Roofing update (10 November)

Update 07.12.16 – Please do not cross the tape barriers in any area of the Library.  There is a real risk of injury from falling roof materials in these areas.  Please check for an ebook copy of any books you cannot reach and/or complete a reservation card, available from staffed desks and on top of the red post box opposite the Support Services Desk in Area 0A.


Areas 1B and 1C on the first floor seem to be the warmest.  The mezzanine areas 1C and 2C and most of the ground floor are now fairly cold, so we advise you dress in layers or leave your coat on if you plan to work in these areas for any length of time.  The good news is that the spaces are not going to get much colder than they are now.  We are only ever removing three roof window panels at a time and the outside temperature seems to be fairly constant.

Getting to the books

Ground floor – On the ground floor, shelving block 2, holding shelf marks 004.22 – 004.65 is currently covered in plastic and temporarily inaccessible.  Please carry on filling out reservation cards for anything you cannot get at.  We are dashing in after dark when there is not building work going on to retrieve and reserve books on a daily basis now, so you will not have long to wait until you get the email inviting you to collect books you have reserved filling in a card.

First floor – The shelves containing books with shelf marks from 616.8 – 624.1834 have hazard tape across them but you can still go past the barrier to get books.  There may be sawdust and other materials drifting down from the roofing work, so please take care, particularly with where you are putting your feet and when looking up.  If you prefer, you are welcome to complete a reservation card for the books you want or ask a member of staff to retrieve your books for you.  The scaffolding tower being used to access the roof might block access to certain books but it is on the move and so will restrict access to any one section for only a very short time.

We will keep you updated as changes develop.