National Map Reading Week (17-23 October 2016)

map photoUpdate 24.10.16 – If you did not manage to stop by the Map Library last week, please do not be shy to ask for a quick guide to map reading or help using maps in your work.

Can you read a map?   A recent survey commissioned by the Ordnance Survey showed that only 40% of respondents were confident they could read a map, while 10% had never used a paper map at all!  Some 40% struggled to pinpoint London and only 14% could accurately plot Edinburgh’s location.
If you fancy brushing up on your map reading skills, why not come along to one of our lunchtime map reading drop-in sessions in the Map Library in Area 1A, tucked away in one corner  on the first floor:

Monday 17th October, 12-1 pm
Tuesday 18th October, 12-1 pm
Wednesday 19th October, 12-1 pm

There will also be a map reading display in Area 2B on the second floor during National Map Reading Week, so even if you cannot make one of our lunchtime sessions there is something for you to explore at your leisure.

2 comments on “National Map Reading Week (17-23 October 2016)
  1. This looks very useful, but, please, where is the library located. ?
    (The National Map Reading drop-ins)

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you. The Map Library is in Area 1A on the first floor. If you take the central concrete staircase from near the Support Services Desk up to the first floor and then head towards the corner to your left you will find the Map Library nestled in the corner.

      I have updated the blog post to include the Library area. If you get stuck, please ask any member of Library staff. If you cannot make any of the official sessions, I am sure our Map Librarian David Sherren will be happy to give you a one-to-one tutorial whenever he is available.

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