New eBooks – May 2016

What follows is a list of new electronic books received by the Library during May 2016 ordered by title. More complete details, as well as listings from previous months, are available on our website’s New Books page in the form of downloadable Excel spreadsheets.

Title Author
A clinical guide to applied dental materials [electroni Bonsor, Stephen J.
A global history of architecture [electronic resource] Ching, Frank, 1943-
A history of fair trade in contemporary Britain [electr Anderson, Matthew
A multidisciplinary approach to service encounters [ele
A short guide to facilitating risk management [electron Pullan, Penny
A world without words [electronic resource] : the socia Goode, David, 1948-
Action learning for managers [electronic resource] / Mi Pedler, Mike (Mike John), 1944-
Advanced introduction to organised crime [electronic re Holmes, Leslie
Advances in urban ecology [electronic resource] : integ Alberti, M. (Marina)
Alternative water supply systems [electronic resource]
American pragmatism and organization studies [electroni
An Introduction to Applied Cognitive Psychology [electr Baker, Kevin
An introduction to climate change economics and policy FitzRoy, Felix
An introduction to critical management research [electr Kelemen, Mihaela, 1968-
An introduction to modern astrophysics [electronic reso Carroll, Bradley W.
An introduction to quantum field theory [electronic res Peskin, Michael Edward, 1951-
Anyone can do it [electronic resource] : empowerment, t Dale, Pete
Aphasia and its therapy [electronic resource] / Anna Ba Basso, Anna
As heard on TV [electronic resource] : popular music in Klein, Bethany
Banking regulation in China : the role of public and pr He, Wei Ping
Be creative : making a living in the new culture indust McRobbie, Angela
Better banking [electronic resource] : understanding an Docherty, Adrian, 1969-
Between debt and the devil : money, credit, and fixing Turner, Adair
Black artists in British art : a history from 1950 to t Chambers, Eddie
Black British jazz : routes, ownership and performance
Blade runner [electronic resource] / edited by Amy Copl
Board accountability in corporate governance [electroni Keay, Andrew R.
Bollywood and postmodernism [electronic resource] : pop Wright, Neelam Sidhar
Brain-computer interfaces [electronic resource] : princ
Brainwashed [electronic resource] : the seductive appea Satel, Sally L.
Brand psychology : consumer perceptions, corporate repu Gabay, Jonathan
Brilliant employability skills [electronic resource] : Trought, Frances
British politics for dummies / by Julian Knight Knight, Julian
Building network capabilities in turbulent competitive Hong, Paul
Business creativity [electronic resource] : a practical Newman, Jodie
Call Center operation : design, operation, and maintena Sharp, Duane E.
Capital punishment : a hazard to a sustainable criminal
Capital punishment : new perspectives / edited by Peter
Capitalizing on creativity at work [electronic resource
Censorship and sexuality in Bombay cinema [electronic r Mehta, Monika, 1970-
Change management in information services [electronic r Pugh, Lyndon
Chartered public relations [electronic resource] : less
Children, food and identity in everyday life [electroni
Children, media and playground cultures [electronic res
Children’s rights from below [electronic resource] : cr
China’s economy : what everyone needs to know [electron Kroeber, Arthur R.
Choosing and using statistics [electronic resource] : a Dytham, Calvin
Cinema, Literature & Society [electronic resource] : El Miles, Peter
Classical mechanics [electronic resource] / Herbert Gol Goldstein, Herbert
Coaching supervision : a practical guide for supervisee Clutterbuck, David
Colour reproduction in electronic imaging systems : pho Tooms, Michael S.
Commercial data mining [electronic resource] : processi Nettleton, David, 1963-
Comparative international accounting [electronic resour Nobes, Christopher
Complete training evaluation [electronic resource] : th Griffin, Richard, 1963-
Confronting corruption in business / edited by Alan Bel
Construction law : from beginner to practitioner / Jim Mason, Jim
Creating healthy workplaces : stress reduction, improve
Critical ethnography : method, ethics, and performance Madison, D. Soyini
Cultural differences and improving performance [electro Hopkins, Bryan, 1954-
Customer engagement [electronic resource] : contemporar
Customer experience [electronic resource] : future tren Shaw, Colin, 1958-
Customer sense [electronic resource] : how the 5 senses Krishna, Aradhna
Customer service [electronic resource] : a practical ap Harris, Elaine K.
