Hot-desking and social learning

Students sharing a meeting boothEveryone likes to work, study, and relax differently but most people need access to a computer of some sort.  Particularly at busy times, we find desktops and chairs littered with bags so other people cannot work there makes life difficult for everyone.

There is only enough study space for everyone if everyone shares the space.  It is therefore not acceptable to leave possessions occupying study spaces while you are away for an extended period.  Please think of your co-workers, log out of any PC you are using and leave your desk clear and clean when you take an extended break.  The skill of hot-desking, efficiently and considerately working around other people in an open work space, is a highly employable skill that you can develop while at university.

If you find an abandoned bag, coat or other belongings

Happily, bags don’t bite and it is quite safe to move them aside if you find one curled up, apparently asleep in front of a vacant PC or indeed any other study space.  Meeting pods are for groups to meet and if you find a pod with just one occupant, then please feel free to move in to the pod with them.  You will be pleasantly surprised how many people respond well to a friendly, smiling person asking politely to work with them.

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