Getting into PluralSight Creative

Some students are experiencing confusion over how to log into PluralSight Creative, the new name for Digital Tutors.  Confusingly, while the new content is no longer published on the Digital Tutors platform itself, it is necessary to log in via the Digital Tutors platform to gain access to it until such time as the suppliers are able to merge the accounts.  There is even a banner across the top of the page suggests you can login directly to PluralSight with your Digital Tutors account.  You can’t.  We tried.  We have raised this as an issue with the supplier.

How to log in to PluralSight Creative

  1. Log in through the Discovery Service entry for PluralSight Creative.
  2. If it is your first time logging in you will need to register; if you logged in before, use your old Digital Tutors login.
  3. You will be taken to the Digital Tutors platform.
  4. Follow the links for PluralSight to access the new content.


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