Love getting lost in a good nook

Inspired by mid-20th century modernism, the refurbished and enhanced Book Nook officially re-opens this morning, larger and more luxurious than ever before.  Tucked away in a secluded corner of the ground floor beside the community noticeboard near the café, it makes a great place to get away from the world and escape with a good book.  Happily it features shelves of good books brought in by other staff and students for you to take, read, return, swap and share.The new and enhanced Library Book Nook (February 2016)Why not bring in any books you no longer need and swap them for books you find that delight you or will be useful in your studies?   It is environmentally friendly, with a much smaller carbon footprint than either buying new or having second hand books delivered.  It is also conveniently close to the cafe, so if you just want to browse and read while you take a break from regular study, indulge your interests in other things, or expand your horizons, the Book Nook is for you.

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One comment on “Love getting lost in a good nook
  1. Delia says:

    This is such a good idea! I did bring quite a few books in so I hope they have found a new home by now 🙂

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