Davies, Croall and Tyrer’s Criminal justice [electronic Davies, Malcolm, 1946-
Decisions [electronic resource] : An Engineering and Ma Gaynor, Gerard H.
Deconstructing happiness : critical sociology and the g McKenzie, Jordan
Diagnosing empire [electronic resource] : women, medica Hassan, Narin, 1969-
Digitizing government : understanding and implementing Brown, Alan W., 1962-
Dirty words & filthy pictures : film and the First Amen Geltzer, Jeremy, 1969-
Drawing type [electronic resource] : an introduction to Fowkes, Alex
Drug mules : women in the international cocaine trade / Fleetwood, Jennifer
East, west and centre [electronic resource] : reframing
Economics [electronic resource] Sloman, John, 1947-
Effective multi-unit leadership [electronic resource] : Edger, Chris
Embodied metaphors in film, television, and video games
Emotional intelligence at work [electronic resource] : Wong, Chi-sum
Enterprise risk management : a common framework for the
Entrepreneurship for the creative and cultural industri Kolb, Bonita M.
Environment and services [electronic resource] / Peter Burberry, Peter
Environmental & natural resource economics [electronic Tietenberg, Thomas H.
Ethnography essentials [electronic resource] : designin Murchison, Julian M., 1973-
EuropeActive’s essentials for personal trainers [electr EuropeActive
Excellence in coaching : the industry guide / Jonathan
Experiencing phenomenology : an introduction / by Joel Smith, Joel Alexander
Exploiting future uncertainty [electronic resource] : c Hillson, David, 1955-
Exploratory social network analysis with Pajek [electro Nooy, Wouter de, 1962-
Extreme Asia : the rise of cult cinema from the Far Eas Martin, Daniel
Fashion theory : an introduction / Malcolm Barnard Barnard, Malcolm, 1958-
Film in the Middle East and North Africa [electronic re
Film studies : a global introduction / Glyn Davis, Kay Davis, Glyn
Film theory : the basics / Kevin McDonald McDonald, Kevin, 1976-
Finance-led capitalism : shadow banking, re-regulation, Guttmann, Robert, 1951-
Flipped classrooms for legal education / Lutz-Christian Wolff, Lutz-Christian, 1961-
Football and migration [electronic resource] : perspect
Football hooliganism, fan behaviour and crime : contemp
Football, ethnicity and community : the life of an Afri Campbell, Paul Ian
Freehand fashion [electronic resource] : learn to sew t Chinelo Bally
From Pac-Man to pop music [electronic resource] : inter
Fundamental neuroscience / edited by Larry Squire and o
Gender, age, and digital games in the domestic context Harvey, Alison
Global logistics [electronic resource] : new directions
Global marketing [electronic resource] / Svend Hollense Hollensen, Svend
Global Perspectives on Critical Architecture [electroni
Globalization and the world of large cities / edited by
Gravity [electronic resource] : an introduction to Eins Hartle, J. B. (James B.)
Green logistics : improving the environmental sustainab
Greene and Mathieson’s the voice and its disorders [ele Mathieson, Lesley
Group supervision [electronic resource] : a guide to cr Proctor, Brigid
Handbook of high-frequency trading and modeling in fina
Handbook of intermediality : literature – image – sound
Handbook of international bridge engineering / edited b
Handbook of qualitative research methods in marketing [
Handbook of the sociology of mental health [electronic
Happiness : understandings, narratives and discourses / Hyman, Laura
Happiness around the world [electronic resource] : the Graham, Carol, 1962-
Health and safety : risk management / Tony Boyle Boyle, Tony
Health, illness and culture [electronic resource] : bro
Hegarty on creativity [electronic resource] : there are Hegarty, John, 1944-
Heritage and community engagement : collaboration or co
Hip-hop turntablism, creativity and collaboration [elec Smith, Sophy
Horizons [electronic resource] : exploring the universe Seeds, Michael A.
