Wrapping bookcases against the elements… and clients against the cold

night sky photo“In awe I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an ambered chariot towards the ebony void of infinite space wherein the tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars hang, for ever festooned in their orbital majesty.  As I looked at all this I thought… when did that huge hole appear in the Library roof?”
– after Les Dennis
Very soon, if you look up above the plastic wrapped shelving block on the ground floor you will see a panes of glass being replaced in the roof!  That’s because we are replacing the windows with new ones that fit just that little bit tighter.  Just tight enough not to let water come cascading in when it rains.  We are also sealing the rest of the roof as well against the weather, permanently.  Anyone who has enjoyed slipping underneath a tarpaulin to find their books with a torch will appreciate what a boon this investment in the Library will bring!
Two minor drawbacks with this plan are that the shelving block wrapped in plastic is temporarily inaccessible, but only for about a week, and the lack of a roof is likely to let some cold air in.

Reservations to the rescue

If you come for a book only to find it is temporarily under (plastic) wraps, please complete a reservation card and we will email you as soon as we uncover the block.  Books you request will be available for you to collect from the reservation shelves before anyone else can get to them.

Some like it hot!

Areas 1B and 2B on the far side of the building will, as ever, continue to be the warmest areas, while anyone who wishes we could extend the air conditioning to the upper floors – our eventual ambition when we receive funds to refurbish them to match the opulence of the ground floor – I imagine that Areas 1A (the first floor mezzanine area) and the far side of Area 0A (on the ground floor beneath) will become quite cool, and therefore quietly deserted, quite soon.

The air conditioning system serves to cool most of the upper floors, and a hole in the roof is likely to help with this.  If you like the warm, there is no need to despair, though.  Area 1B is well insulated from the outside world and the current roofing work, and is always by far warmest space.  It can be reached directly from the Atrium by taking the wooden stairs to the first floor.

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