 1925-
840.72 Story of the eye / Georges Bataille ; translated by Joa Bataille, Georges, 1897-1962
840.72 Learning from the curse : Sembene’s Xala / written by R Fardon, Richard
909.08 Why did Europe conquer the world? / Philip T. Hoffman Hoffman, Philip T., 1947-
909.0981208 Ego & soul : the modern West in search of meaning / Joh Carroll, John, 1944-
910.285 Geographical information systems and spatial optimizati Faiz, Sami
910.3 Placing names : enriching and integrating gazetteers /
914.4 Salut la France! : an Allemand ࡬a d꤯uverte des Fran Ulrich, Stefan
917.44 The Concord directory, for 1870, containing a general d
940.240922 Eyewitness accounts of the Thirty Years War, 1618-48 / Mortimer, Geoff, 1944-
940.412 The world’s war : forgotten soldiers of empire / David Olusoga, David
940.45941 The British sailor of the First World War / Quintin Col Colville, Quintin
940.532 Churchill, Roosevelt & company : studies in character a Lehrman, Lewis E.
940.5425 History wars : the Enola Gay and other battles for the
941.08 State and society : a social and political history of B Pugh, Martin
941.084092 Winston Churchill : politics, strategy and statecraft /
941.08612 Theresa May : the enigmatic Prime Minister / Rose Princ Prince, Rosa
942.063 Revolutionary England, c.1630-c.1660 : essays for Clive
942.2792 Southsea : its story / by William Curtis ; with a contr Curtis, William, 1907-
943.08 Germany and Austria since 1814 / Mark Allinson Allinson, Mark, 1967-
947.0841 A people’s history of the Russian Revolution / Neil Fau Faulkner, Neil
951.042 Surviving in violent conflicts : Chinese interpreters i Guo, Ting
956.046 The Six-Day War : the breaking of the Middle East / Guy Laron, Guy
960.3 Britain, France and the decolonization of Africa : futu
963.07 The horn of Africa : state formation and decay / Christ Clapham, Christopher S.
967.62 Little Mogadishu : Eastleigh, Nairobi’s global Somali h Carrier, Neil C. M.
971.00496 The Blacks in Canada : a history / Robin W. Winks Winks, Robin W.
972.9404 Dangerous neighbors : making the Haitian revolution in Dun, James Alexander, 1969-
972.981 A true and exact history of the island of Barbados / Ri Ligon, Richard
973.088297 Muslims and the making of America / Amir Hussain Hussain, Amir, 1965-
973.3 The reign of terror in America : visions of violence fr Cleves, Rachel Hope, 1975-
973.7 This republic of suffering : death and the American Civ Faust, Drew Gilpin
973.82092 Custer’s trials : a life on the frontier of a new Ameri Stiles, T. J.
977.01 The settlers’ empire : colonialism and state formation Saler, Bethel
980.033 A century of revolution : insurgent and counterinsurgen
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