New (old!) things to see

The university archive is a growing collection and when new material is deposited in the archive we record precisely what it is (for example a set of photographs or a minute book), who created it, how old it is and importantly who gave it to us. We then give each deposit a unique number known as an accession number. These new accessions can then be added to one of our existing collections or may even form a whole new collection of their own.

Our more recent accessions included some unclaimed certificates from Portsmouth Municipal College and Portsmouth College of Technology dating from the 1930s to the 1950s – both institutions were forerunners of the university. The certificates cover quite a broad range of skills and subjects from Grocery Provision to Principals of Welding, Pitman’s Shorthand to Mathematics for Telecommunications.

However, a rather more unexpected item was this telegram sent from Helsinki in January 1965 (pictured). We hope Colyn[?] eventually got to where he needed to be.

More information on our archive collections and how to access them is available here. Of course, if you have anything you would like to add to the collection to help tell the story of the university then we would be pleased to hear from you too.


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