Roofing update (7 November)

The work to remove the windows as part of the roof replacement project will start today, with removal of the 1st floor starting from the Map Library and removing six bays of windows over the next few days.  This means that some areas of the library are colder than usual and some books are temporarily inaccessible.  Please click “read more” below for details.

Seeping cold

Six of the roof panels are being removed today above Area 1A.  This is expected to make Areas 1A and oA colder as the cold air sinks from the opening to the wintry weather outside (as the excellent engineering reference resources Knovel shows, cold air sinks because it is denser than warm air).  Areas 1B and 2B are expected to remain warm and toasty, so if you are a fan of great warmth, head up the wooden stairs from the Atrium to these areas for social learning and individual silent study, respectively.

Getting to the books

Ground floor
On the ground floor, shelving block 1, holding shelf marks 001 – 004.22, is now accessible again for you to pick up books in person.  We are reserving anything that you requested while the shelves were inaccessible and you will soon receive email notifications shortly that your requested books are available for you to pick up from the Reservations Collection Point.  Shelving block 2, holding shelfmarks 004.22 – 004.65, is now under wraps and inaccessible instead.  Once again, please fill out a reservation card for any books you need but cannot reach and we will reserve it for you as soon as we take the plastic off, before anyone else can get to them!   No other books are affected.
First floor
The shelves containing books with shelf marks from 616.8 – 624.1834 have hazard tape around them.  You may still enter this area and retrieve your books but please take care when you do so and watch for any tripping hazards or anything else out of the ordinary.  If you are concerned, please ask a member of Library staff to retrieve your books from this area for you.   The scaffolding tower might block access to certain books but only for a very short time.
We will keep you updated as changes develop.
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