How gangs work [electronic resource] : an ethnography o Densley, James A. (James Andrew), 1982-
How to use graphic design to sell things, explain thing Bierut, Michael
Human resource management in Russia [electronic resourc
Human safety and risk management [electronic resource] Glendon, A. Ian, 1945-
Identity, culture and the postmodern world / Madan Saru Sarup, Madan
Image processing and GIS for remote sensing : technique Liu, Jian-Guo
Immunology [electronic resource] : a short course Coico, Richard
Independent stardom : freelance women in the Hollywood Carman, Emily
In-depth acting [electronic resource] / by Dee Cannon ; Cannon, Dee
Informal learning in organizations : how to create a co Hoyle, Robin
Integrating social media into business practice, applic
International cooperation in counter-terrorism [electro
International operations management [electronic resourc
Introducing astronomy [electronic resource] : a guide t Nicolson, Iain
Introduction to cosmology [electronic resource] / Barba Ryden, Barbara Sue
Introduction to environmental impact assessment / John Glasson, John, 1946-
Introduction to structures [electronic resource] / edit
Investigating Lois Lane : the turbulent history of the Hanley, Tim
Irrational exuberance [electronic resource] / Robert J. Shiller, Robert J.
Islamophobia [electronic resource] / Chris Allen Allen, Christopher
Journalism ethics and regulation / Chris Frost Frost, Chris, 1950-
Justice and penal reform [electronic resource] : re-sha
Key concepts in medical sociology / edited by Jonathan
Kidnap for ransom [electronic resource] : resolving the Wright, Richard P.
Land [electronic resource] / Derek Hall Hall, Derek, 1971-
Latin American cinema : a comparative history / Paul A. Schroeder, Paul A.
Layout essentials [electronic resource] : 100 design pr Tondreau, Beth
Leading complex projects [electronic resource] / Kaye R Remington, Kaye
Leading cultural change [electronic resource] : the the McCalman, James
Legal aspects of mental capacity : a practical guide fo Dimond, Bridgit
Linkedln for dummies / by Joel Elad Elad, Joel
Living with things [electronic resource] : ridding, acc Gregson, Nicky, 1958-
Management information systems [electronic resource] : Laudon, Kenneth C., 1944-
Managing creativity in organizations [electronic resour Styhre, Alexander
Managing the psychological contract [electronic resourc Wellin, Michael
Marked identities : creating self narratives between so
Marketing communications / Lynne Eagle and three others
Marketing of high-technology products and innovations [ Mohr, Jakki J.
Mathematical concepts for mechanical engineering design Asli, Kaveh Hariri
Measuring corruption [electronic resource] / edited by
Mediating mental health [electronic resource] : context Birch, Michael
Medical pharmacology at a glance / Michael J. Neal Neal, M. J.
Medical sociology / William C. Cockerham Cockerham, William C.
Men, masculinities and methodologies / edited by Barbar
Men, masculinity and the Beatles [electronic resource] King, Martin, 1958-
Michael Mann [electronic resource] : cinema and televis
Microwave engineering [electronic rersource] / David M. Pozar, David M.
Mobility and migration in film and moving-image art [el Bayraktar, Nilgu¨n
Moral markets [electronic resource] : how knowledge and Stehr, Nico
Moving sites : investigating site-specific dance perfor
Multiple criteria decision analysis : state of the art
New business models for the knowledge economy [electron Jansen, Wendy
Nonlinear pedagogy in skill acquisition : an introducti Chow, Jia Yi
Nudge [electronic resource] : improving decisions about Thaler, Richard H., 1945-
Observational astronomy [electronic resource] : techniq Sutton, Edmund C.
On the wing [electronic resource] : insects, pterosaurs Alexander, David E., 1955-
Operational logistics : the art and science of sustaini Kress, Moshe
Participation, citizenship and trust in children’s live
Participatory development in Kenya [electronic resource Mwanzia, Josephine Syokau
Particle physics [electronic resource] : a beginner’s g Martin, B. R. (Brian Robert)
People skills [electronic resource] / Neil Thompson Thompson, Neil, 1955-
Performance and popular music [electronic resource] : h
Personal connections in the digital age / Nancy K. Baym Baym, Nancy K.
Personality [electronic resource] : the psychometric vi Kline, Paul
Pervasive prevention [electronic resource] : a feminist Pitch, Tamar
Phishing for phools [electronic resource] : the economi Akerlof, George A., 1940-
Planning and managing public relations campaigns : a st Gregory, Anne, 1953-
Policing cyber hate, cyber threats and cyber terrorism
Positioning theory and strategic communications [electr James, Melanie
Post-1990 documentary [electronic resource] : reconfigu
Power and politeness in the workplace : a sociolinguist Holmes, Janet
Practical handbook of microbiology / edited by Emanuel
Practical periodontics / edited by Kenneth Eaton, Phili
Predictable and avoidable : repairing economic dislocat Pezzuto, Ivo
Principles of direct, database and digital marketing [e Tapp, Alan
Principles of economics in context [electronic resource Goodwin, Neva R.
