There is (only) room if we all share

study notes photoWe have enough study space for everyone but only if everyone shares the space we have.  If you are leaving the Library, please take your belongings with you and leave your study space clear and clean – we have desk cleaning wipes around the Library (look out for the signs) if you have had an accident with anything sticky or greasy.

With the building work creating noise intermittently in Area 2B, we are seeing particularly fierce competition for silent study space in Area 2C and we have received some complaints about bags, coats and work being left to ‘reserve’ a study space for extended periods while the owner is away.  We have therefore reluctantly decided to remove belongings left unattended for more than 1 hour anywhere in the Library and keep them for collection in lost property.  If you find a note telling you your belongings have been removed by Library staff, please ask for them to be returned at the Reception Desk.

Keep your valuables with you – keep them safe

Please take your valuables with you whenever you  including your phone, wallet/purse and anything that bears your identity information.  It is never safe to leave things you cannot live without unattended anywhere, even for a moment, and you really do not need the stress of worrying about lost or stolen possessions at this busy time of year.

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