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video photoBox of Broadcasts (BoB) have today informed us that all archive content has now been imported into the new system and converted to HTML5 video format so it will play across more devices.  Programme links have also been redirected to match records on the new system.

Still experiencing problems?

If you find programmes are not visible when you sign into BoB, first clear your browser cache and cookies (instructions are available here for common browsers) then close and restart your browser window. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact the Library and we will help to resolve any remaining issues. Some services have been lost in the upgrade, many of which BoB assure us they are working to reinstate in the new version.

Pending developments

New embed code function
From Monday 24 October, you will be able to embed programmes and clips from the new system into you Moodle units and presentations, and also to play most clips and programmes embedded in VLEs from the previous BoB system. Sadly, some embedded clips and programmes that will no longer play due to flash compatibility issues. In these instances users will need to find the BoB record itself and replace the embed code. BoB apologises for any inconvenience this might cause.

Problems linking to video clips from MS Office
Some problems have been reported linking to BoB content using Microsoft Office software, particularly in PowerPoint presentations. BoB aims to resolve this by the end of next week (by 23 October 2016).

Promotional and instructional materials
A new digital sign and a set of video tutorials are available to help you and your students get started with the upgraded system. These are can be found on the BoB website.

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