It’s cold inside… dress in layers or head for Area 1C! (resolved)

Update 05.12.16 – It’s warm again!  Happily it is once again warm and cosy in the Library.  Come and enjoy your study space without the need for extra layers.

With the hole finally opened up in the Library roof, it is cold inside.  Except for the far side of the building in Areas 1B and 2B, and Area 1C, which despite opening onto the surprisingly area where the roof has been removed is staying incredibly warm.  The whole Library warms up as the day goes on but if you don’t like the cold, grab a loanable laptop and head to Area 1C.

We promise this is all going to be worth it but it is going to stay cold a little while longer as the roof is replaced.

Looking for ways to stay warm wherever you study?

  • Dress in layers – that way you can adjust how much you are wearing to stay at a comfortable temperature all the time.
  • Enjoy a hot drink – outside café opening hours, we have a vending machines around the corner that sells hot drinks.
  • Go for a little walk – stir the blood and refocus your attention while loosening stiff limbs your body and warming up again.
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