Production studies, the sequel! [electronic resource] :
Profiling in policy and practice [electronic resource]
Progress : a reconstruction / Peter Wagner Wagner, Peter, 1956 September 18-
Project stakeholder management [electronic resource] / Eskerod, Pernille
Purchasing and supply chain management : a sustainabili Johnsen, Thomas E.
Qualitative research in criminology / Jody Miller and W
Qualitative research methods in public relations and ma Daymon, Christine
Quantitative EEG, event-related potentials and neurothe Kropotov, I︠U︡. D. |q (I︠U︡rii‰ Dmitr
Quantitative marketing and marketing management [electr
Queer company [electronic resource] : the role and mean Rumens, Nick
Queer representation, visibility, and race in American Kohnen, Melanie E. S.
Reading Art Spiegelman / by Philip Smith Smith, Philip, 1983-
Reading celebrity gossip magazines [electronic resource McDonnell, Andrea M.
Reason and professional ethics [electronic resource] / Davson-Galle, Peter
Reframing the past : history, film and television / Mia Treacey, Mia E. M.
Relational architectural ecologies [electronic resource
Relativity, gravitation and cosmology [electronic resou Cheng, Ta-Pei
Research methods for business students [electronic reso Saunders, Mark, 1959-
Resilient cities [electronic resource] : responding to Newman, Peter, 1945-
Responding to hate crime : the case for connecting poli
Responding to terrorism [electronic resource] : politic Imre, Robert
Risks, identities and the everyday [electronic resource
Risky business in China [electronic resource] : a guide Gordon, Jeremy
Ritual and conflict [electronic resource] : the social Wilson, Adrian
Rome, season two [electronic resource] : trial and triu
Screen ages : a survey of American cinema / John Albert Alberti, John
Sears and Zemansky’s university physics : with modern p Young, Hugh D.
Second nature urban agriculture [electronic resource] :
Security officers and policing [electronic resource] : Button, Mark
Sexual offences [electronic resource] : law and context Pegg, Samantha
Sexual orientation at work [electronic resource] : cont
Small-gauge storytelling : discovering the amateur fict
Social happiness [electronic resource] : theory into po Thin, Neil
Social network analysis for ego-nets / Nick Crossley, E Crossley, Nick, 1968-
Social policy for social work, social care and the cari Hothersall, Steve J.
Social, casual and mobile games [electronic resource] :
Sources of Japanese tradition
Spaces of the cinematic home : behind the screen door /
Spacetime and geometry : an introduction to general rel Carroll, Sean M., 1966-
Spain [electronic resource] : a modern European economy Harrison, Joseph, 1944-
Sports marketing : a practical approach / Larry DeGaris DeGaris, Larry
Stakeholder relationship management [electronic resourc Bourne, Lynda
Statistical physics Landau, L. D. (Lev Davidovich), 1908-1968
Storytelling in management practice [electronic resourc Reissner, Stefanie
Storytelling with data : a data visualization guide for Knaflic, Cole Nussbaumer
Strategic sourcing and category management [electronic Carlsson, Magnus, 1958-
Strengthening information and control systems [electron
Structural design in building conservation [electronic Theodossopoulos, Dimitris
Suggestibility in legal contexts [electronic resource]
Supply chain risk [electronic resource] : understanding Manners-Bell, John
Supply chain risk management [electronic resource] : an Schlegel, Gregory L.
Supply chain risk management [electronic resource] : vu Waters, C. D. J. (C. Donald J.), 1949-
Surface : matters of aesthetics, materiality, and media Bruno, Giuliana
Systems lifecycle cost-effectiveness [electronic resour Pica, Massimo
Tackling disability discrimination and disability hate
Terrorism, risk and the global city [electronic resourc Coaffee, Jon
Testimonies of the city [electronic resource] : identit
The 30 day MBA in marketing [electronic resource] / Col Barrow, Colin
The antihero in American television [electronic resourc Vaage, Margrethe Bruun, 1975-
The architecture of luxury / Annette Condello Condello, Annette
The Ashgate research companion to heritage and identity
The basics of financial econometrics : tools, concepts, Fabozzi, Frank J.
