Introducing: Canadean Intelligence

Canadean Imarketing photontelligence (formerly Canadean Consumer) is a business-to-business (B2B) database useful for country and consumer research. It offers a variety of reports, case studies and analyses into the consumer trends that drive global markets based on market research undertaken by a network of 150 local researchers in over 80 locations worldwide.  Read on to discover some of its most useful features.


The network of all identified trends appears as a colourful and fun underground tube map style diagram, helping you visually navigate the trends. Clicking on a topic (‘station’) will bring up a search for everything on that topic.

Profiles search detailed overviews of 160 cities around the world categorised by political, economic, social, technological & infrastructure, business environment, and retail data.

Pack-Track is a unique service offering insights into global trends in product packaging for innovators, marketing and product development students. This includes images and details about packaging including reports, articles and opinions.

Browse gives an overview of all identified consumer trends on one page and jump into detailed results with a single click.

Best hidden feature

There is interactive help with building your own report if the one you want is unavailable. There is an ‘Ask an Analyst’ feature if you are need help. This is in the form of phone or email contact. Queries they deal with include: query methodology, search assistance and custom work request.


You must be on campus [or use the Web Proxy Service off campus] to register to use the product initially. You can then use your registered username and password on or off campus to login and this resource.

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Consumer and/or industry market reports are available from:

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