Colour yourself happy every half hour

coloured pencils

If you are finding life a trifle stressful, two highly prized strategies are to take a break to drink water and exercise (for which Spinnaker Sports Centre is just across the road) and to switch your focus to something completely different, if only for just a few minutes at a time every half an hour.

This celebrated approach of focusing on something specific for 25 minutes then taking a five minute break to focus on something else, like colouring or origami, helps you to concentrate and retain facts.  Colouring has become popular in recent years as a way of focusing and calming the mind by giving it a task that requires continuous gentle concentration.

Why not combine the two – set your timer for 25 minutes and then spend a few minutes colouring or shading in your favourite Library colouring book entry.  We have a few available in the Atrium, although we have yet to step up to full production, but you can download as many colouring sheets as you like from our Library guides.  Remember to share your results with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 😉

Click here to download your very own stressless Library colouring book.

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