The business playground [electronic resource] : where c Stewart, David A. (David Allan), 1952-
The child’s world [electronic resource] : the comprehen
The classical Mexican cinema : the poetics of the excep Berg, Charles Rami´rez, 1947-
The complete guide to business risk management [electro Sadgrove, Kit
The connected customer [electronic resource] : the chan
The conservation movement [electronic resource] : a his Glendinning, Miles, 1956-
The country of football [electronic resource] : politic
The culture builders [electronic resource] : leadership Sparrow, Jane
The dance of change : the challenges of sustaining mome
The dark side of CRM [electronic resource] : customers,
The disruption dilemma [electronic resource] / Joshua G Gans, Joshua, 1968-
The dread of difference : gender and the horror film /
The early information society [electronic resource] : i Black, Alistair
The early universe [electronic resource] / Edward W. Ko Kolb, Edward W.
The economics of commercial property markets [electroni Ball, Michael
The Economist guide to intellectual property [electroni Johnson, Stephen
The eighteenth century [electronic resource] / P.J. Mar
The employer brand [electronic resource] : keeping fait Rosethorn, Helen
The Feynman lectures on physics Feynman, Richard P. (Richard Phillips), 1918-
The future of digital business innovation [electronic r Morabito, Vincenzo
The handbook for quality management [electronic resourc Pyzdek, Thomas
The Korean economic system [electronic resource] : gove Shim, Jae-Seung
The language of business meetings [electronic resource] Handford, Michael
The law and regulation of franchising in the EU [electr Abell, Mark
The Manufacturing of markets [electronic resource] : le Brousseau, Eric
The new sociology of the Health Service [electronic res
The oral history reader / edited by Robert Perks and Al
The politics of fear [electronic resource] : what right Wodak, Ruth, 1950-
The principles of beautiful web design / by Jason Beair Beaird, Jason
The realities of human resource management [electronic Sisson, Keith
The return of the epic film [electronic resource] : gen
The rise of birds [electronic resource] : 225 million y Chatterjee, Sankar
The Routledge companion to the cultural industries / ed
The Routledge handbook of terrorism research [electroni
The SAGE handbook of industrial relations [electronic r
The secret life of decisions [electronic resource] : ho Thuraisingham, Meena
The storm of creativity [electronic resource] / Kyna Le Leski, Kyna
The Street Casino : survival in violent street gangs / Simon Harding
The swimsuit [electronic resource] : fashion from pools Schmidt, Christine (Christine Margaret), 1958
The sympathy of things : Ruskin and the ecology of desi Spuybroek, Lars
The transpersonal [electronic resource] : spirituality Rowan, John
The vanishing newspaper [electronic resource] : saving Meyer, Philip
The wellnesss syndrome / Carl Cederstro¨m and Andre´ Sp Cederstro¨m, Carl, 1980-
Theories of multiculturalism [electronic resource] : an Crowder, George
Therapeutic correctional relationships [electronic reso Lewis, Sarah, 1981-
Therapy culture : cultivating vulnerability in an uncer Furedi, Frank, 1947-
Time matter(s) [electronic resource] : invention and re Goffi, Federica
Tools and techniques of leadership and management [elec Stacey, Ralph D.
Transnational business cultures [electronic resource] : Moore, Fiona
Treatment of high-risk sexual offenders [electronic res Abracen, Jeffrey
Triumph of the optimists [electronic resource] : 101 ye Dimson, Elroy, 1947-
Tsunamis and earthquakes in coastal environments : sign
Ubiquitous musics [electronic resource] : the everyday
Understanding counterplay in video games [electronic re Meades, Alan F.
Understanding hate crimes : acts, motives, offenders, v Turpin-Petrosino, Carolyn, 1952-
Urban allotment gardens in Europe [electronic resource]
Video game policy [electronic resource] Conway, Steven
Visible learning for teachers [electronic resource] : m Hattie, John
Warehouse management : a complete guide to improving ef Richards, Gwynne
Wastewater treatment : occurrence and fate of polycycli
Watching the English [electronic resource] : the hidden Fox, Kate
We are the champions [electronic resource] : the politi McLeod, Ken, 1964-
What is a 21st century brand? : new thinking from the n
What Is Cosmopolitical Design? [electronic resource] :
Wind-induced motion of tall buildings [electronic resou Kwok, Kenny C. S.
Women and criminal justice [electronic resource] : from
Young entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa [electronic r Gough, Katherine V.
Z score neurofeedback [electronic resource] : clinical Thatcher, Robert W.

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