Eyes right! (for Credo Reference)

"Credo ancora nei miracoli"Whether or not you get a Research Starter above your search results in the Discovery Service (each a little nugget of encyclopedic insight – click here for more on these), on the right-hand side of the screen you will find more  useful dictionary and encyclopedia entries related to what you are looking for.  Taken from a collection known as “Credo Reference”, these are taken from scholarly dictionaries and encyclopedias that your lecturers will be happy to see you cite in your assignments.  None of these are journal articles but they hold the same academic weight as many books.

Click the pull-down arrow beside “Credo” and it will even show you related images.  If you are not seeing what you want, ask us about finding images and making video and audio clips you can include in your assignments.

Don’t let the fact that something is conveniently presented when you search through the Library website put you off: these are still some of the best ways to explore new and unfamiliar topics.

Photo by niko.chan

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