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graduation portsmouth photoCongratulations on successfully completing another year and if you are graduating this summer, we wish you all the best for your future.  If you are graduating this year, the Library needs your books back for more students next year!  If you are just finishing an earlier year of study, please check what you have on loan on My Account and return all those books you no longer need for next year (which may be all of them!).

Returning your books each summer means you have fewer books to lug around if you are moving house, avoids the perennial problem of books being accidentally left behind that later have to be paid for, and allows us to get all the books back in the right place ready for you to borrow from next September.  It is also a convenient time to pay any outstanding charges to stop them mounting up over three years of study.


  1. Return all your Library books you no longer need –final year students, please return everything unless you are registered on another course
  2. Check My Account to ensure all your books have been successfully returned and pay any outstanding Library charges.

Please click Read more below for how to deal with common problems and concerns.

But I still need my books – my course hasn’t finished yet!

If the Library has been informed that your course finishes after May we will have automatically extended your Library membership until your course end date.

But I still need my books – I have been given additional time to hand in a piece of work or second attempt assessments to complete!

The Library can set up a short extension for you after your course finishes in May: we just need confirmation of your revised submission dates.  Contact the Library to find out how to set this up.

What happens if I am invited to a graduation ceremony but am still studying for another course?

Anyone invited to attend graduation in Summer 2016 will have received a standard email asking them to return their books before graduation.  If the Library is aware that you are on an ongoing course of study, you may continue to borrow books as normal and do not have to return your Library books.  Common examples of this are students who are currently studying for a PhD but are invited the graduation ceremony for their Masters course or Masters students who are invited for their DipHE graduation.

My Account says I have books on loan that I returned or never borrowed

If your Library account shows books on loan to you that you are sure that you either returned or never borrowed, please let us know as soon as possible and tell us that you are graduating this summer.  We will investigate as a matter of urgency.

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